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Found 5 results

  1. For some reason recently, I used to be able to have a max speed of 20MB, now max is 6.6MB.. What changed? I don't recall doing anything differently. I'm on google fiber internet so that shouldn't be a problem as I max out this connection all the time. Also the speed is sawtoothing in 1 or 2 minute interavals where the speed will max at 6.7MB, and then a minute later hit 0MB only to happen every minute or so... What in the heck is going on here? Things i've tried: 1. Direct connecting using specified hosts. Works, but doesn't improve speeds at all. 2. Turning off relay server? (no effect) 3. Gigabit connection (I usually get about 500Mbps up/down).
  2. I am having a few problems syncing to my family's computer (both systems are Windows 10 Pro 1809, Sync Home 2.6.3). I don't have the exact wording of the errors, but it involves the time difference between systems to be greater than 10 minutes, and several of the files are being marked missing or broken suffix file. For the first issue I have check the time zone settings on the computer and they are correct, as is the time, but the error still pops up 2-3 times a week at random. The second issue I can't figure out at all. The files are in a .7z and they work perfectly fine on my end. I have tried removing them and replacing them, and I get the same error. I have also deleted and recreated them so they are completely new and still get the same message. Other 7z file sync just fine. I could use some help figuring these out. Another issue I am having is, very slow connections speeds. Both systems are on fast internet but I regularly max out with 200 KB/s. There is no limit in Sync, the systems, the router, or from the ISP. In the past it synced around 1-2 MB/s. The connection also seems to be hit or miss. Some days it doesn't connect at all, which I think is connected to the time difference error. I could use some help figuring these out. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I am searching for a method to share files over multiple servers. Sync seems interesting to me. Just want to confirm if it fits my requirements. We have multiple servers located at remote location where we wont have physical access. They have low speed mobile internet (2G) connection. Servers are in vehicles so they are on move and they constantly come and go out of the network. We usually get speeds around 50-60 KBps download speed in a good connection. The folder that we intend to share would be around 100 MB. Server runs CentOS without any UI (CLI only). We have one master server running windows server which will be a constant seeder with a good internet. We are looking to buy the Embedded license, since it can run headless. Our concern is that will we be able to monitor each server remotely and get real-time update if the servers are up to date or not. Also We want to deploy this remotely. We can run scripts remotely, So installing it via a script should be possible. Looking for any inputs and appreciate any help thanks.
  4. We are trying to sync two Macs across a Gigabit wired LAN. Here are the settings. Not sure why we are maxing out at 160 KB/sec?? I've tried disabling encryption-over-LAN. Any other suggestions?
  5. Running the newest version " I'm getting a couple issues. One being if I share a single folder with 2 large files in it I'm getting 5-6 "megabytes" up ( I have fiber). When I share a directory containing multiple folder with single large files in them seeing 800kB -1.8 MB upload. The next issues is if I share the links before the indexing is complete and ive added a bunch of directories the indexing basically just stops and never finishes and the uploads dont seem to really even start 50-80kB upload. One other question is can mapped network folder be shared via btsync?