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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I just downloaded this nice tool today and synced my data between a Win10 desktop and a Linux Desktop working with Ubuntu 14.04.2. They are both running the latest BitTorrent Sync version as I downloaded it just today. After syncing all my data and comparing it, I noticed that there were missing some files and folders. They all had in common that they started with a number because I like to organize my files by date (like: 2015-10-26-example.txt). The folders not syncing were subfolders of the folder syncing. When I added them manually to Sync, the original folder started indexing the files and synced that folder. I didn't add a peer for the manually added folder. Is there an option to sync these files/folders without having to add these folders manually? I'll be thankful for every help I can get
  2. After updating to version 1.4 (on Windows 8.1) this happened: I have a folder is set to sync with another machine that I use as a backup. One of the files that is synced is a large Outlook PST (13 GB) that is updated several times a day as new email comes in. The file only syncs when Outlook is closed and releases the file. I had Outlook open for 3 days, during which time I updated BTSync from 1.3 to 1.4 on both machines. When I closed Outlook, BTSync started to sync as expected (copying the updated file to the backup machine which took several minutes). However, as the sync neared completion, it stopped and started syncing the file in the opposite direction for no apparent reason. I allowed it to finish and then tried to open Outlook. The PST file was corrupted and would not open. After repairing it, I was able to open it but discovered that it was missing all of the email from the last 3 days -- which means it had copied the old file from the backup machine over the newer one on my machine. The system time on each machine is nearly identical (only differs by a few seconds). I tried to duplicate the error but was not able to. The sync worked correctly on subsequent attempts to open and close Outlook. Perhaps the problem only occurs on the first sync attempt after updating to 1.4?
  3. Hi, I have some strange behavior and to me it looks like a bug. I have a folder shared with read-only secret across ~100 users. At the same time it shared with full-access secret for some limited number of "admins". Each admin can add new file - this part works just fine. However it seems to be impossible to remove a file - even for admins it acts like "read-only", i.e. removed file get restored automatically. Is this expected behavior or unexpected bug? Any idea how file can be deleted, maybe some workaround?