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Found 3 results

  1. There seems to be a bug in the latest version of the iOS app (have checked on iPhone and iPad). When saving a file to Sync (e.g. saving an email attachment), there seems to be a limit on how many subfolders you can navigate through before choosing the folder you want to save into. e.g. the folder structure is as follows: year/project name/development/script/ I want to save the attachment into the script folder, but I'm only able to navigate into development. This wouldn't be a huge problem if you could move files...
  2. Bittorrent Sync is a really interesting concept - hoping it will be wildly successful (and that encrypted nodes provides will provide the same convenience we have with non tin-foil had proof services these days). Migrating my stuff to Bittorrent Sync I am however running into an issue. I have a ~/Sync folder, which is the replacement for what was ~/Dropbox before. In that folder I have shares with different people e.g. ~/Sync/Shares/John Doe/ - that's all working fine and dandy. Now I am trying to set up ~/Sync/Camera Uploads/ with the secret that the iOS app gave me for the Camera-Roll sync. But strangely I am getting the error message "You don't have enough permissions to share part of a read-only folder. Please choose another folder". That error message doesn't make any sense to me - I have no whatsoever read-only shares. If I choose a target folder outside of ~/Sync/ it works fine, but that's not what I want. Migrating from ~/Dropbox I want everything neatly organized under ~/Sync/ Any feedback/pointers are very appreciated. B.t.w. (a bit unrelated) is Bittorrent (as a company) planning to offer "encrypted nodes" (for offline syncing) as a commercial service, or is the stance that third party companies should offer these services? Recently got our developer api key - seriously interested in hacking a nice service (mainly because we also need an offsite backup - and it would make sense to build in such a way that it's useful for others, too), but depending on where Bittorrent as a company is going this may make less sense. Thanks!
  3. say I have a folder called Documents, that is being synced between my two main working machines but it also contains a subfolder: Important which I'd love to sync to my server. I didn't think that would be a problem but it appears btsync doesn't allow to sync a subfolder. I don't understand why, since I am going to share the subfolder with a machine that doesn't know anything about the parent folder being synced and I cannot afford traffic and space wise to sync the whole Documents folder to my server. What's the easiest solution to this dilemma?