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Found 2 results

  1. Can someone please explain to me why when a folder gets over 100GB BTSync seems to just stall out? Ive tried to set this up many ways and now I have a the secret setup on the remote computer as a read only folder I am looking at the sync queue and its telling me its "syncing 2,061 files" yet is just sits there. Secret setup on MAC OSX Read only folder located on Win Server 2008 R2 Please help before I abandon BTSync.
  2. Anyone else seeing this error? Peers are Debian 32bit and Windows 7 32 bit, both version 1.0.134 Receiving side error example(Windows 7): Error: 65daysofstatic-The Fall of Math-11-Aren't We All Running?.m4a - WriteToDisk: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. Sending side error example (Debian 6): [20130431 10:02:25] Torrent 65daysofstatic-The Fall of Math-11-Aren't We All Running?.m4a status: 137 error: <NULL> meta: 1 Other examples include "Alice In Chains - Dirt - Would?.m4a", etc, etc... Seems to only happen on directories or files with a "?" question mark in the name. BUT not all files or folder with question marks, some work fine. For example. Mega Death - Peace Sells... but who is buying?... stalled, would not transfer. But several others with "?" in the title seemingly worked fine, like "O Brother Where Art Thou?-..." did not fail. Renaming the folder and/or file, removing the "?" will cause the file to transfer as normal. Otherwise sync continually tries to transfer the file and gives no error, essentially stalling the sync until I intervened. Anyone else see this pattern? I wondering if the "?" issues is just a coincidence. Is there a formal bug tracker for Sync? Should be one... IMO. -xminer