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Found 5 results

  1. I have several folders synced between a Windows file server and a Synology NAS. The sync Status of some synced folders is always "99%". Should I be concerned? Is there a way to fix this so it shows their status as a green tick? The flyover message for each is "Receiving 0B/s Remaining: a few seconds" and has always been that for those drives. New / Changed /Deleted files in those folders all sync fine. I can't detect any problems. There are no errors or warnings in the log. The only indication is anything being amiss is the sync status of 99%, but I am wondering if it's the sync status that is wrong? Is this a (Synology) NAS specific issue (either in resilio or in the NAS), or a more general sync problem, or a problem with my sync which is not generating a log warning/error? John
  2. It would be great if the UI can show the sync status of each folder, i.e., sync'd with how many peers and to upload to or download from how many peers. Right now I have to click the option of each folder and then click peer list to see the status. I guess simply copying the status icons in the peer list view to the main UI right after each folder would be sufficient. This can be useful in two senarios: 1) to know when I can turn off my computer without leaving some recently updated files unsync'd; 2) to know when I can work on the files that are sync'd.
  3. Just after adding a new share (for instance after clicking a sharing link) one can click the peers column and see the connected peers. Until file transfers actually start it will have a green tick next to the other peers saying "Synced", even though no such thing has yet occurred. That is a bit misleading, and is one of several minor UI/UX bugs related to statuses.
  4. Hi team, Today I realized that BtSync 2 does not load the status icon in the control panel. In fact, if I try to load the image manually ( the browser warns me that the image can not be loaded because it contains errors. My version of BtSync is 2.0.51! I am attaching a screenshot! Andrea
  5. What does Devices | Device | Status U: size mean?? ie 634.4 MB ?? How to get the folder to begin to sync? Thanks Steve