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Found 4 results

  1. If I've got 4gb of 1000 files, and a host computer with limited upload, does the 'host' computer 'upload all the files with no redundancy' to whatever computer can take it, to leave the remaning computers (should the host computer go offline) to share the files (so total uploads = 4gb of 4gb files, no redundancy), or does it upload one file, make sure that everyone gets it, then uploads the next file (so total uploads 8gb = 4gb original files + 4gb of redundancy before folder is 100% seeded)
  2. Hi, I'm new to this so forgive me if what I'm doing is not ideal. So I have 2 freenas servers, one at home, one offsite. I want to sync approx 500Gb of data that is on my home server to the offsite server. I copied the data from home server and pasted into a folder with the same name on the second server, linked the folders and paused the home server to allow the files to index before unpausing the home server for syncing. Resilio wants to resync all files which will take 6 days. Am I doing something in the wrong order?
  3. I want to seed a torrent but most of the time it is like 0 of 21 or 0 of something I just want to know what it means??
  4. Is there a way to sync two folders that already have almost identical contents without BTSync transferring everything? I have two computers with 200gb directories that have slowly gotten out of sync over time. I'd like to put them into a BTSynced folder and have them transfer just the changes. From experimentation though, it seems that if I try this, the clients try to transfer the entire contents of their own copy to the remote computer. Is there a way to let the client generate all the hashs for the the files (which are named the same) and then allow them to sync just the files that need it? Thanks a lot!