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Found 12 results

  1. I have looked through all the documentation for a way to share a file with someone via email that allows the recipient to download the file without the need to install any software. This would allow one time sharing/sending of file from the repository without the need to download the client. I know there are many cloud file sharing applications like pcloud etc but I Resilio is a great product and extending with this one time share would be really useful. Additionally it would be great for the recipient to be able to send a file via email back to the (Resilio) sender without the need for
  2. Hello INsync and users, I would like to be able to share the links to me files stored on google drive and synced using insync using the app. In the dropbox for example there is a menu option when you click on the file or folder with the right mouse key that allows you to generate the link to the file and copy to clipboard. The other option is to do it using google drive web interface, but it takes much longer time to do it. I would like to be able to share the google drive links easily. Could you implement this context menu feature in Mac OS? It is highly needed even in my company.
  3. Hello, I have the pro version of Bittorrent Sync and I guess to have found a bug. I have two installations, one with my own identity and another with a test identity. Now the test: 1) Create a folder with some data to sync on the personal identity 2) Share the folder with the Android Device with the test identity and choose "Read Only" 3) Connect to the folder with the test identity 4) First, the granted permissions suddenly change to Read/Write and second, they are only changeable to Owner and Read/Write but not to Read only This can be reproduced at least on my fresh installation
  4. Hi Everyone, I downloaded the newest version of Beta. I like it, very easy to use,but found one major issue. I sent a link to an approved peer, they downloaded what they needed and I approved them. All good. However, in their interface they were able to share a read only version of my documents, without me knowing. They created a link, approved the person and the person was able to access the folder on another computer. I eventually found out because I noticed the peers went from 1 to 2 in the interface (it was just luck that I noticed this). My questions: I have looked everywhere and
  5. Hi I have a dual boot system Fedora/windows. I want a folder to be synced whatever OS I'm running on. So I first added a folder in sync in windows. Now, i want to add it in Fedora, but i get this message: "This folder is already owned by another Sync instance. Do you want to reset ownership ?" Is there a workaround ? Thanks
  6. I would like to see, even as an option would fit me perfectly, the possibility to change to view of the name of my share from the compact one to one where I can see the full path to it's directory. I handle quite a few Shares where I name them the same. I have 5 "temp" shares but the all point to diffrent peers. And if I have to hover over all of them or guess the size the share could have to find the one I'm looking for.. it kind of makes me cringe every time. So how does that sound to you?
  7. It would be great if it was possible to share to BTSync from other apps. Dropbox has the same feature 'Add to Dropbox' when sharing a file.
  8. Who can help me share a file (share will remain less than 300mb). I'll return the favor by helping you with your (comparable size) share :-) (-: Thanks, got enough help to do my testing :-)
  9. Hi all, I have not yet received an invite for SyncApp, so I don't know the feature set of the application. My question is: will it support sharing files with others? I don't just want to sync files between different machines, but also share (specific) files with other users. Greets Marcus
  10. So, I create a read only share. I save the "secret" to a file where I can look it up later... My computer crashes. I want to rehost the same share - with the same secret so all my family members don't have to re-enter the secret (because many aren't technical and can't). If I put in the same secret I saved earlier, I'll just be read only to the share! Is there a way to preserve this information so I could rehost this share/secret? Thanks, Russell
  11. Hello, I am a new user. Can't find out how to share files (or folder) with other computers. According to GUI (on my web browser) my folder is synchronized, I can get the secret key... but what am I supposed to do with this? Is there a link you can email? Been reading User Guide though, but it didn't make things any clearer. My OS is Ubuntu 12.10.