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Found 1 result

  1. This has previously been mentioned at least here, and perhaps in other posts as well. The basic idea is to expand the current Scheduled Syncs functionality to be able to be defined on a per-Folder basis. Order of priority would be such that any Folders that don't have a Folder-specific Sync Schedule defined would then be subject to the Global Sync Schedule settings. But if a Folder has it's own Sync Schedule settings then those take precedence for that Folder. The reason that being able to define this on a per-Folder basis would be very useful is that different folders may hold different types of media (both in terms of size, but also importance). So a user might have one folder which they want to be synced quite frequently, but another folder might have data that changes often, but which is less important. And so in order to not have the less important folder dominate the pipeline the user could define schedules such that the less important folder is syncing less often. Personally, I'd love to see some version of what Crashplan has where one can both set schedules and define priorities (ie, one folder is a higher priority than another). But I realize that is getting significantly more complex. At this stage if we could next have Sync Schedules on a Per-Folder basis that would be a significant step. And then perhaps after that is added there could be added the option to define a "Sync Order" for all Folders. This would only apply when multiple folders are trying to sync at the same time, and it would indicate the order (and proportion of available bandwidth) that the competing folders should be synced in (ie, higher priority folders get more bandwidth than lower priority folders). Thanks for considering these requests!