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Found 3 results

  1. Dear all, i just bought the HOME Pro licence, before even testing the free version, because i think i need the "selective Sync" feature. Now i am too shy to click my sync construct together, because i am afraid of loosing data 😉 May be someone could tell me if this is possible, and then help me. ON my SYNOLOGY i have a [big FOLDER] i want to acces this folder by selsctive sync with my [laptop] and [mobile phone] (download only the files that i need) in there is a [subfolder] that i want to constantly sync with my [laptops external HDD] can i manage to set this up? thank you for your time
  2. Hello! I have a program I want to sync between two computers. it is self contained but I want as many settings synced between them as possible, which are often dictated by .ini files. 1. I would like whichever file that is newer to take priority on this first sync 2. I will have to exclude certain files which are exclusive to the computer to prevent conflicts (I have home pro) 3. I want new files to be copied over 4. I want this to be entirely bi-directional any tips or articles would be great!
  3. I use “Selective Sync” to leave placeholder files so that I don't eat up my laptop’s hard drive. However, usually what I want to do when I download them is just get them onto my local computer, NOT open them. However, BTS seems to assume that once they are downloaded they should be opened with the default app. Is there a way to control that behavior?