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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, have segmentation fault problem similar to what was described elsewhere. Occurs both with btsync_i386-1.2.67 and 1.2.82. Kernel is i386 2.2.18-164.15.1.e15 (CentOS). I originally used GUI to set up directories, but I have to set up about 100 directories and it took extremely long, so I tried these changes: 1) disabled GUI, switched to API (already got API key) 2) but before I started using API I discovered that it would be faster to include all directories in the config file, so I included all of them. First few hours it was running, but since certain moment I consistently get segmentation fault in both versions of btsync. This is probably related to reindexing activity, unfortunately I cannot identify which directory is being reindexed when this happens... Jindra
  2. I have installed debian on my hp medivault 5020. ( I have tried to use btsync on it. I have tried to install manually and I have tried install via apt-get (link). Both runs and gives med the webgui, but after a few seconds of file transfer it crashes. When I run it in --nodaemon I get the following error: "Segmentation fault" I have tried to search the net and the forums without luck. Any help would be much appriciated. Fyi: this is what the debian install page says about the compile environment: "You should now have a complete Debian system running on your HP mv2120. You can use apt-get and other tools to install additional software. The mv2120 is an ARM based device and the armel architecture is fully supported by Debian. "