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Found 25 results

  1. Good morning, as might be understandable from the request title, when using selective sync would be nice that placeholders show not the actual placeholder file size (0KB for all of them) but the original remote file size (the not synced one), as well as its properties ideally. This is not happening, at least on windows clients side. This is the most common way of display placeholder size and it's used in most common cloud services. Any chance to implement this feature in resilio sync? Thank you Regards
  2. Dear all, i just bought the HOME Pro licence, before even testing the free version, because i think i need the "selective Sync" feature. Now i am too shy to click my sync construct together, because i am afraid of loosing data 😉 May be someone could tell me if this is possible, and then help me. ON my SYNOLOGY i have a [big FOLDER] i want to acces this folder by selsctive sync with my [laptop] and [mobile phone] (download only the files that i need) in there is a [subfolder] that i want to constantly sync with my [laptops external HDD] can i manage to set this up? thank you for your time
  3. Linux currently has a crippled, Dropbox-like Selective Sync implementation that doesn't let me search for yet-to-be-synced files, unlike the Mac OS and Windows versions, which use placeholder files. It would be great if the Linux version handled selective with placeholders exactly in the same way as on other systems.
  4. I no longer have the ability to right click on a folder and select sync to this device. I also no longer have the opton to "Remove from device" either. They do show up as having peers in the software. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Hi There is there anyone have some problem with me, when i turn on selective sync, the option "sync to this device" is missing and when i try to double click the file anyone can help me? Thanks
  6. Have been struggling with Home Pro setup after adding a new linked device and inadvertently syncing everything from another device. I now understand the function of the linked devices is to do exactly that. However, in the process of working that out, a folder was deleted on one device which had placeholders in it. When I reconnected the synced folder, the placeholders were not restored. Can't figure out how to force full sync of the affected folder. Tried changing Selective Sync status from "On" to "Off" - didn't work; tried On->Off and disconnecting the folder, then reconnecting - didn't work; tried On->Off and then "touching" the affected subfolder - didn't work; have yet to try On->Off and "touching" the affected subfolder on the source device (kind of hard to do in my remote setting). Any suggestions (and even corrections) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Let say I have a folder structure below and I have set /foo to be shared on Resilio. It would be great if there is a feature that allows /foo/baz/qux deep subfolder to be set to "Sync" mode while /foo is set to "Selective Sync" mode. -foo | + bar | + baz | + qux
  8. I have been running some tests using selective sync between a MyCloud PR2100 and a Macbook Pro. What is meant to happen if you move a selectively synced file or placeholder file on one client? I have found that doing so causes the file to be deleted on the host. Moving it back does not restore the change so the file is lost on the host. Screenshare
  9. Hello, I would like to have selective sync download new files by default and let my remove the files I don't want individually, rather than the other way around. Thanks, Will
  10. Is there any way restrict a device's permissions to "Read Only"? I have multiple devices connected to the same Pro license account, most of which are set to "Selective Sync". From what I've seen online, you can set another user to read-only when sharing a folder, but I haven't found a way to do this for your own devices. I recently ran into an incident where a placeholder file was accidentally deleted from one of my devices, and so the actual file was deleted across all devices. Luckily nothing of value was lost, but I would like to avoid accidents like this in the future.
  11. Currently it appears to be impossible to use selective sync when one sync folder contains another. Why should this be? This is a feature that Dropbox handles well, but Resilio Sync currently does not.
  12. Hello everyone, I have a few questions concerning folder structure and nested folder. I was wondering if this folder structure is possible ? Folder C is a subfolder of Folder B which is a subfolder of Folder A Peer A - File server - always on Folder A (Advanced folder Owner, shared R/W with peer B) |-> Folder B (not explicitly shared through Sync but can be accessed by peer B) |-> Folder C (Advanced folder Owner, shared RO with peer C) Peer B - windows client Folder A (advanced folder shared from peer A, R/W access selective sync enabled on this device) Peer C - Android phone Folder C (advanced folder shared from peer A, RO access selective sync enabled on this device) I am asking you this because, I recently read that nested folder share is not possible with selective sync and RO access?
  13. Hey there, I looked around a bit and i believe this feature was not requested until now. I have lots of big-sized folders. And lots of Raspberries and Android Devices with limited space. One idea: Is it possible to Selective-Sync by given rules? A 'Player'-Mode.. For example: You have your android device connected to your music folder which is >500GB. When you put new music in the folder, your android device syncs only the recent files up until a given limit 4 Gb. This way you always have your fresh music files. The idea would be to define some rules for an auto-selective-sync: - sync recent 20 files, until a certain size-limit - sync by filemask - sync only files smaller than 1 Gb Just an idea. All in all great programm, keep it up you guys. martin
  14. I have been using BTS sync and I used the sync pro trial. After the trial ended, I discovered a lot of my photo files are now placeholder files. When I double click on them, it says that they are in queue, but this behavior has been going on for months, and through several updates of the program. It seems like either BTS has erased my files or they are being held hostage until I pay for the business version. If it is a one way conversion to try the paid version, I wish you had said that up front and I would have been happy to continue to use the free version. I am trying to think happy thoughts but I think either the files are erased or the sync pro trial was a one way trip.
  15. Hi, when turning on Selective Sync, all *new* files will be synced selectively. I would like to turn all already downloaded files into selectively syncable files. Deleting the files would result in the deletion on all other devices - undesirable side effect. Currently I think that disconnecting the folder, deleting the files and reconnecting the folder with enabled Selective Sync would be the only option. Any ideas on possible solutions? Cheers Vince
  16. I use “Selective Sync” to leave placeholder files so that I don't eat up my laptop’s hard drive. However, usually what I want to do when I download them is just get them onto my local computer, NOT open them. However, BTS seems to assume that once they are downloaded they should be opened with the default app. Is there a way to control that behavior?
  17. I have a particular use case of selective sync that doesn't seem to be covered by the faqs. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I use Windows and Macs. This is what I want to do. I have a large folder called "root" that I share with all devices using selective sync. "root" is huge and contains many years worth of files and hundreds of thousands of folders (total size = many TB). Some folders under "root" are frequently accessed, so it is useful to sync them fully. I can right-click on the folder and choose "Sync to this device", but this only syncs the contents at this point in time. If a new file is added to this folder by another device, it will show up with a .bts extension and I will have to manually "Sync to this device" again and again. Is there a way to automate this? Perhaps a scheduled task that will invoke "Sync to this device" every 5 minutes? Thanks.
  18. 1. Before purchasing work-group, I want to understand something about the selective sync feature. Let's say I have 2GB of files syncing to someone. Now I need to immediately send a 15MB file, without it waiting in que... with "selective sync", can I temporarily pause the 2GB folder and have the 15MB file sync first? 2. Will only I be able to use the "selective sync" feature or will the people connected to me also be able to use it? (If only I paid for the workgroup version)
  19. The web UI for selective sync is decent but has one quirk I'd appreciate cleaned up. If a deep subfolder is set to sync, you cannot later mark the parent folder to start syncing without removing all subfolders that are currently syncing. eg: If I have a share with this folder tree with joined as selective sync: Foo/ +-Bar/ +-Baz/ If I decide to set Bar to sync that folder will start to sync as desired. (good so far) Later if I decide I want Foo to sync I have no UI controls to start syncing it unless I find Bar and pick "remove from this device", exit the sync picker UI, and open the sync picker UI again. The above can be a negative if Bar contains large files and the above process results in deleting those files only to re-sync them shortly thereafter. Ultimately, the sync picker UI I'd like is similar to what CrashPlan has with a tree view and check boxes that let me navigate a tree quickly and set the include points and uncheck any exclude points.
  20. I have a sync folder to push pictures and videos from my phone to my mother of her grand-babies. I am not looking to keep two copies of these videos on the phone. Photos and videos also sync to my desktop as a go-between and to save on cell data. If it weren't for the fact that i have 3 Mb internet with a 756 kbps up-link, I wouldn't care so much. It just takes so long to upload just of the phone, on WiFi of course, that I need to use the desktop as a intermediary. If it wasn't for the huge increase in data volume, I could just share my camera backup, but that really sounds unnecessary and excessive. Question is: if I "clear" a file before it is synced to my desktop, or wherever else, will the transfer continue to complete before the original file in the "granny share" folder is cleared? All software is current. Any ideas or other thoughts? Thanks waregle82
  21. Hello, The folders I have syncing with my computer all have Selective Sync on by default on my phone, which is not what I actually want though I know what it's benefits are. And based on the forum posts, I understand that it being on by default is intended behavior. The issue is when I turn it of, the settings reverts back to on when I reboot the phone or when the app process gets killed. Is this a bug?
  22. Is it possible to share a very large folder (with many subfolders/files within) with family/friends without having them sync the whole thing? The Selective Sync feature seems to do just this, but sounds like it required each one of my friends/family members to purchase a pro license? The large folder is several terabytes in size so it is out of the question that they sync the whole folder. The idea is to share this folder as read only so that they are able to see all the subfolders - and only sync the subfolders they want. I'm sure that not all of them will want to purchase the pro license, hence my question. I want to make sure the free version will work for all my friends/family before I purchase a pro license for myself.
  23. I would love to sync just a part of an share. For example; Let S1 be a share containing directories porject1 and project2. S1 |->project1 |->project2 Another computer should able to sync just the directory project1 without syncing project2 from S1 and without configure up a new share. In this case you can quickly access a part of an share with less adminitration.
  24. I was just wondering if anyone else was seeing this behavior. I have selective sync enabled on the sync folder. However, when I try calling the api to disable sync on a directory, the file info returned doesn't indicate download is equal to 0 and the directory is still synced. Has anyone encountered this and found a solution?
  25. The topic was introduced here,, but had no response, so I thought I'd re-introduce it. Basically, I have set selective_sync on a folder, but unfortunately it seems that when files are added they are still automatically sync'd (running the get_files API method yields {"download" : 1} on the newly added files). Is this intended behavior or just one of those Beta phase items? I think I personally would expect the files to be {"download" : 0} by default when added to a folder that has selective_sync turned on. Has anyone come up with a potential work-around?