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  1. I have current version of Sync running on a Feral seedbox and on my home NAS (Asustor) through a R7000 router. Speeds will transfer in the neighborhood of 250 KB/s until I restart the Sync app on my NAS. Then I get 4-5 MB/s no problems, for a while, (not sure how long though.) I have tried to give the local address for the NAS priority "quality of service" on the router but have seen no improvement. Charter is my carrier, and I am not aware of them throttling, and the fact that it goes at faster speeds upon restarts makes me think it's not Charter... What do you think I can do t
  2. I recently moved, and had no choice but Comcast as an ISP. I also have the task of syncing about 1TB of data from a client (All 4K Mov files over 200MB each) for a movie I'm doing Visual Effects for. We got him set up with BTsync, newest version (and myself) and he shared his folder with me as an owner. We are currently experiencing speeds of, at best, 64Kbps. His internet connection according to is about 60/30 (Fiber via Optimum in NY), and mine is 50/5 (Copper via Comcast in OR) I know Comcast is known to throttle bittorrent traffic. Would this also apply to btsync? I
  3. Hello, is it possible introduce a panel that allows me to see the upload speed and download for each individual peers during the exchange of files? For now you can only see the total speed for all peers. Thanks Andrea
  4. Hi there. Following setup: - Macbook Pro with external USB 3.0 Hard drive - Cubox-I Freescale imx6 dualcore processor linux box running a debian version - Cubox-I is connected via 100mbit ethernet - Macbook pro is connected via 144 Mbit/s Wifi. - Both machines are on the same network - CPU load is not abnormal so that can't be the problem - I get a maximum af 160kbps when syncing. Mostly only around 60kbps Any ideas how to speed this up?
  5. What speed can one expect using BitTorrent sync? I set it up for a friend. He has 2 Win7 SP1 systems on a 802.11n wireless network. Syncing files between the 2 systems results in 3mbps transfer rates. Seems slow. Nothing else transmitting data on the network.
  6. I've been trying to get BT Sync to transfer files quickly between machines on my LAN ever since it was first made available. But speeds have been quite erratic. Finally I found a setup that is performing well, and I just thought I'd share it. Not sure how vital these changes were: I enabled "Use predefined hosts" on both machines, set "lan_encrypt_data" to False. (Both machines) What seemed to be vital to getting speeds up: finding the right values for "recv_buf_size" and "send_buf_size". With the defaults (10/10), it kept settling at ~1 MB/s. So I tried 32/32, but the improvement
  7. Hi I use btsync in a small office with 3 peers on a 100mb/s LAN and a single peer on a separate off site backup machine at my house which is accessed over a the WAN via a 8mb/s connection (actually more like 0.2mb/s practical upload speed). We share documents locally using a synced folder, this is great and much better than dropbox because we don't have to wait for the file to upload to a server on the WAN before another user can access it. It's almost as good as having all documents accessed on a server but I can have my entire office on my laptop when I'm away. Except, sometimes, when ther
  8. Hello, could somebody help me with the following issue: I have 3 Windows-based machines with the BT Sync 1.3.104 installed. A and В - offices in different countries C - hosted server at Serverloft. They share the same folder. What I noticed is that the transfer speed between A and B is much slower than between A and C, or B and C. So, it's 3-4 times faster to upload files from A to C (to a separate shared folder), then move them on C to another shared folder and then download them back from C to B (again with BTSync), than to transfer them from A to B directly. I guess it might be relate
  9. I have been using BitTorrent Sync for a while. I've tried many different cloud backup solutions (including several other peer-to-peer backup tools) and finally choose BitTorrent Sync and Dropbox as my cloud backup solutions. Generally speaking, BitTorrent Sync is fast once it starts to synchronize. However, I found quite often that BitTorrent Sync waits for a long time (about 5 to 6 minutes) to start synchronization. As BitTorrent Sync has no reliable way to show synchronization progress on Linux (don't trust the web UI) currently, it is very annoying for me as I constently use multiple comput
  10. Hi, I'm using the mac and linux version of BitTorrent Sync. I'm very excited about it! I was wondering if there was log file which printed out the transfer rate of the downloads. The mac version provides a brief glimpse of the transfer rate, but it is removed as soon as the upload/download finishes. Thanks!
  11. Hi, can some of you explain to me how a btsync client decides what upload bandwidth will be used to the other members sharing the same secret? Background: When my team (consisting of 5 clients) shares data over the internet we can see at the seeder client, the system with the lowest upload bandwidth gets the most bandwidth from the seeder. "iftop" is a nice tool to check this on a Linux client. We have here the effect while transferring large data files that the clients with the smallest upload capability get ready first and the systems with largest possible upload bandwidth finish at la
  12. Hi there, Love the theory of this program, but having significant issues in performance. I have it set up where a few remote computers send files to a central computer with this program. Works good, but kills the internet in the process. The central computer would only be downloading at a reasonable rate (so no limited required). When in the process of even a single file, the ping rate to the internet jumps from 45-50ms to between 500-600ms. when doing speed tests during the transfer, the speed is crippled. Download rate drops 80% (even though the file download is only sucking 40kbs due to
  13. So I recently moved to a new place and got a new ISP, specifically Comcast. I know they've been known to throttle, but I ran Glasnost after getting some pretty bursty download speeds (see graph...I don't know how to attach a screenshot so the picture is here: and it turned up nothing. I am going through a modem ( and a router ( and should be getting about 50Mbps, which is what I get for apps like Steam and
  14. I'm trying BTsync out on a local 100-1000 network for starters ... 1 desktop PC, one laptop and one Raspberry Pi. The setup works (on my LAN at least) ...but speed is disappointing... If I add a folder to the sync folder on the PC with 30 files at a total of 500Mib it takes just over 10 minutes to sync to the laptop (both are fast machines) ... seems very slow to me ... and I would have thought, that the distributed nature of torrent syncing would mean that the slow element in my network (the Raspberry Pi) would not slow down syncing between the other two ... Does this speed sound reasonab
  15. Dear Community, I have an issue on a fresh install of sync and perhaps you have an idea what the cause might be. I tried two scenarios. First, I installed btsync on a Ubuntu machine and the client under Windows 8. The two computers are on the same LAN on 1Gbps. Then I added a folder to share on the ubuntu machine and tried to sync it. The issue is that I cannot get more than about 6-8 MB/sec whereas if I directly copy the files using a samba share I get more than double of the speed. The disk priority in btsync was set to high, the niceness to -5, all encryption and speed limits were dis
  16. I am running the BitTorrent Sync app (version 1.2.92; ARM) on my ReadyNAS (version 6.1.7) and the download speed is prohibitively slow. I've left it running overnight and It's been averaging about 50kB/s. It's currently connected to 3 computers on the local network (gigabit connection), all of which have full copies of the sync folder. Those computers are running Windows and OSX. I've noticed that CPU usage is quite high while syncing, with the load average hovering around 3.9 (nothing else is using any noticeable amount of CPU). I disabled the antivirus scanning on the box, which helped a l
  17. This is happening with windows 2008 R2 and Windows 8 & 8.1, BTS 1.3.80 The transfer speed reported at the bottom of BTS screen isn't reflecting the transfer windows status. Most of the time, the value at the bottom is twice the speed that is shown in the transfer windows. As you can see in the picture below:
  18. I am using BTsync 1.3.80 in 2 windows sites. I am now dowloading from site A to site B and it will take a few days to sync completely. The issue is that in site B the total down speed in the bottom of the app window is from 1.5 to 2 times the sum of total speed. Site B is dowloading now at a sustained rate of 210 kB/s at the bottom of the screen while the sum of the three dowloads at this time is 101 kB/s. What is the effective transmission rate? The same can be seen in site A but in the up direction. It has been behaving like this for days now. What is the explanation of that behaviour?
  19. OK folks - "seasoned network administrator" here. I've been hoping to use BTSync to share some business-related files & directories from my employer's systems, to let their clients more easily access some data, etc. But I've run into an 'Unexpected behavior!' I set up the 'server' - Windows 2008 R2 with BTSync, and share the folder. I've also set a custom 'listen port' and performed a MANUAL NAT / port forward. When the client (who is behind NAT and is *not* supporting uPNP) connects, they get a low, low speed of around 50kilobytes/second, even though the client's download pipe is
  20. I've used several P2P syncing apps in the past but they went by the wayside or grew to be very expensive. For the past couple years I've been using GoodSync (GS) and have been quite happy with it. However, when I learned of BitTorrent Sync (BTS) I just had to give it a try. Today I ran a few "low tech" tests to see how the two products compared. Here's what I found when transferring 1108 files totaling 406MB: Time To Transfer Over The Web BTS = 12 Minutes GS = 28 Minutes Time To Transfer Over A LAN BTS = 10.5 Minutes GS = 0.75 Minutes Memory Use BTS = 4.9MB GS = 9.9MB I'm thrilled
  21. I may not be 100% up on everything network related, but I know that when I download a torrent from a legitimate site (linux distro per say) I can max out my 30megabit connection. when I FTP with multiple threads I can also usually max out my connection and when I use HTTPS I have no issues maxing out my connection. I was excited to install btsync on a linux box that I currently SFTP into in order to retrieve files, and although the program install and setup was a breeze, it's just too slow to transfer large files on a daily basis with. I'm maxing out at 300kB (kilobytes) and I see the occa
  22. I have read through the recent posts on slow speeds and WAN and couldn't find a solution to this one. I have a Linux server in US that is syncing to a desktop in South Africa. My old method of transfer is SFTP where I was getting speeds of 440kBs. I am on a 4MB connection this end so that was as good as it gets. Using btsync I see occasional peaks of 100kBs, but mostly it is between 20-60kBs. I have the 2 arrows in the web interface. Listening port open on both machines. I can max connection on torrent traffic on the desktop with a normal torrent client. The files sizes are generally
  23. I've seen some threads before but couldn't get any ideas where to start... So, the main issue is speed or rather the lack of it... Mostly around 2-5-10kB/s, even if I've seen shorter spikes over 100 Setup: - one-way sync from win8 machine to debian machine in another town. - 2 routers in-between, one of them over wifi (upload, ie source side) - 1 folder, 2,5K files, mostly BMP and DNG files, 58GB - interesting bit: 2/3 of that folder was already in target machine. when I "connected" them, it didn't seem to say "indexing..." as it did with another test folder (I wanted to know, if it is able
  24. BitTorrent Sync 1.1.48 both clients on Windows (XP and Server 2008 R2). I have set it to back up my music collection one way to the internet. The total collection is 90GB in multiple folders, and many files (tens of thousands). After about 60GB uploaded (or 3 days of 24/7 uploading), the speed drops to 20KB/s, and NEVER goes higher. This is not my ISP throttling because restarting the client causes the speed to go back to maximum. If my ISP were throttling, the speed should continue to be slow after restarting the client, however this is not the case. It immediately goes to maximum speed and s
  25. My bad. My supplier f#*& me.. Tried to delete this question. couldn't.