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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, I have just noticed, that now (version 2.2.7) you name the folder passphrase "Key", but I remember is as "Secret" in 1.3. What happened?
  2. I use Sync 2.0 on my laptop. I want to run a headless Sync 2.0 server instance on my ubuntu vserver. Therefore I created a configuration file for my btsync instance in /etc/btsync/instance.conf. In instance.conf I can define all the shared_folders. To sync them with my laptop I have to set a secret for each directory to sync. How can I find out the secret key for this configuration parameter in the Sync 2.0 App for Mac? I can only get a weblink or an QR-Code. That does not work as a secret parameter. Any tipps?
  3. I have performed the following test: Installed btsync on my desktop and NAS On my PC created folder TestFolder with files and Added this folder to btsync through http://localhost:8888 Copied read-only secret Entered http://nas-ip:8888 in order to add my PC folder to sync (with the read-only secret) Content was synced between my NAS and PC Added, removed and modified files on my PC - changes were applied to NAS (as expected) Removed file (e.g. from NAS - nothing happened to my PC folder (as expected) I expected the file ( to be sent back to NAS once next sync event was triggered (i.e. within 10 minutes) but nothing happen (not expected) The questions is: how do I resync files that were mistakenly deleted from NAS? In a way it's a nice feature not to download such files (well, since they were removed, then most likely I don't want them to sync), but I'd appreciate a simple way to force a full sync. Did anyone else experience similar issue? Is there any workaround?
  4. I know I can share folders using the GUI by creating a sharing link and send it to another client. Opening this link in the other client will add the folder. This works fine. But I have problems when trying to add a folder in Linux when not using the web ui. In the config file (i.e. my-shares.conf), each shared folder in the shared_folders section requires a field called secret. Where can I find this value? Is it one of the five parameters (sz, s, i, p, e) in the sharing link that is generated in the GUI clients? Can I get it from the .sync directory containing the settings? I tried adding the 32 character value I found there, but just got an error saying it was an illegal value, and it does not resemble the 21 character value found in the user.conf sample config I found ("bGTbrwreXPW4XxHEmTKnX"). -- SOLUTION: Press the triple vertical dots on the share, then Preferences in the dialog that comes up, then press "View key" at the bottom of the preferences window.
  5. I have not found one but is there a way to hide "***************" the secret fields in the preferences / settings box so it can only be viewed with a password. I am on OSX Maverick.
  6. OS: Debian X64 Btsync: 1.3.105 This is really not a big bug but still it shouldn't happen that way! When adding a new folder, from the Web UI, and by accident you put a space before the secret, btsync crash instantly. In my opinion, instead of crashing, it should simply tell you that your secret key is invalid.
  7. hi ! When i try to add a new folder to my webapp (that use the API) i got this annoying message that my secret key does not respect the rules. in french : "Cette clé secrète n’est pas valide. Générez une nouvelle clé secrète ou saisissez la clé secrète du dossier partagé." the key tried was : "AEA5698173FC6FDBE30A9AF462B9FC8478148CB9C26003C930D8ECC4508FF491D" and when i try one like :"13132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132"It works. And if you can explain me the way selective_sync works it would be a great bonus.
  8. Is it possible to generate One-time secrets via the API? I'm not seeing docs for it.
  9. I generate a new folder with a encryption key I use Windows 7, and apparently a right configuration file (encryption key is generated). But the windows Btsynch didn't see any file in folder (there are many files in dir ) , and peers are not aligned (ok if i can't see any file in original folder nothing could be aligned )
  10. 1) Why on android version of BitTorrentSYNC I could see how many devices are connected to my sync but not the name of that devices? 2)Why I can not create a sync with read+write permission but only a read-only one or sync in read+write a folder created outside android version? 3) should be nice have also an history log. 4)even with this limitations I think (IMHO) that this project is mature and the word "beta" is no more usefull ;-) Can someone tell me how\why\when the first 2 limitation will be broken? Thanks you a lot...
  11. Hello, I am zaxius. Sorry, my English is very limited, I will detail my problem: SO: Ubuntu Server 14.04 Steps I followed to install Bittorrent Sync: $ sudo apt-get install -y software-properties-common$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install -y btsync$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure btsyncThe last command I've done it 3 times, changing the user and group assignment : root, btsync and zaxius. The problem occurs when adding a directory to synchronize with any directory you selected. Pressing the button "Generate" to get a key and nothing appears worse, if I update the website does not work and I have to restart the service from the console. Previously use Bittorrent Sync install and configure the same way and had no problem. Where is the problem? Can I create directories in sync from the console? PD: Thanks for reading, I hope your answers
  12. I would seem that the secret phrases must be created and stored on a bitorrent server? is this correct? Thanks Wayne
  13. Hi Folks, does anybody here know how to generate the QR code from the secret? I made some tests with a QR code scanner and it parses the QR Codes from the client as btsync://<secret>?n=<last part of foldername> Is this really correct or is there something more I should know?
  14. OK. I d/loaded this program. Sent secret to friend, Friend used the program at her end. Got the files I wanted her to have. Friend on windows 8 Laptop. Friend happy. Me clappy clappy. Next day: Friend send me her secret. I open program. No place in GUI to put her secret. I scream and throw tantrum. I use Win XP home edition. I join forum and ask for help. In case reply takes two weeks. I book vacation.
  15. Hi. I have an Xserve with Mavericks as well as a PC with Windows 8. I set up a folder to sync on the server. When I enter the master secret along with the folder on Win8 it says, the secret were invalid. When using another Mac all is fine. Whats wrong here? Thanks! Klaus LöffladSpezialist für Apple Produkte
  16. I've synced a folder from a PC to Android. Now I want to sync that same folder from Android to another device. How do I retrieve the shared secret? Currently, you need to browse to a hidden config file, and that's not very user-friendly. See: Also, could the shared secret transfer via QR code? As in, Android displays a QR code which is then scanned by a computer?
  17. What's the recommended method of giving someone your sync secret?
  18. Hey all! I have 1 PC, 1 Laptop and 1 Android device. I synced 1 folder (Music) between my android device and my pc. Now I only have my android device and my laptop with me because I'm on vacation. How can I get the secret from my android device, so I can enter it into my laptop so I have my music also synced on my laptop? Any suggestions? If it is impossible please give me alternatives Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Rareme.
  19. The Encrypted Secret seems to be only generated when not specifying an existing secret. For example: No existing secret: Api call:http://servername:port/api?method=get_secrets&type=encryptionApi output:{"encryption": "FCE6ZBKXODMDR5XON6I7QRSFGU3BEI24E","read_only": "ECE6ZBKXODMDR5XON6I7QRSFGU3BEI24EJVQGY6GK7T4YGM6UGB3RQCGHDQ","read_write": "DLQGN57I6UCYFR3SJD3PHYRYY5TOCMLVN"}Existing secret Api call:http://servername:port/api?method=get_secrets&secret=A3BJWM2TUJ6EB7YQS75JOUPHJBDOT6PQU&type=encryptionApi output:{"read_only": "BJMBVSDSJOTDQX47BKM5MEIC2B5N77FAA","read_write": "A3BJWM2TUJ6EB7YQS75JOUPHJBDOT6PQU"}Is this expected behaviour? The documentation does not state this explicitly. And, can encryption secrets be generated with custom generated secrets in base64? I.e., Longer secrets?
  20. Hello, I might have missed something, or maybe I just don't know how torrents work, or something else, but what I really want to know is how my computer can fins a synced folder on another computer based only on the secret I've received? Is there a database anywhere helping my computer? What does that database consists of? Less secret secrets leading to my secret? I understand/assume my secret only exist on my computer, but I would love to know the technique behind this to fell secure. I'm sure this is to be read somewhere but I can't just find it (lack of relevant words to search for, perhaps). Thanks, Lasse
  21. Who can help me share a file (share will remain less than 300mb). I'll return the favor by helping you with your (comparable size) share :-) (-: Thanks, got enough help to do my testing :-)
  22. To try and fully explain the topic title... When considering the following folder structure: Parent FolderChild Folder 1Child Folder 2...and assuming that Parent Folder is already a sync'd folder, will it ever be possible to share just, say, Child Folder 1 with someone whom I don't want to have access to Parent Folder and Child Folder 2 via a different secret? At the moment we are warned that it is part of a folder that is already synching (or we are warned that it contains a folder which is already synching if you were to attempt to share Parent Folder after Child Folder 1 was already a synch'd folder) I ask "Will it ever be possible" because it may be by design - for technical or paradigm reasons - that it will not be. Alternatively maybe it's on the roadmap for the future.
  23. The Off-the-Record messaging protocol provides a mechanism for verifying a 3rd party by giving a simple question with an answer which only the sender and recipient should know. It might be useful to have a mechanism like this in BTSync. Particularly, generating a secret which when entered by the recipient prompts them to answer the given question. Answering correctly would allow syncing as usual. Any input on this feature request is welcome.
  24. So I understand that my files are protected from eavesdropping while in transit. I will be setting up a server to act as a central backup to which to sync my files. I have a port which is exposed to activily listen for traffic; it is an obscure port, but it is open. I was wondering if anyone who knew the IP address and the port could see the contents of the BTSync folder even without the secret?
  25. Hi all, what would be the preferred way of switching a synched folder from full access to read-only ? thx, Tom.