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Found 24 results

  1. So I'm trying to install resillo sync as a service on windows 10. And then the popup called "configure resillo sync service" comes up. The guide says to put in the username Local System yet it says the username and password are incorrect. Any anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Does resilio support a silent install as service? It seems not to: Resilio installs in "c:\ProgramData\Resilio Sync Service" if installed as service. That's fine, but I'm missing a auto-update ability, which would be possible to script if it supported silent install. If installing without service it install in "c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync". Now that's a mess. The install must be elevated it seems, because if I run silent install below then it prompts for elevation,
  3. Hello, It's been a while since I set up Resilio Sync as a service on my computer, and now I've forgotten my username and password. I see instructions online for dealing with forgotten password. How does one deal with forgotten username? Thanks!
  4. I am trying to share a Resilio Business Seat with a Windows7 PC running Sync as a Service. On my own Win7 computer, I'm managing the Business Licenses and provide the link to the other computer, but since it's a Service accessed through the WebUI, it can't open the btsync:// file. I've reinstalled Sync without the Service, and it picks up the License easily. So, I then reinstalled the Service and it appears to be a separate application because it still says it's for Personal Use. I'd like to get this to work because I'd like to be able to sync files even when I'm not specifically logge
  5. Edit: Moved to different subforum. Sorry! Here's the link to the new post. I am trying to share a Resilio Business Seat with a Windows7 PC running Sync as a Service. On my own Win7 computer, I'm managing the Business Licenses and provide the link to the other computer, but since it's a Service accessed through the WebUI, it can't open the btsync:// file. I've reinstalled Sync without the Service, and it picks up the License easily. So, I then reinstalled the Service and it appears to be a separate application because it still says it's for Personal Use. I'd like to get this to work
  6. Hello, I have a problem with rslsync basically I try to fix it since uninstalling it and trying doing a fresh install, try to modify the parameters in conf file, and also see and learn about service , upstart and so on. Basically if I write this command: service resilio-sync start the message I have its this: Starting Resilio Sync But this doest start any process. If I write this command: rslsync I have this message: By using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. http
  7. I had btsync running as a service for a while. After changing to a new machine I installed rslsync from AUR. The installed files from AUR as shown in the installer (octopi) are added below. Being a newbie I fail in getting rslsync running as a service. [root@HWT430 henrich]# sudo systemctl enable resilio-sync Failed to enable unit: File resilio-sync.service: No such file or directory [root@HWT430 henrich]# This is the content of rslsync.service: [Unit] Description=Resilio Sync service [Service] Type=simple User=rslsync Group=rslsync ExecStart=/usr/bin/r
  8. I install BTsync V2.50 as a service in my windows 2008 server, I can access it on local server via local IP such as http://127.0.01:8888/gui/ but when I access it on another PC via public IP, such as , it seems that I can't connect to BTsync? Why?
  9. Issue summary : installer rejects account credentials. Platform : Windows 10 Pro 64 bits (build 10586.839). Details : choosing 'Install Resilio Sync as a Windows service' triggers the 'Configer Resilio Sync Service' prompt. Valid credentials are rejected.
  10. Hello, my name is Christoph and I'am running resilio sync as a windows service. So far, so good. The problem is, that sometimes all peers are shown as offline but of course, they are not. After restarting the operating system a few times, resilio is able to find the other peers (online). But this happens at irregular intervals and I've run out of ideas. Do you have any solution or workaround for me? Many thanks in advance.
  11. Do Sync auto update when running as a service or do I have to manually install an update?
  12. Hello Everbody, i wish the WEB UI for the Android APP. i have more old Smartphones which can i use as a server, but i can't configure btsync remote with my pc and so i must get the smartphone from the cabinet. i hope the WEB UI can be integrated quickly in the android app. best regards.
  13. One thing I'd like to request is for Sync app to run as a service as it is on my server I must be logged in for files to sync. If this ran as a service and synced with my other Headless linux server that would be amazing.
  14. Hey Guys - I've got a basic question to ask, please. I subscribe to BTSync Pro and recently reinstalled the OS (Windows 10 x64) on one of my PCs. When installing BTSync, I saw that I had the option to install it as a service so did so. I set the credentials and am able to access the WebUI via http://localhost:8888. When trying to access the same WebUI from other systems on my LAN (http://newpchostname:8888), it does not work. I looked all through the preferences, advanced preferences, and searched online to find out how (if possible) to enable LAN system access, but so far haven't h
  15. In version 2.3 the "Change folder path" Option was removed as seen in the changelog here What is the logic behind this? I just reinstalled sync so that I could install it as a service (it would be nice to have a button to do this in the GUI but that's a different topic I selected my default folder path, which is the same as the one I used before, but sync re-creates the files appending a "(1)" to it. I don't want it to do that. I want it to use the current data there so it doesn't have to sync about
  16. Hello, beeing able to run sync as a service on Windows is certainly appreciated. Still, how can I get back to running it as a desktop application without losing the entire configuration? Thank you!
  17. On the html gui for the bt sync service: I need to differentiate with multiple shares having the same folder name. Either by: 1. An option to display the complete path name in the 'Folder' column. Currently it only displays the folder name. 2. Allowing the renaming of the share displayed while leaving the true path/folder name intact. 3. In general, have a share name in addition to the folder name. (Applies to Android as well.) Thank you much for this wonderful program! nat
  18. Hello! I need to make sync end notification when BTSync runs as a service. The notice should look like a window with OK button. Is there a ready-to-use solution? Or may be someone could say me how to make it?
  19. BTSync Installer Script for Linux I'm posting here an installer script for Bittorrent Sync for linux. There are several out there, but this one was created for a few specific reasons: This script would work on multiple linux distros. Packages have been made for debian/ubuntu by tuxpoldo, however there isn't a very good solution for Fedora, OpenSUSE (I believe an rpm exists for OpenSUSE, but I can't remember for sure), or other distros.No automatic solution currently creates a systemd service for autmomatically starting BTSync on startup.Few solutions allows for an easy install, uninstall, or u
  20. Hi! I've updated btsync from 1.3.106 to 1.3.109 on one of my PC and now I can't share any folder place inside my home folder. All my shared folders has disappeared from web interface, and the explorer tree to share new folder don't show any folder deeper than /home/myuser/ My system is Arch Linux and I launch BtSync as service. Before this update worked perfect. I've an other PC with Ubuntu and btsync 1.3.109 also, launched as service too, and in it works correctly. I thinks than my problems with Arch may be with the permissions, but I don't know how to solve that. Anyone have any idea th
  21. Hi! I'm a big fan of bittorrent technology. I hope some day we will use it as direct urls in browser to navigate and load any content in real time. Today I decided to make btsync a main tool that will transfer backups of my sites to my PC. I prefer CentOS as server OS. But it's usual repos (main+epel+remi) has no btsync package yet. May be because of beta status of that tool. CentOS have very handy way to start and stop daemons, but you need init.d script. Shure, I've found some. While trying to make it all work, I occasionally created a kind of an installation script. And one uninstalla
  22. Hi all, I am new to BT Sync and fedora. I have installed BT sync in fedora machine and able to get it to run and sync through the browser gui etc. However I have a hard time getting BT Sync to auto start when the machine starts. May I know how can i do it? I know there is a lot of tutorials on this but there are for different distro. How to get it run specifically for Fedora? Thanks.
  23. Hi people, I'm Diego, work on Conexia and I love Sync! I'm here to talk about the use of bysync to copy the back ups (and other stuff) from a lot of client to a central server where the files goto a tape. At this moment, I have 5 CentOS clients sending files to a Windows 2008 R2. All the btsyncs apps are working as a service. All the CentOS have one shared folder (all by config file) Windows only have RO Secrets (configured by the GUI) Additionally, i formatted the volume for the shared folders into 64K to reduce the IO. Please, let me know what you think and how to get it better.
  24. Hello- I have high hopes for this bit torrent sync I hear it's really good. However I have a great number of services disabled through services.msc in windows 7. I have disabled them 1 or 2 at a time in the past for varying reasons. But usually just to speed up my system and free unnessesary services I don't use. In the past I have not been using torrents of anyting pnp on my windows box due to virus's and rootkits and stuff. I am not sure if the services I have disabled will have any effect on bittorrent sync though. I looked at the services.msc and there are a lot of services that ment