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Found 9 results

  1. Resilio Sync just started crashing on my on boot. dmesg says (every few minutes): Jun 7 15:18:35 lbsvrresiliosync01 systemd[1]: resilio-sync.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=255/n/a Jun 7 15:18:35 lbsvrresiliosync01 systemd[1]: resilio-sync.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'. Jun 7 15:18:36 lbsvrresiliosync01 systemd[1]: resilio-sync.service: Service hold-off time over, scheduling restart. Jun 7 15:18:36 lbsvrresiliosync01 systemd[1]: resilio-sync.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 1. Jun 7 15:18:36 lbsvrresiliosync01 systemd[1]: Stopped Resilio Sync service. Jun 7 15:18:36 lbsvrresiliosync01 systemd[1]: Starting Resilio Sync service... Jun 7 15:18:37 lbsvrresiliosync01 systemd[1]: Started Resilio Sync service. I am running version 2.6.3 (1340) on Ubuntu 20.04 Server 64-bit. It is running headless in LXD/LXC. Was working a few hours ago and I have not changed anything.
  2. Hello, After research in the forum, I could'nt find a definitive answer to my issue with Resilio Synch starting not minimized in Windows 10 17763 Command in task manager states /minimized and the app is not in the start command, box in setup is not activated for run at startup... It looks this is at least 2 years old, any solution now ? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am using Sync 2.5.9 (1088) on Windows 10. Since a couple of weeks Sync will startup automatically on both of my PCs although I have unchecked this from the options menu. This is slowing down startup. How can I disable that? Resilio sync is not listed in the Windows startup menu (Task manager). Any clue? Robert
  4. Hello, I have installed BitTorrent Sync on my LaCie Network Space 2 and it is running nicely. The NS2 uses initng with its '.i' files to manage starting and stopping services (such as ftp, ssh, etc.). Could anyone provide me with guidance as to what the content should be for a btsync.i file? For example, the proftpd.i file is: #!/sbin/itype# This is a i file, used by initng parsed by install_servicedaemon btsync { need = virtual/net sshd/generate_keys; exec daemon = /usr/sbin/proftpd; pid_file = /var/run/; daemon_stops_badly; forks;}I have a working knowledge of the Linux command line, but my daily use of Linux was fifteen years ago. I'm not familiar with the initng process manager, and haven't been able to find any information on using it to automatically start btsync on boot. Many thanks, Jolin
  5. Just did a fresh install on a fresh Windows 10 machine. Installed as regular user and gave proper permissions during install. When logged in as regular user, it starts up when the user profile is loaded, but it always asks for the admin password. What is happening here? Why need to enter admin password each time? Seriously?
  6. How come BTSync is trying to startup twice? Only one present on pc.
  7. I have been able to get it to start on boot with Red Hat by adding ./btsync --config configfile to rc.d, but when I try and add a startup script in PC-BSD's rc.d folder its process DOS not start! I tried using these FreeBSD instructions but it didn't work. I have tried editing the hidden .profile file in my home directory with no luck there either.
  8. I'm running Kubuntu 12.04 and would like to stop BTSync from launching at startup. I don't see any settings in the WebUI. Thank you. EDIT: There is no option in "Autostart" under System Settings either. Normally I just change using the GUI configuration tool there. EDIT: I also manually quit BTSync from the taskbar before logging out. So it is not saved to my session. Additionally, I tried adding "btsync-starter" to my exclusions in session management to no prevail.
  9. I'm trying to manually add shared folders to my local .btsync.conf file with btsync-user 1.1.82-2 on Ubuntu 13.04 (I prefer not to use the web GUI). After making the modifications and restarting btsync, however, I noticed that the modifications were overwritten (and the shared folders consequently not added). This apparently was because the btsync-starter script (which is invoked by /usr/bin/btsync start) unconditionally overwrites the local config file. Shouldn't the script check whether .btsync.conf is present before overwriting it?