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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, I loved Resilio sync through the years. Though now with a new phone and new SD card (that doesn't have file system errors), I notice an issue. I have my phone set up to take photos to my SD card. Then I've configured Resilio Sync to sync those photos with my desktop. They are synced, but the taskbar icon of Resilio Sync on my desktop keeps spinning. Also when bringing Resilio Sync to the foreground on the desktop, it keeps indicating that the camera folder share is not 100% synced. Sometimes 67%, sometimes 85%, and when I look which files are in the queue, then these are so called "hidden fuse" files. I can't find these files though, except sometimes just one of those files. When deleting that file, it doesn't solve the issue. When removing the sync link, and setting it up over again, it again syncs to 100%, until I make a new photo on my phone. This problem doesn't happen when I use the internal storage, which I rather not do, because of the amount of free space. Any suggestions what I can do? Thanks so much in advance! Dennis
  2. Hey Sync Team! I have been using Resilio Sync on my Raspberry Pi for quite a long time now. Everything worked fine until I decided to synchronise my photo storage (roughly 60 GB). Resilio Sync is indexing since 3 days (and nights) straight and there is no end in sight. It is also using 70% of the CPU available on my PI. My two other folders still sync without any problems (they are only 5 GB each), only the big one seems to be stuck at the indexing progress (even though everything was transferred just fine). I hope you can help me! Sincerly Alexander.
  3. Had a problem with Sync saying that it was sending in the progress column, but the message didn't go away, looking at the peers i noticed that one of them had files that were being sent to them but it's as if it wasn't responding. The list of files "sending" would then increase as other files became stuck in a queue. A quick fix was to restart Sync on the machine that wasn't receiving the files. I contacted support, send over a few log files and they suggested that it was due to Adobe software with autosave features enabled. The file would start to sync from the source machine and then autosave would change the file, which threw out one of the machines in the sync pool. They suggested we add the Adobe file types to the FileDelayConfig file (a JSON file), located in the global storage folder for Sync on each machine. Something to note though is that on all of the mac and linux machines this file was an empty json object { }, where as on the PC's this was already populated with file extensions. I've currently set the delay to 30 seconds (it's important for my setup that the machines stay as quickly in sync as possible), but we will see what delay works best. Just wanted to note this down here in case anyone else was having the same problems. Storage folder location: FileDelayConfig details:
  4. Dear ... I am having issues with resilio sync on Ubuntu 17.10 64 bit. I installed sync, added a folder with the majority of the files already on my drive (pre-seed). I use a 8TB exFAT external HDD, but the indexing is already taking 3 days for only 2.96TB, and overnight nothing happened. What is the problem, and how do I fix this? Syncing happens, but very slow. Kind regards, Joannes Wyckmans
  5. Hi I was syncing some large files from a host down to my external USB drive and It has stuck at indexing, It currently says: 98% - indexing It has been doing this for hours now I tried pausing and resuming did nothing then I tried disconnecting and removing the sync then deleting the sync folder on the HDD and then I set up the sync again to the same destination and stuck at ( 98% - indexing ) again. Files sizes vary but total 30GB. I looks like it is stuck on the last 2 files that have not started to transfer. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I have a few large sync folder that i share, when other people are working on the files our "syncs" get stuck on 99% for ages listing the files to be transferred as I was wondering if it's safe to comment these out in the StreamsList file?
  7. Hi there, Is there a way to remove a few linked devices from the devices list that are not used anymore? While setting up BitTorrent Sync on two Androids, the program kept crashing a few times, which forced me to reconfigure the setup. No problem, it happens, but it did link already with another "main" device, and on there the two unused devices are staying "out of sync" in the list. Any way to remove those? Thanks!
  8. Hi, A couple of my folders on BTSync were deleted when I switched on one of my synced computers today. Apparrently, another of my computers 'deleted' files in the night. I am not sure how to remedy this. I found some of the files in the sync archive of the former computer. However, they have lost the timestamps when they were first created + latest modification. Is there a way to recover these metadata? I also don't know if more files have been lost...? Would anyone know what the problem is? On a related note, I've also noticed that the upload/download status have been stuck for weeks, usually ~Mb order of magnitude. Furthermore, some files just don't sync over the computers. I really hope to recover the files, they are for work... Thank you for the help. Also to add, out of the 3 computers, which I have access to 2 now, there seems to be different extent of deletions.
  9. hello, I want to synch username\documents\my games\ between my laptop and my desktop (win7/win7) other folder seems to work fine, but that specific folder doesn't it stays "stuck" like ↑ 60.6 Mo, ↓ 59.1 Mo but the history says "Finished syncing with Desktop" any ideas? thanks
  10. I'm trying to sync a folder between a linux btsync and the android client. The syncing gets stuck on files with | (pipe) in them and maybe : ~ After finding the files and renaming them the syncing resumes and is completed successfully. This issues doesn't occur when syncing between two Linux btsync. And I've found nothing of use in sync.log