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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm many years of Sync user and sync my data between computers, servers and mobile devices. Currently I have P20Pro with Android and sync some audiobooks and photos form/to this smartphone to my servers and desktops. But for already a year I experience a problem with Resilio Sync. It stops operating after several days of activity. It just don't connect to any other device and any other devices can't connect to the mobile. From the interface it looks like Resilio is fully workable but deep sleeps. So I can open interface, select folders but the program keeps rejecting
  2. Hey all. I have read multiple files on here to try and resolve this, but my WS MyCloud EX2 Ultra will NOT sleep with Resilio Sync installed. Firmware/version: WS MyCloud EX2: 2.31.204 Sync: I have gone into 'Power User Preferences' and changed config_refresh_interval, config_save_interval and folder_rescan_interval all to 18000. I have then rebooted. No change. Has this been solved? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. I'm running Windows 7 on a Dell Precision workstation. When ever Sync is running and the computer goes to sleep (whether by timing out or if I command it), the computer immediately wakes back up. This doesn't happen when Sync isn't running. I've disabled debug logging, and I set folder_rescan_interval, config_refresh_interval, and config_save_interval all to 7500, and it still wakes my machine up immediately after sleeping. Can this be prevented?
  4. As is mentioned on this thread... It would be great if the app would automatically sync. I have other apps that automatically do things in the background - the application "Downcast" is good at this.
  5. Since I upgraded to BT Sync 2.0 it's preventing sleep on my two machines, a mini and a macbook pro. This wasn't happening with the 1.4 beta version. Here is the results from pmset in Terminal, with Sync opened: pmset -g assertions 09/03/15 16:45:05 CET Assertion status system-wide: BackgroundTask 0 PreventDiskIdle 0 ApplePushServiceTask 0 UserIsActive 1 PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep 0 InteractivePushServiceTask 0 PreventSystemSleep 0 ExternalMedia 0 PreventUserIdleS
  6. I'm running BTsync on my WD live book duo. Although it work's pretty good, I'm not glad to see, that the NAS won't go to sleep any more since I installed BTsync. I also increased the "folder_rescan_interval" in my config file, but it doesn't shown any effect (other parameters of the config file are working, so I assume, that the config file itself is working). Does anybody know if there is a way to prevent BTsync from waking up the NAS? For my purposes it would be sufficient if the sync with the other devices would take place once an hour. Thank you in advance!
  7. I just lost a lot of my data. I'm lucky not all my peers were online. I recovering the data now. I installed Bit Sync 2.0 on 4 devices. Two desktops, a home server, and finally a Surface. Everything seemed to be fine until I installed it on the Surface. The Surface likes to sleep often, and that hasn't ever bothered me before. I setup Bit Sync by adding it to my devices. It started syncing. Then the Surface went to sleep. When I woke it up, Bit Sync seemed a little notification happy, and was pinging me a lot saying my folders were sync, even though there are only 4. During this though, Bit
  8. Hello All, I wasn't able to find a post describing similar behaviour, so I'm hoping someone here can explain to me if what I'm noticing is normal or not. I've unchecked "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" but what I notice is that syncing doesn't resume until after the display wakes from sleep. Display is asleep, laptop is still running, hard-drive is not sleeping but the display is. I put my password in to see the desktop and then syncing resumes but not until I'm actively using the machine. What setting am I missing, or why is this happening? My assumption was that syncing would ha
  9. I have bt sync running on osx, xp and ios all with no problems; except that the XP machine won't go to sleep whilst its running. Has anyone experienced this before? My hard disks are set to turn off after 30mins and the computer sleeps after 45mins of no use. Is it as simple as having to drop the hard drive sleep time below the max sync time preference? Seams the computer should go to sleep ignoring this 'background activity', or is that the issue; it's not seen as background activity? Should it be i.e. a bug? Thanks.
  10. Hallo, I'm using BTSync (1.3.94) to keep in sync my development folders between a Mac Mini and a MacBook Air. I leave both systems always on but, to save energy, I let them "sleep" after an hour I do not actively use them. I guess there is a problem in BTSync as it's not able to restart syncing when my systems are going back "to work" after having enetered in sleep mode. In such cases most of the time BTSync crashes when I open it (Open BitTorrent Sync...). Can anybody confirm if there is a workaround or if this is a bug (or a missing feature) that is planned to be added later? Thank
  11. Hello, I installed BitTorrent Sync (as well as BitTorrent) on my Nexus 5 and when they are active, the device never goes to sleep. The auto-sleep feature doesn't seem to have an effect on that. I have to shutdown the apps and restart the device for the power management to kick in. Is anybody else experiencing this? Any solutions? I tried searching these forums but found nothing relating to Android devices. Thanks, Rebel Geek
  12. Has anyone else been having this problem? When I put my macbook to sleep it's connected to my BTSync computers, but when I wake it up it never reconnects.