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  1. I am seriously shocked, what did you do with the fastest protocol BitTorrent so it performs slower then a regular FTP encrypted transfer.?! I did find a few topics in this forum about the slow transfer speed, but non of the tips does any difference. In two words, my continuous test with 20GB of data on a regular 100mbit Broadband shows steady results of download speed ~12mb/s - FTP vs, ~7mb/s - Resilio All settings are default, using Windows 10 LTSB, Core i5 8GB ram and regular hdd. Note: FTP connection is also encrypted with strongest TLS certificate.
  2. When I turn on my computer, it can take up to 20 minutes for Sync to get past the 'loading list of sync folders' stage. I only have 3 synced folders with a combined total of under 20GB. If I kill and restart Sync, it takes just as long.
  3. I've installed Resilio natively from website using manual package download (apollolake), but also tried using official docker image (, both have a 'problem' that after a short window the sync speed caps at around 1-2mb/s. After installing the docker version I happened to increase the ram allocation just trying things that might help and it did, straight way I was getting 20-30mb/s HURRAY! Well I was celebrating too soon, as the next file I tested was back to 1-2mb/sec, looking at the docker overview you can see the ram usage slow rise from 0 to ~10gb (I'd set 12gb max I have 16 installed). Finishing the transfer cleared maybe 100mb of ram and the rest just sits there. All transfers while the allocated ram is full (or around this point of 10/12gb allocated) are at 1-2mb/sec speed, if I restart the docker container then I can get full speed back until I max out the ram again at 10gb. I assume this was the issue also affecting the native install just I couldn't see the numbers as easily. If anyone can help resolve this I would be very grateful been looking at this problem for a week thinking it was my connection I'm currently using a free account so cant submit a support ticket but would happily purchase a license if an answer is out there. EDIT: Decided to buy a licence as on offer and with 30 money back if cant resolve this problem, also appears you can submit tickets with free account... Thanks. Sync version: 2.6.1 (1319) Synology Spec:
  4. I have current version of Sync running on a Feral seedbox and on my home NAS (Asustor) through a R7000 router. Speeds will transfer in the neighborhood of 250 KB/s until I restart the Sync app on my NAS. Then I get 4-5 MB/s no problems, for a while, (not sure how long though.) I have tried to give the local address for the NAS priority "quality of service" on the router but have seen no improvement. Charter is my carrier, and I am not aware of them throttling, and the fact that it goes at faster speeds upon restarts makes me think it's not Charter... What do you think I can do to maintain the normal faster speeds? (Happy to give more details to try to troubleshoot this!) Thanks for any help, J
  5. Hey, First off, please dont tell me to google or that there are a ton of posts like this one, most of those actually have slow transfer speeds but also local. not just over internet. thanks I've just started using Resilio and i like the functionality. I just have one question: How can i troubleshoot slow transfer speeds over the internet? When i sync things locally, i get around 20-30MB witch can be better but works good enough... But when i start to sync to a friend of mine over the internet, my speeds drop to about 300-500Kb... and not really stable speed... it changes all over the place. I'm not using a relay server so that is not the issue. Out internet connections are: 300/30 and 200/20 so that also is not a problem. When i transfer a file using filezilla(sftp) i have consistent speeds around the max of our internet lines. Also i would like to know what ports are used for the connecting part (when adding a new folder to sync). As i found out that i only can add folders between me and my friend in one way. If i add a folder my friend shared, it works. When i share the folder and my friend adds it, it just wont connect. This is a firewall issue as i'm using PfSense and my friend is using a normal router. As soon as connections come my way, there blocked but i can't seem to find the port number. In a log i found 35454 when a windows client tries to connect but forwarding this did not solve it. In the log it said: sending ping to <my remote ip>:35454. I know that PfSense blocks all pings for safety. so that might explain that. But adding folders from me to my friend seems to be a workaround for that. But as my router might be blocking more that just the pings... maybe opening ports can help? or is the slow transfer speed something else? What are your average transfer speeds? I also see in the log that files are split into small pieces... is it worth changing that value to something a bit bigger? maybe bigger pieces transfer faster as it doesn't need to setup a new connection for every piece?
  6. Hello everyone, I've installed resilio on my Asustor NAS and I can go as fast as 50mo/sec but I'm usually at 15mo/sec, but if I pause and restart the sync, then I can reach my max download speed all along. I've tried BTSync and Resilio Sync (both available on AppCentral) and I've got the same issue. It's a standard folder, in direct connexion. If you have an idea why is this happening, please let me know ;-) Thank you.
  7. Dear Support, we have installed the demo license of resilio sync on two peers. the idea is to distribute prox. 80 media files of 60GB total on a daily basis so that only metadata has to be passed around afterwards and both facilities can work with the same footage. the setup process was straightforward but we are not getting any acceptable datarates. when transferring the footage via FTP we are getting around 8-10 megabytes per second, what would be perfectly fine. with the resilio sync client however we are seeing only 2,5 megabytes per second and after checking and tweaking all the bobs and whistles in the power user prefs and a brief check of our firewall config we are out of ideas how to get decent speed between the two peers. we checked with another peer without a firewall and only got 500 kilobyte per second there. if we could get rid of this limitation we would sign a subscription immediately as we are trying to build a decentralized workflow between multiple facilities but with datarates as low as this resilio is sadly no use to us... I've opend a support call from the application and submitted the profiler data of both peers already but until now i haven't heard back from you. Ticket is #52653 cheers Sebastian
  8. Hello. I have been using Resilio sync as a backup and file transfer solution for my private files, im very happy with the service. So happy i upgraded to Pro. BUT i have very slow sync speed, on lan. My tansferspeed seems to be capped at 1,1 MB/S it always hovers between 1 and 1,1MB/S Resilio Sync is running from a computer with linux as os. my internet Upload speed is About 1,25 MB/s so its no surprise that files being synced over internet are capped at arond 1,1 MB/s but i can't figure out why my LAN transfers are capped at that too. I have followed the advice pages and cant get any increase in Lan transfer speed out of them. My HDD Has Read/Write speed of about 35 MB/s. My Lan speed is 1 Gbps. UPnP ports for all devices running Resilio sync are forewarded Any help resloving this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  9. My Resilio transfer speed is measured in kB. Is that referring to KiloBytes or Kilobits, sort of a big difference. I'm hoping its kilobytes (KB) which means its transferring faster. Thanks
  10. I'm experiencing significant slow down with transferring a folder of photos to a new Android phone. Recently I transferred from a LG G4 to a Moto G Plus 4th gen. I had been syncing my external SD DCIM folder for a long time with with several windows and linux computers. This has been working well for a long time. On this new phone the folder seems to be taking forever to download. Watching the status screen, the folder keeps dropping to "Indexing" then it moves to receiving and sits at about 64K/s for up to 5 minutes. Then it jumps up to 700k/s to 5+M/s receiving. This lasts for a minute or so, then it returns to 64kb/s for several minutes and proceeds to return to indexing. This process repeats over and over. I have not tracked it but this seems to happen for each file. On the LG this folder had well over 3500 photos. I've moved many photos out of the sync folder. Sync now reports 2441 files, currently at 1830 synced and has only copied 3 files in the last hour, while I have watched it cycle "Indexing" and speeds as above. "Autoupdate Gallery" is currently disabled, hoping that it would allow sync to write files faster. This is also causing problems with other apps trying to read from the SD card. Poweramp frequently stops mid song apparently buffering. Camera seems to write new photos, but they don’t show in the gallery for hours, so media indexing isn’t able to read either. I hope that after the sync is complete, keeping current will be faster than catching up, but at this rate (3 files / hour) it will take 8 days solid, and I’m not on wifi most of the day so it’s going to be over 2 weeks to transfer 14gb. Moto G Plus 4th gen - Current system updates Sync - 2.3.9 (567) [Solved] Seems to be an issue with the specific card. Class 10 seems to not be very fast in this phone. never had problems with either of these Sandisk Ultra's before.... Samsung Evo U1 works fine.
  11. Hello, I have a raspberry pi running sync and synchronizing folders from a home NAS (Apple Airport Extreme). It's taking a long time for sync to re-index and find file changes on the NAS as they are modified/added/deleted by other machines accessing it and as far as I know the only way sync finds these changes is on re-scanning/re-indexing the NAS. I have two point's I'd like bring here: 1) Is there a way to speed this process ? For instance prioritizing more important folders over others that I know are not often changed or are less important/critical? 2) Is there a way to tell sync to "look into that folder now" as I know things changed and want them to be shared asap? These were somehow discussed years back without a clear answer so I am bringing the issue back, after several new versions as it seems they still exists or the solution or work-around (if any) was not shared. Despite the points above, sync is a great product and refining it considering these points would make it even better. Suggestions, hints are welcome. Thanks in advance. Carlos Benjamin.
  12. Dear forum, since the patch from Apple the day before Yesterday on my OSX 10.11.6. BTSync really became buggy on my machine. The UI reacts horribly slowly and sync often hangs. I already downloaded the latest version of BTSync and reinstalled but with no positive effect. Is anybody else experiencing these issues? Thanks Norbert
  13. Hello All - I've been using BTSync Pro for a few months now. I love the concept, but there's only 1 issue that keeps causing me issues: speed. From my home system (Windows 10 x64 / BTSync 2.3.6 (378) Service Mode) synchronizes with a few of my devices over LAN however 99% of the traffic going through it is from a Linux system (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64 / BTSync 2.3.6 (378)) over the internet. The two folders it syncs are what is running slowly on a constant basis. Most of the files being synced are larger 3+gb files. When I attempt to download the files from the same host using HTTP or FTP via the CrushFTP server I have installed on the Linux box, I get consistent speeds which reach my fastest download speed of ~3.5Mbps. When syncing between the two computers using BTSync and same files, you never know what you are going to get. It averages around 1Mbps but can range from 300kbps -> 3.0Mbps. It never wildly jumps between speeds, but will stay within 150kbps range of whatever it decideds to download at for the time. I've looked over some settings in BTSync, but nothing I've found or tried seems to help. I've verified that the used ports are open even though opened via uPNP and also added dedicated hosts to the folders being synced. I've even tried to use a service like VyperVPN which sometimes helps a lot, but shouldn't be nessesary. Perhaps Comcast / Xfinity is throttling my traffic even though they generally claim that they do not do so. Does anyone else experience this type of thing consistently when other protocols are working just fine? Any suggestions for what I may do? If potentially throttling, is there any way to mask it? Thanks!
  14. hi, i have version 2.3.6 (378) of btsync running and i have the problem, that indexing somehow needs too much resources of my pc. directly after start of btsync task manager shows relatively high cpu consumtion of btsync (about 30%) - see "processes.png". however, the pc works fine at this moment. the strange thing is, that after about a minute cpu usage of btsync drops to about 5% (see "processes2.png"), but now the pc is becoming nearly unusable. all reactions are very slow and e.g. videos in browser are hardly working anymore. if i stop btsync, then after some moments everything is fine again. "cpu.png" shows the chart of cpu usage. the first part, where the line is relatively flat, is the part where the pc is hardly working anymore (50% usage, although in processes btsync is only ~5% -> but somehow anyway its btsyncs fault). the drop of the usage in the chart occurs, if i terminate btsync. "settings.png" shows my advanced settings of btsync - i already tried some things like changing "folder_rescan_interval" to a higher value or "disk_low_priority" to true. my system: win 10 64bit intel core i5 m 520 8GB RAM i would be very thankful if you could help me with this very strange problem! if you need some logfiles or more infos, please let me know. thanks!
  15. I recently moved, and had no choice but Comcast as an ISP. I also have the task of syncing about 1TB of data from a client (All 4K Mov files over 200MB each) for a movie I'm doing Visual Effects for. We got him set up with BTsync, newest version (and myself) and he shared his folder with me as an owner. We are currently experiencing speeds of, at best, 64Kbps. His internet connection according to is about 60/30 (Fiber via Optimum in NY), and mine is 50/5 (Copper via Comcast in OR) I know Comcast is known to throttle bittorrent traffic. Would this also apply to btsync? In which case, I know to get around that you can enable protocol header encryption on most bittorrent clients. Can this be done in btsync? Anyone have any other ideas? I've check both of our computers and the listening port is correctly open. Neither of us have speed limits set in btsync itself. And neither of us has anything else running on the network. The only other thing I can think, is his computer is still indexing (started only about 20 minutes ago) maybe the speeds are just slow until indexing is completed, and I'm reacting too soon? I'm in the process of doing speed profiling, but with these large files it will take some time. Thanks for any help! EDIT: I tested some other files with other peers shares, and the speeds are fine. So I'm assuming the speed issue is on his end now. But one question I have is... I have a dedicated server that acts as a "cloud" server for many of my btsync syncs. However it only has about 290GB free, so I cant use it as a mirror for this particular share since it wouldnt all fit. But is there any other way I could make use of this dedicated box to help our speeds as a relay or something?
  16. I have a bunch of notifications (like about a hundred) over the last hour in HISTORY, that say Sync has Finished syncing. But at the same time it is transerring data from the source PC an telling me it will take 5 days to complete at 204.7 KB/s bit rate. So my questions are: what does Finished syncing... indicate? and doesn't 5 days seem slow?
  17. Hi, I am trying to gauge whether I have a speed issue but the indicator doesn't seem to be transferring data very fast (or at all). I have seen it download at 150 kb/s / 350 kb/s but no longer getting any information - although I have reason to believe data is certainly being transferred - please see screengrab taken while download is going on. It shows files being transferred (History) while indicator showing 0.0 kb/s Shoud I be expecting faster than 350 kb/s anyway?
  18. Hello, I have the following setup: 1 NAS (Synology DS415+) , 1 PC both connected to 1 Router which is connected to the internet (pretty standard). On My Synology NAS I got BTSync installed, as well as on my PC, and they sync one folder (R+W)Both are configured very similar. General Settings:- Listen to port x on NAS and port y on PC- no UPnP- no relay- no tracker- no LAN broadcast- known host: each other- no disc operations are low priority- Encrypt on LAN (doesn't make a difference if I turn it off)- everything else pretty much default (but statistics disabled etc. this should not be relevant) Preference for the folders:- no relay- no tracker- no search LAN- predefined hosts: each other with the listening port from the other one I if change anything on my PC the changes are transferred in a matter of seconds (<10s) to the NAS (del, create or change), but if I change/create/modify anything on the NAS it takes minutes (5-10mins) until the change is transferred to my PC.Don't get me wrong, the sync is working correctly, but not very fast in one directing. To my questions I want to answer:1. What can I do to fix this?2. I always read about the DHT Option, but I can't find it, but since I want it turned off (which is default), it doesn't really matter. Still, I am curious.3. How intense will BTSync drain on the lifetime of my NAS drives? And what can I do to prolong it without sacrificing performance (once the performance is fixed). For example, will BTSync prevent the drives from going to the idle state?4. Does BTSync "pull" or just "push"?5. Is it normal that the installation folder of BTSync is in %AppData%?6. What's the difference between "LAN broadcast" and "Search LAN" since there is an option: folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast bool true Default setting for folder preference "Search LAN" Thank you very much for your help in advance,Syphdias
  19. I have a Windows 2012 server with BT sync installed. I am noticing that the interface is very slow to respond, so slow that Task manager is frequently reporting 'Not Responding' for about 1 second, then 10 seconds ok, then 'Not responding' etc etc. It is very painful to do anything as a single 'click' on an item can take 30-60 seconds or more to respond, making it a joke to do any management. Please help!! The server has 16gb memory and this sync version is 2.0 I have several QNAP Nas devices with a similar problem although not quite so extreme.... Is there any way we can manage BT Sync outside the UI, or find some way of speeding up the interface. Other programs on the same machine are fine performance-wise! Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hi I have problems with sync process speed. My former scenario was: BTSync 1.4 running as a service on a Windows 2003 Server SP2 and synchronizing a big folder (400 GB) without problems with a iMac (snow leopard) running BTSync 1.4 too. Both devices were connected in a 100 Mbps LAN 4 days ago I've changed the iMac for a new Mac-mini (yosemite) and I've installed BTSync 2.1.1 (latest version) in that computer ( mac-mini ). At the beginning all seem to run properly but after a few hours the synchronizations speed going down (20Kbps) and with continuous BTSync stops and restarts in both devices... Both devices were connected to the same 100Mbps LAN and there is no firewall in the middle and no communications problems. In the mac-mini is installed too a Google Drive client but now is stopped to avoid additional problems Now the indicator of remaining time shows 2 years to complete the syncronization!!!... Do I have to reinstall version 1.4 in the Mac mini?? any help?? thanks a lot jrox10 Note i copy you an example of infinite items to show the sync.log " [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img051.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img052.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img054.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img055.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img056.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img057.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img058.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img059.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img060.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/ANDREAE VESALII/img061.jpg" [20150812 15:15:44.259] SF[FE33]: Will try to find peer for file "/Users/jcires/Google Drive/UN/Users/FOTOGRAFIAS MEDICAS/5-LIBROS Y VARIAS/1.- LIBROS/AOSPINE Spinal Clasiffications/Bencel Columna Cervical 14.jpg" "
  21. Hi All, Sometimes when I am accessing a shared folder and I right click a file to delete my local copy or sync it down to my device, the right-click menu on windows 7 takes a good 10 seconds to load. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
  22. With v.1.4.72 syncing became slow. It can sync couple of KBs for an hours. There is sending/receiving status with speed like 22 B/s and so on. v1.3.9 was OK Any ideas?
  23. Hey Guys - I've been using BTSync Pro (paid license) between multiple platforms for a couple of months now and love it... until recently. A primary sync I have is between my home Windows 8.1 system and a remote (over internet) Debian installation. 95% of the data transferred between the two is the Windows 8.1 system downloading from the Debian one. For the past couple of weeks, the download speed has been at ~250kb/s - much lower than the ~2mb/s which it ran at prior to this. Being a Systems Admin for years, I have tested a variety of things which make it seem to be due to BTSync / it's configuration, itself - not the connection or OS. Here are some things I've tried: - I've restarted both systems, my router/gateway, and cable modem - I can pause the sync, download via HTTP, HTTPS, and/or FTP at the ~2mb/s speed during these times, unpause the sync, and it still downloads at ~250kb/s. - I verified that the port specified in BTSync (54531) is open on the router - Verified I'm on the newest release - 2.0.128(36) - Run various other diagnostics verifying that the bandwidth isn't being used elsewhere (on router (use OpenWRT) and on OS) - Verified that BTSync's config wasn't set to limit speed The last thing to do would be an OS reinstall, but as I have a ton of things installed / hosted on the system and seeing as nothing else is having issues; it would be an all day event. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  24. Origionally posted this query in the BitTorrent Client section, as opposed to the BitTorrent Sync area. Can only hope I won't be flamed to harshly ... I'm getting the following Sync speeds on a GigaBit LAN Min 1.6 MBps Max 6.0 MBps Avg 2.3 - 3.8 MBps Would I be totally off-topic expecting around 125 MBps? (when there is no other traffic on the LAN) Specs: 2x i7 8GB 256SSD Windows 8.1 Laptops running Sync v 2.0.128(36) connected via CAT6 cabling to a NetGear R6300v2 NoteBook 1 - NoteBook 2 - Sync Settings uPnP port mapping enabled Receiving & Sending rates NOT enabled lan_encrypt_data false rate_limit_local_peers false
  25. Hi, at the moment I use bittorrent sync version "2.0.128 (36)" on a laptop with intel core i7, windows 8.1. I am syncing a folder of about 300gb, and it is currently receiving/indexing at the decent speed 120 kb/s. However, the user interface is completely unresponsive! Right clicking to get the menu takes about 20 seconds to respond to. Any action at all takes 20 seconds or more. Restarting does not help. Is it the sheer size of the folder that brings it to it's knees? One thing: I paused the synching and removed the folder, so I could move the partially synced folder to my second harddrive. Then I shared the folder again, and asked btsync to save into the (moved) partially synced folder. I hoped it would be intelligent enough to see it was a partially synced folder. Could this be the problem? btsync is not slow on the 'source' computer from where I sync. Thanks for any help!