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Found 1 result

  1. Problem Statement: Unable to access Sync Directory from my Windows 10 desktop. Resillio Sync hosted in UnRaid container. I am Running Unraid 6.9.2. Installed Resilio Sync from Community Apps on 5/9/21 After installation, I shared the credentials of this directory with the 3rd party, who was able to share a photo from his system which I was able to view on my system. I was able to create a text file (using vi in the TERMINAL function in Unraid), which in turn was able to sync to the 3rd party’s system. From my Windows PC, I can access the share and it’s contents, but do not have permissions to create or copy any files into the directory. I am unable to change permissions. When I try to copy a file to this location, create a new file, or change permissions, I get the following windows error message: "You need permission to perform this action". The Sync directory resides in the Public Share. I have no problem access this device form the same Windows 10 PC. From Windows, I am unable to set any permissions on the folder (permissions) issue. I believe the issues may be related to SMB. I’ve searched the forums for assistance but have not been able to find any relevant solutions. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.