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Found 1 result

  1. I have a server with 100mbit/100mbit connection and a home downstream connection of 150mbit. When using BTSync, I can't seem to get above 3MB/s no matter what the situation. If I use FileZilla and send the file via SFTP, I see a similar speed when sending a single file. However, if I have multiple files to send and I use FileZilla/SFTP with simultaneous connections enabled, I very easily max out my server and get a constant ~90mbit or so download speed to my home. See attached screenshot. The first portion is BTSync and then when that finished, I loaded up a bunch of files in FileZilla. I love BTSync's flexibility and ease of use, but the speed difference is hard to stomach sometimes. Is there anything that I can do to significantly increase my BTSync speed in the short term? Is there anything like the "simultaneous connections" that SFTP enables planned for BTSync? I thought it already used multiple connections or sent multiple files at once, but from further reading it sounds like thats only if you're sending very small files. Mine are anywhere from 100MB to 25 GB and I only see one ".sync" file being written at a time. I am currently using BTSync version 1.1.26 and could upgrade to the latest, but everything is rock-solid for me other than the speed. So unless that'll get me what I'm looking for, I prefer to hold off on upgrading. My server is an i3 w/ 8GB ram. Home machine is on a high-end i7 with plenty of memory. I don't think either of those are contributing to my issue but figured I'd mention it. I understand that BTSync continues to evolve and this issue may already be identified as something to resolve. I'm just looking for confirmation that it is in fact something that can be fixed/resolved given the way BTSync works or confirmation that BTSync will never be as fast (or even close to as fast) as simultaneous SFTP connections. Thanks BAZ