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  1. iPhone or iPad show that Sync takes a lot of space. Browsing through the app does not confirm that - the synced files take far less space than reported. Solution: go to Sync settings - > Support -> Contact support. *INSTEAD OF* email address type SNC.DBG.STORAGE (all caps), other fields leave untouched, tap on 'envelope' icon. You shall get a new pop up with Sync's storage folder . Browse through folders, especially Storage/.syncservice directory and "Files Storage Provider" . If it's "Files Storage Provider" that takes the space, you may delete the shares from Files Storage Provider - tap on 'i' -> remove.
  2. Where is the config file located on a Synology NAS running DSM 7? According to THIS page it should be in /usr/local/resiliosync/var/ but unfortunately it does not have a resiliosync folder. I did find a config file in /volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/app but it does not look like the one on THIS page. The reason why I am asking is because I want to add the required lines to use my own trusted certificate.
  3. Hello, I am a Synology DSM7 noob. Can someone please help me setup Reslio, with the appropriate permissions? I am trying to sync a folder on my Mac with a specific folder on my Synology NAS (running DSM7). I don't know/understand how I get the permissions setup appropriately :/ Thank you all in advance.
  4. Hey all. I am reading more about Read Only folders. My first impression of RO folders led me to believe it would be an exact, up-to-date mirror of the source folder. So, if someone deleted or changed a file on the target machine, it would be ignored/deleted by the source machine and the source machine would re-sync the original file. Now I am not sure I understand that correctly. I am getting error messages on my target machine saying that files in my RO folders are out of sync. I found the "Is One-Way Synchronization possible?", and believe that is the solution I need. However, can I just tick that box after the folder is already created, and files have/are already synced/syncing? If I can tick the box after some of the folders have been synced, what happens to any files that may have already gotten out of sync?
  5. Hi, I use resilio sync as a server on an Android phone, I think there is a problem on setting the "Read Only" or "Read and Write" share permission differently on the folders: There is no possibility to set different permission mode on different folders, in other words if I set RO or RW share permissions on a folder under Resilio Sync, automatically all the other folders get the same permissions type... Do you know if there is a solution? I already contacted the support but it seems they didn't understand the problem I tryed on 3 android device with the same result, I hope there is a solution for this "basic" problem... Thankyou
  6. So I'm trying to install resillo sync as a service on windows 10. And then the popup called "configure resillo sync service" comes up. The guide says to put in the username Local System yet it says the username and password are incorrect. Any anyone know how to fix this?
  7. I run Resilio in Ubuntu 21.10, that I installed yesterday. Resilio is installed from the official repository. I used this configuration for months, but now Resilio stopped runinng. It starts normally for a few seconds, then exits. (I did `systemctl enable resilio...` before this) sudo systemctl restart resilio-sync.service sudo systemctl status resilio-sync.service Initially it shows status as running, but after 3 seconds I see this: окт 16 23:40:19 asus systemd[1]: Started resilio-sync.service. окт 16 23:40:22 asus systemd[1]: resilio-sync.service: Deactivated successfully. All the advice you can find on the Internet is about tweaking Resilio through its web UI on Windows. I'd appreciate any suggestion, or if someone points me where to get the default configurations. Here are the settings: /etc/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service. I changed user and group to myself to have files both synced and writeable, because otherwise I could not change files after Resilio changed their ownership. (Adding myself to resilio group, or vice versa resilio to `culebron` group, did not help.) [Service] User=culebron Group=culebron PIDFile=/home/culebron/.config/resilio-sync/ ExecStartPre= ExecStart= ExecStart=/usr/bin/rslsync --config /home/culebron/.config/resilio-sync/config.json This settings file is picked up, because in those seconds when resilio runs, I see `` appear in that folder. ~/.config/resilio-sync/user-config.json: { "storage_path" : "/home/culebron/.config/resilio-sync/storage", "pid_file" : "/home/culebron/.config/resilio-sync/", "webui" : { "listen" : "" } }
  8. Hi, I just installed resiliosync_x64_dsm7.spk V2.7.2.1375-3152 but nothing works and I don't understand if I'm wrong, or if the downloaded package is not compatible with DSM 7 (On the Synology page I found the architecture of my DS918 + and on the Resilio page of the sync versions I chose x64 indicated for ApolloLake) : If I try to open Resilio by starting it from the URL lower left (http://mynasname/, from the installed packages page, or from the Package Center I get "page not available" (pagina non disponibile/ pagina non trovata) - see the screenshot: while i think it should launch a setup screen. Where am I wrong? the same thing happens if I install the version proposed by Synology in its package center .... It is the first time that I use Resilio, I have read some posts, but nobody helps me in this case ... EDIT: in the registration I have indicated a wrong domain in my email .... now I have canceled the previous registration and in the new registration I have changed my email
  9. I have seen this error appear twice on two different files and I suspect that this may be what has been causing my sync to not work properly? They are small files <100KB.
  10. When using Resilio Sync on DSM 6 I was able to update and change my listening port using the WebGUI. However, looking at DSM 7.0 the Listening port is grayed out and it says: settings overwritten from config This is happening for both the WebGUI Listening Port as well as the Connection Listening port Is there any way to get back to being able to change this via the Web GUI or is my only option to manually edit the sync.conf file via SSH?
  11. Hello, Does anyone know how to do this? I've enabled SSH on my Synology and found the config file for the Resilio Sync in /volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/app , but I'm not sure what to lines to add here to replace the self signed certificate. Thank You
  12. I've noticed that Resilio Sync staff have not responded to any forums posts for many months. And I've noticed that Sync is not working reliably any more on macOS Mojave, possibly because of recent security hardening by Apple. Does anyone know if development has stopped on Sync? It certainly seems like they have no support staff.
  13. Hi all, I have read through quite a few posts but haven't yet found what I'm looking for. I have an Asustor AS-604T plus three computers I have linked to it through Resilio Sync, using the latest versions of that software. The Asustor has a Resilio app which I'm using and I have set up Resilio on the various computers AS A SERVICE (within Windows 10 Pro). On each of the three computers I have a set of syncing tasks that link to the NAS. The lists of tasks on the three computers are NOT the same on each of them. Also, on the NAS, within the Resilio app (browser window), I have set up Resilio tasks to correspond with the tasks on the computers. All works fine. I have now bought a Synology DS-920+ and want to migrate - if possible - the Resilio settings from the Asustor to the the Synology. I have read that - when using a sync.conf setup - copying certain programme data folders should do the trick but as I run Resilio AS A SERVICE I am not sure what the correct way is to get this done. I would hate having to redo and recreate all those different tasks again. Who can help? Thanks, Hans
  14. Please add the following features for iOS / iPadOS, they are very important for improving the efficiency of working on iOS devices : - Move / delete files or folders within the Sync app. - Show the placeholder files in iOS’ Files app without the need to download them first in the Sync app (just like the behaviour of Dropbox, OneDrive etc.) - Split screen support for iPadOS - Drag & drop file support for iPadOS
  15. I'm on macOS Mojave and I can't use Resilio Sync to sync any files (photos or other) that contain resource forks. What's worse is that Resilio fails silently. It doesn't alert me to the fact that it failed to sync these files, so data loss is a real risk. Also, because Resilio has silently choked on those files, it refuses to sync any new files without resource forks and new folders that I add to the synced folder. But it's not alerting me to this. As long as there are some files with resource forks in the synced folder, the newly added files and folders just never appear on the other computers. I almost lost a lot of data because of this bug/behaviour. The other day I noticed that a bunch of my photo folders were empty. These were photos that I hadn't looked at in half a year. It turns out that Resilio never synced them to my main desktop because they contained resource forks. I was only able to restore them from Time Machine snapshot dating back to June 2019. And that snapshot was due to be culled because I was running out of space on my external drive. So, three questions: 1) Why does Resilio Sync Pro choke on and fail to sync files containing resource forks? 2) Why doesn't Resilio alert me, loudly and clearly, that there has been a sync failure? 2) Why isn't Resilio Sync syncing and new files and folders that I add even though they don't contain resource forks?
  16. Hi. I just had a drastic accident while deleting large files from synced folder which was set on PAUSE one my end, however all files got deleted on other end too! 100% Recovery is not possible. Just no comments.... PAUSE is not really pausing sync, just pausing upload and download! This is horrible logic.
  17. I am having a problem syncing large files to my NAS. This only appears to be a problem when trying to sync a file that is about >4gb. The file will sync up to a certain extent and then just stop. Internal logs show: Sep 25, 2019 1:24 PM | Info | HONEYBADGER | switch | Failed to download Library [filenamehere] - WriteToDisk Permissions on the NAS are correct, I have tried uninstalling on the NAS making sure all .sync files were deleted and reinstalled, and deleting the .!sync files and restarting. The last one will get to the same point and then stop again. Google has else been not helpful. The NAS is a Synology BC214se. There is plenty of space for the file to be transferred on to the NAS. I do not however know how to pull any logs from the NAS. I attempted to contact support a week ago with no response. I expected a day or two but not a week. I also tried creating a forum account at the same time and that has yet to be approved as well. So here I am attempting as a guest.
  18. Resilio Sync Home on my DS218j with an Armada38x is taking too much RAM and bringing the throughput to an halt. The same does not happen on my other DS1817+ with Avoton. I've installed the latest version, see the screenshot. Please fix this.
  19. Hi, I'm syncing from a Mac Pro to two NAS units, a QNAP and a Synology, and both NASes keep showing folders that are stuck at 100% but never get to the green checkmark. Closer inspection reveals that each of the stuck folders is stuck downloading files. The Mac is running 2.6.4 (1344), the Synology is running 2.6.4 (1344) and the QNAP is running 2.6.0 (1317). I tried shutting down the QNAP and setting up the problematic folder over from scratch between just the Mac and the Synology to keep versions equal, and the problem persisted. Any idea what could be causing this and what I can do to resolve it? Thanks, -Seb
  20. Hi, I use Resillo service to sync offsite. The offsite backup uses placecards to only sync what is needed. If i delete a file from source then a *.rsls file is put in the files place. How do i stop this from happening please? If i delete from source then the backup placecard should just disappear.
  21. I searched for READONLY-CONFLICT before posting, did not see anything so apologies if this is a duplicate. I have a simple setup I believe, installed Sync client on two different laptops and dragged content into one of the Sync folders. On the second Sync laptop, all of my folders are Name*-READONLY-CONFLICT-1. It looks like there was an initial sync of data successfully but after a few months of use, I see the two folders are diverging in size and number of files, so it appears sync in no longer working. From what I can see, it looks like a permissions issue but I am signed into both sides with the same credentials. I am not using the Sync "share" functionality, only the standard sharing. I don't know what to do to resolve. Both laptops are encrypted by employer so perhaps that is coming into play? (they have always been encrypted so not understanding if that is the problem, how initial sync was successful) Thoughts or steps for troubleshooting?
  22. Hello, I am running Resilio Sync 2.4.4 on Windows Server 2012 Datacentre edition, where I have some encrypted folders. For one of the folders I have decided to disconnect it and now I am left with all the encrypted files on the Server which I want to delete. I have exceyted the delete in windowsm however for some files, I am getting the error that the file name is too long and can not be delete, and that I should rename the file or move the file too a shorter path. Unfortunately, for reasons I do not know, I am not able to rename the file or move it to a shorter path. Since Resilio Sync created these files, how do I now delete these files from the server. Also for review by Resilio Sync, is why does Resilio sync create files/paths which are too long for Windows to manage! Thanks for any advice how to delete the files.
  23. Hey guys I saw Rsl Connect is up to 2.7.x now. So I assume core sync engine is up to 2.7, which is also used by Rsl Sync Home /Pro. Is there going to be an updated client release soon? Thx
  24. How to switch from relay server to P2P? Relay server is very slow. I don't have any NAT. All firewalls are turned off