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Found 2 results

  1. Dear all, i just bought the HOME Pro licence, before even testing the free version, because i think i need the "selective Sync" feature. Now i am too shy to click my sync construct together, because i am afraid of loosing data 😉 May be someone could tell me if this is possible, and then help me. ON my SYNOLOGY i have a [big FOLDER] i want to acces this folder by selsctive sync with my [laptop] and [mobile phone] (download only the files that i need) in there is a [subfolder] that i want to constantly sync with my [laptops external HDD] can i manage to set this up? thank you for your time
  2. Hello! I have a program I want to sync between two computers. it is self contained but I want as many settings synced between them as possible, which are often dictated by .ini files. 1. I would like whichever file that is newer to take priority on this first sync 2. I will have to exclude certain files which are exclusive to the computer to prevent conflicts (I have home pro) 3. I want new files to be copied over 4. I want this to be entirely bi-directional any tips or articles would be great!