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Found 1 result

  1. So, I'm toying around with btsync as it seems to be a good solution for syncing multiple computers. But I have troubles syncing on my work desktop who is behind a gateway+firewall. Here is my setting : * home desktop: debian jessie (testing), behind my ISP box (via ethernet) serving as DHCP/router, probably using NAT. Probably no fix IP address. Usually off when I'm not at home. * home laptop: debian jessie, wifi to the box, on my home LAN. * work desktop: debian wheezy (stable), behind a gateway/firewall/router. Probably using NAT. The router certainly has a fix IP. Always on. I have root power on all theses machines, but I do not have root access to the work gateway. I can ssh to it. I usually connect (from home to work) using ssh + nc on the gateway to automatically "rebound" to my machine. I have installed tuxpoldo btsync-user packages (thanks) on each of these three machines. Even through it is not the same distro (jessie/wheezy), it is still the same package (v 1.13.0-1). So I assume version (in)compatibility problems are not an issue. I have absolutely no problem syncing on my LAN. However, nothing goes to (or from) the work computer. When I set up the secret on the work computer, the home ones were shut down, thus no sharing was possible, but I have since turned them on without any sync happening. From tests I've made on my LAN, that should not be a real issue. But since LAN discovery does not work the same way as internet does (through trackers), that may be a cause of problem. Since I do not have root powers on the work gateway, I can not add any firewall/NAT/… exception to handle this. I can probably, however, set up an ssh tunnel to go through it. As far as I understand, that may require me to add some "known host" to my home computer to directly plug into the tunnel, but that's not a big deal. I have never set up ssh tunnels before, but that's definitely something I can do if needed… From what I've gathered, it looks like the relay hosts should basically allow this scenario to work. I am using them (ie I have not removed them). So any idea on why this does not work or how to make it work?