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Found 106 results

  1. I searched for READONLY-CONFLICT before posting, did not see anything so apologies if this is a duplicate. I have a simple setup I believe, installed Sync client on two different laptops and dragged content into one of the Sync folders. On the second Sync laptop, all of my folders are Name*-READONLY-CONFLICT-1. It looks like there was an initial sync of data successfully but after a few months of use, I see the two folders are diverging in size and number of files, so it appears sync in no longer working. From what I can see, it looks like a permissions issue but I am signed into both sides with the same credentials. I am not using the Sync "share" functionality, only the standard sharing. I don't know what to do to resolve. Both laptops are encrypted by employer so perhaps that is coming into play? (they have always been encrypted so not understanding if that is the problem, how initial sync was successful) Thoughts or steps for troubleshooting?
  2. I have a hard drive called ”Road project” its used, surprisingly, when I’m on the road. Its a externa USB-c hard drive with SSD, photo and video editing, it is sync trough my laptop to Resilio Sync. It works perfect. What I want, is a possibility to dedicate it as a stand allon external hard drive for ”Resillion Sync” FUNCTION What ever computer or Ipad Pro (usb-c) it is connected to, it syncs to all the devices that it shares its folders with.
  3. Hello, I am wanting to setup a QNAP NAS with multiple separate users with independent secure storage so that multiple independant NAS can connect securely across the Internet to backup/sync their folders to their independent folder/share on the primary NAS. Is this something that Resilio can do?
  4. I have started a bugreport with FreeNAS at see there for more info. But it might be that the Resilio Sync BSD version has been compiled with 32bit settings/file system 32bit setting? "file.ext in ‘media’ is not written to disk: size limit exceeded" in logs. Worked fine before 2.6.3
  5. iPhone or iPad show that Sync takes a lot of space. Browsing through the app does not confirm that - the synced files take far less space than reported. Solution: go to Sync settings - > Support -> Contact support. *INSTEAD OF* email address type SNC.DBG.STORAGE (all caps), other fields leave untouched, tap on 'envelope' icon. You shall get a new pop up with Sync's storage folder . Browse through folders, especially Storage/.syncservice directory and "Files Storage Provider" . If it's "Files Storage Provider" that takes the space, you may delete the shares from Files Storage Provider - tap on 'i' -> remove.
  6. I've noticed that Resilio Sync staff have not responded to any forums posts for many months. And I've noticed that Sync is not working reliably any more on macOS Mojave, possibly because of recent security hardening by Apple. Does anyone know if development has stopped on Sync? It certainly seems like they have no support staff.
  7. Since yesterday morning, I see that both my peers are offline and my peers see that I'M offline. All three of us are remote peers. What's strange is that the other two peers ARE connected to each other fine. So problem seems to be with me and nothing is syncing between me and them. No one made changes on computers. I checked the help pages but all is set correctly by me. Software is up to date. Router and firewall have "allow" rule for correct ports. I already sent logs to support. Please help.
  8. Hello, After research in the forum, I could'nt find a definitive answer to my issue with Resilio Synch starting not minimized in Windows 10 17763 Command in task manager states /minimized and the app is not in the start command, box in setup is not activated for run at startup... It looks this is at least 2 years old, any solution now ? Thanks.
  9. If you have several computers, you may have several syncing folders with same name. For example, in the attached pic, there are two "Documents" from my two computers. There is no way to distinguish them from each other without syncing first. Please add the option to sync with at different name.
  10. When remove folder in sync, the folder is deleted from all syncing computers. Can you add the option to keep the folder?
  11. Hello! Can anybody explain me, If I want to sync non-empty pre-populated folder with source folder how can I achieve identity? As I understand right, the files placed in the destination folder before sync will leave there. How can I do a synchronization like in DropBox service — files in source and destination folders will be the same, nothing extra? Or, if asked differently how to automatically remove unnecessary old files from destination folder? Sorry for my English, Konstantin
  12. I have resilio sync on freenas. Today I received an error message "can't sync because the file system doesn't support writing large files"? How can I fix it? Thanks
  13. Most likely cause: Using a cheap Synology NAS(816+) that does not have the resources to properly index all of the files required by Resilio. The Synology NAS was also not properly syncing Google Drive via its "Cloud Sync" app either. This was the clue that allowed me to figure it out. I don't know conclusively The solution: Commissioned a Windows 10 computer to replace the Synology NAS for samba share, google drive syncing and resilio, along with Plex and other things I was using the NAS for. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Post: The Setup: I have three licenses, one Server and two regular licenses two regular, I'll call LocalSync and RemoteSync. Server is WinServer2016, LocalSync is Windows10Pro, and RemoteSync is a Synology NAS. WinServer2016 is the "owner" (or more actually the source of all data) of 4 folders configured as encrypted folders. LocalSync syncs those 4 folders in Read only modeand is located one gigabit switch away from WinServer2016. Additionall LocalSync is also the source of 2 encrypted folders. So LocalSync has 4 Read Only syncs, and 2 read/write syncs. RemoteSync is located 30 miles away from my business in my home. I have two pfsense routers on either side with a permenant OpenVPN connection. RemoteSync has all six folders configured as encrypted. All three machines think they are on a local LAN (and two are..) and thus go full speed, limited by my businesses upload speed of 20mbps. In all three locations in all folders, I DO NOT have "Store Deleted files in folder archive", i.e. delete ANYTHING that should not be there so I can compare folder size and number of files more easily (except the couple of extra files in ".sync" I also have "Overwrite any changed files", again so I can more easily compare folder size and number of files. The four folders between WinServer2016 and LocalSync are always 100% synced, no problem. Three of the Four folders from WinServer2016 sync fine to RemoteSync. One out of Two folders from LocalSync have finished syncing to RemoteSync The last folder from LocalSync I've had paused to allow the other ones to finish syncing because they are very large volume backups (hundreds of gigabytes in a couple of files), so this one is not relevant...yet...unless it doesn't finish in a few days, then I'll be back So my problem is the two folders, one from WinServer2016 and one from LocalSync that just seem to be stuck. On RemoteSync I took some screenshots to remember where the sync was on each day: On 1/21 the folder from WinServer2016 was 98% complete, and the folder from LocalSync was 60% On 1/22 the folder from WinServer2016 was still 98% complete, and the LocalSync folder was 83% On 1/23 (today) the WinServer2016 was 98% and Local sync was still 83% (Note that on LocalSync, it thinks its only 42% complete. LocalSync folder should have 58,121 files. On RemoteSync it only has 57,950. A picture is worth 1000 words so I made a diagram What type of troubleshooting steps can I take to figure out what the problem is? One thing I'm thinking of doing is configuring a windows 10 Server at home for syncing, instead of my Synology NAS, as I think the problem may be my NAS. Although its not out of resources or anything and isn't throwing any errors.
  14. Right now I have a portable HD on my old Mac that Resilio sync's my pictures too in "selective sync" format. There are thousands of folders and only some are sync'd. I bought a new Mac. Is there a way to migrate all the settings I have on my old Mac to my new Mac in regards to the selective sync folder selection? I don't want to go through thousands of folders if there is already an index file or config file that exists that I can just transfer... Anyone know how to do that?
  15. hello i have a problem with picture synchro tis error : has an invalid modification time some photos have a date greater than 2019 how to do ? thanks
  16. I'm trying to install Resilio Sync to run as a Windows Service, per the instructions here: Step 4 never happens -- it doesn't ask me for a username/password at all. The installer just does... whatever it does, and then opens my browser to 127.0.01, where I get a "This site can't be reached" error. I open Services, and there is no Resilio service there. I also tried running the installer As Administrator, but it made no difference, Any ideas what I should try?
  17. Hi, I have sync running fine between OSX / WIN 10 with multiple folders syncing properly. I have added a new folder that is 22GB, and Sync says the destination computer's folder is finished syncing (green checkmark) but the folder on the destination computer is completely empty. I have tried deleting and recreating the dest folder / folder in Sync and also deleting everything and re-naming the source folder and creating a new sync. Nothing seems to work. Also, I have another folder that I synced previously - which even though it is finished syncing - is telling me it is only 99% done for 3-4 days now. Any help greatly appreciated
  18. I moved one of my Resilio-paired computers to a new house/network, and when I started it back up the time was set incorrectly. Resilio refused to sync, because there was a time discrepancy. I fixed the time issue, rebooted the computer, and now 2/3 or so of my files are reported by Resilio as having been modified on the R/O machine. I told Resilio to go ahead and revert the smallest folder (hoping it would recognize the fact that the files were the same, after all, and just resync. No luck, it actually transferred duplicate files, and pushed all of the originals into the .archive folder. They have the same timestamp, same CRC checksum, they're identical. Now, other than removing / re-adding all of my folder pairs and starting from scratch, is there any way to force Resilio to take a second look at all of the files it thinks are modified?
  19. I get that often it is handy to get the notification that syncing can't happen because a file is locked. However, consider the case where your backup software is set to split system backups into manageable chunks. In this case, because the backup software will hold on to the file for a few seconds until it is done writing, *every* single file created throws up a notification from Resilio Sync... and I *really* don't need to see those, since I already know why this happens. I've been looking for a setting anywhere that allows me to configure a delay before the notification kicks in, but can't find it. Does it exist? Is there another way of avoiding the unnecessary notifications in this case?
  20. Hi, Is there a way to be notified once a peer is not online since more than a certain time ? Regards. Julien
  21. Hi, I synchronize my NAS Synology and my PC with Resilio Sync. All is OK but I have a mistake with only 1 file of 3.5 Gb (the only i have) "Failed to download toto.iso - WriteToDisk" Original files are on my PC. The NAS synchrnoise with the read only key My conf : NAS Synology DS413j with Resilio Sync 2.6.2 (1330) PC Win 10 with Resilio Sync 2.6.4 Thanks for your help☺️
  22. Product Resilio Sync Pro 2.6.3 (1340) Pro - as in 5 user license/subscription. Platform(s) : Ubuntu 19.10, Ubuntu 18.04, FreeNAS 11.2 (but also a Win10 laptop at work - happy to leave this out of the equation). Okay - I've done various searches but unable to find more specific information I'm looking for. Everything was working "tickety-boo" in 2018, till my employer started blocking a "vast" range of anything to anywhere TCP/UDP ports... I'm on good terms with one of the Network administrators, and he gave me a list of TCP ports open to "anywhere", e.g. armed with this information I can now ssh to my Raspberry Pi from my desk at work, with a NAT rule on my router. Currently I've implemented a "kludge" - I keep my main home computer (Dell Laptop running 19.10) connected/sync'd via my employer's VPN (horrible Checkpoint SSL product), and I've got "Predefined Hosts" pointing to the IP address of my work Laptop running 19.10, using port 60870. This works. Another even "kludgier" workaround I was using was to insert a 256 GB thumb drive into a BananaPi (M1, running Armbian), running on a LiPo battery, sync everything to there from "home", plonk it on my desk (got a dumb Gbit switch on my desk) and get it sync'd, but the Pi ethernet NIC is a bit "dodgy", had to keep rebooting it (pulling power and pressing power button) - i.e. take it into work, and home again, everyday... So - given this information : Work will let me SOURCE DESTINATION TCP PORT office anywhere 30400 office anywhere 31400 office anywhere 32400 office anywhere 4020 office anywhere 4022 office anywhere 4023 office anywhere 5671 office anywhere 5672 i.e. no UDP it seems, and not "ranges of ports" unless e.g. 5671-5672... Also - I'm using one of these for my SSH NAT rule to my RPi. Here's my "Predefined Hosts" settings for one of my shares, from the Ubuntu machine @home that I keep VPN'd to the office : "tenrji-wk" is an /etc/hosts file entry, pointing to the DCHP leased IP address of my work Ubuntu laptop... I have to edit /etc/hosts if my work computer gets a new DHCP lease. Armed with this information, could I perhaps : Setup (at least one) of my work Resilio Clients to send out on TCP port 30400 to my NoIP dynamic hostname, with my broadband router having a NAT rule to send this traffic to some "port" (e.g. 60870) on one of my home computers. e.g. : SOURCE TCP-Port -> DESTINATION:PORT -> NAT-DEST:NAT-Port desktop 30400 -> -> home-PC:60870
  23. Hello, I am running Resilio Sync 2.4.4 on Windows Server 2012 Datacentre edition, where I have some encrypted folders. For one of the folders I have decided to disconnect it and now I am left with all the encrypted files on the Server which I want to delete. I have exceyted the delete in windowsm however for some files, I am getting the error that the file name is too long and can not be delete, and that I should rename the file or move the file too a shorter path. Unfortunately, for reasons I do not know, I am not able to rename the file or move it to a shorter path. Since Resilio Sync created these files, how do I now delete these files from the server. Also for review by Resilio Sync, is why does Resilio sync create files/paths which are too long for Windows to manage! Thanks for any advice how to delete the files.
  24. I am using Sync Home Pro. Sychronization of the whole contents of a folder works fine, but I don't see how can I configure it when I only want to sync a single file in a folder that contains many files. I expected that selective sync would allow me to do so, but I don't understant how to achive it. I have searched Resilio's site and I can't find a clear explanation of how to do it. I am talking about file sync, not file sharing. Is it possible to sync a single file in a folder? How?
  25. Bug report: there seems to be some issue with transferring files over with a percentage sign (%) in the file name, or MP3 title name. I am transferring over my library of 10,000+ MP3s from laptop to phone using Resilio, all files were successfully transferred except those with a % sign. These files were either not transferred, were duplicated 30 times, or have other issues.