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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I have just noticed, that now (version 2.2.7) you name the folder passphrase "Key", but I remember is as "Secret" in 1.3. What happened?
  2. I use Sync 2.0 on my laptop. I want to run a headless Sync 2.0 server instance on my ubuntu vserver. Therefore I created a configuration file for my btsync instance in /etc/btsync/instance.conf. In instance.conf I can define all the shared_folders. To sync them with my laptop I have to set a secret for each directory to sync. How can I find out the secret key for this configuration parameter in the Sync 2.0 App for Mac? I can only get a weblink or an QR-Code. That does not work as a secret parameter. Any tipps?
  3. I know I can share folders using the GUI by creating a sharing link and send it to another client. Opening this link in the other client will add the folder. This works fine. But I have problems when trying to add a folder in Linux when not using the web ui. In the config file (i.e. my-shares.conf), each shared folder in the shared_folders section requires a field called secret. Where can I find this value? Is it one of the five parameters (sz, s, i, p, e) in the sharing link that is generated in the GUI clients? Can I get it from the .sync directory containing the settings? I tried adding
  4. I have not found one but is there a way to hide "***************" the secret fields in the preferences / settings box so it can only be viewed with a password. I am on OSX Maverick.
  5. OS: Debian X64 Btsync: 1.3.105 This is really not a big bug but still it shouldn't happen that way! When adding a new folder, from the Web UI, and by accident you put a space before the secret, btsync crash instantly. In my opinion, instead of crashing, it should simply tell you that your secret key is invalid.
  6. hi ! When i try to add a new folder to my webapp (that use the API) i got this annoying message that my secret key does not respect the rules. in french : "Cette clé secrète n’est pas valide. Générez une nouvelle clé secrète ou saisissez la clé secrète du dossier partagé." the key tried was : "AEA5698173FC6FDBE30A9AF462B9FC8478148CB9C26003C930D8ECC4508FF491D" and when i try one like :"13132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132"It works. And if you can explain me the way selective_sync works it would be a great bonus.
  7. 1) Why on android version of BitTorrentSYNC I could see how many devices are connected to my sync but not the name of that devices? 2)Why I can not create a sync with read+write permission but only a read-only one or sync in read+write a folder created outside android version? 3) should be nice have also an history log. 4)even with this limitations I think (IMHO) that this project is mature and the word "beta" is no more usefull ;-) Can someone tell me how\why\when the first 2 limitation will be broken? Thanks you a lot...