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Found 2 results

  1. Sync is a big idea providing a very simple solution: the ability to move large amounts of data directly and efficiently between devices without the public cloud. We’ve been evolving the initiative from the start, and the launch of Sync 2.0 was a major milestone: we moved from a beta product to a fully-featured release. Today we are announcing the release of Sync 2.2. This version will offer a clearer delineation between personal users and business users. With 2.2, personal users are now able to purchase a non-subscription license for Sync Pro for $39.99. This license will unlock all of the Pro 2.2 product features. Existing personal users will be able to convert to this pricing model. Business accounts for Sync Pro will remain subscription based. We also remain committed to offering a great free version of Sync. With 2.2 we are removing the 10 folder limit for the free version. We’re also providing the option to opt-in to the Pro trial so that new users of the free edition can try out the powerful Pro features. We’ve made these updates based on the feedback we gathered from directly from user surveys, forums, and other channels. Sync is a product and a business in a constant state of iteration and your opinions are crucial as we evolve. We continue to welcome constructive discussion in the forum around all aspects of the Sync business and thank you for your passion for our product. You’ve helped make Sync great and your continued input will help us continue to grow. If you have any questions about 2.2, please check out our FAQ and blog post or feel free to post in this thread.
  2. I purchased the 2.2 license, and the email says "On Linux, copy the link, and click the “Manual Connection” button in the web UI to paste it." I did that, but it says "invalid link". My guess is that the link has spaces and other characters, which get converted while pasting into %2B and %3D and such. Anyway, how am I supposed to convert such link? Ehm, I don't have even the way to add it on command line: btsync --license Sync_Pro_Purchase.btskey was without effect.