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Found 2 results

  1. I understand that a locked file cannot be synced. I do not understand why a locked file prevents other files from syncing. Example from this morning: File A1 is open on Computer A in a synced folder. File A2 is newly created on Computer A in the synced folder and is then closed and unlocked. Computer B syncs neither file A1 nor A2, and lists file A1 as locked. Closing files A1 on Computer A results in Computer B syncing both A1 and A2 without further attention. Why does the lock on A1 prevent A2 from syncing? Is this normal expected behavior? This is really inc
  2. I am having a few problems syncing to my family's computer (both systems are Windows 10 Pro 1809, Sync Home 2.6.3). I don't have the exact wording of the errors, but it involves the time difference between systems to be greater than 10 minutes, and several of the files are being marked missing or broken suffix file. For the first issue I have check the time zone settings on the computer and they are correct, as is the time, but the error still pops up 2-3 times a week at random. The second issue I can't figure out at all. The files are in a .7z and they work perfectly fine on my end. I have tr