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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I've been reading up on several threads / FAQs re the .syncignore file created in the root of a sync-folder. Running 2 windows7 machines, btsync 1.1.82 For this sync, the root is c:\Users\Christiane Both machines have just the one line in their .syncignore : AppDataI can see syncing going on for folders AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\CookiesAppData\Roaming\BitTorrent SyncWhy?
  2. Please help me understand what I'm doing wrong. I've got a folder E:\Projects that I'd like to sync between 2 computers. I have 3 subfolders I'd like to have ignored (folder1, folder2, and the secific subfolders inside of them) In windows 7, I open notepad++ and change encoding to UTF-8. Save the file as .SyncIgnore in E:\Projects. I then add 3 lines to .syncignore file: \folder1\sf1 \folder1\sf2 \folder2\sf1 I save this, then start Sync application. I generate a key, and add E:\Projects to shared folders. When I look in the History tab, I see that files from the ignored paths are being added. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. so I have a folder structure as follows /opt | |customer_home| |-170129| |--reports/ |--www/ |--logs/however under customer home there are about 50,000 account id's. My intent is to ignore everything under logs and reports but sync /www I have placed my .SyncIgnore file at the root of my sync ( /opt/customer_home/.SyncIgnore ) with the following /*/logs/*/reports*.tgz*.tar*.cdr.json*.cdr.csv*.txt.tgz*.tar.gz*.pdf*.exe*.dmg*.zipbut it is still syncing files under logs and reports. I am using client 1.4 and syncing between two CentOS 6 systems. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  4. Hello. I am testing BitTorrent Sync and for the most part i'm very impressed, but i have run into a problem that i just want to get som verification on. On Computer A I have shared a folder and copied a Read Only key from that folder. On Computer B i have created a .sync/SyncIgnore list in the folder i intend to sync to. Then i have added the Read Only key in the Sync App and chosen the folder with the SyncIgnore-list in. The first time the sync runs, the SyncIgnore file is working and it only syncs the files and folders i want. But if i quit the application, and then launch it again, all the ignored files and folders are synced. So, my question is is this intended. I have read on this forum that it is recommended to have the same .SyncIgnore file on every peer, but that seems like very bad design for read only folders, or maybe i have misunderstood what read only does. Anyway, I was wondering if this is the case or if this is a bug. It seems strange that there is an ignore file that is not local to every computer, where it can choose what it want to sync. This is the functionality i need, so if this is not possible with BitTorrent Sync i have to search for other solutions. But i'd rather not because i find this product very good and for every other part i love the implementation.
  5. Another wishlist item (consider a uservoice voting tool for stuff like this?) (not the wish): GUI/Web access to manage .SyncIgnore, and have btsync either monitor that file and update its behavior or enable a re-read of it via the gui/web.
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has found a way to implement something like Dropbox's selective sync? Here's the scenario I'd like to have: I'd like a way to have a bunch of folders and files on one machine and selectively sync any one (or combination) of files and folders to another, on demand. e.g., Machine 1 | ----Folder A | ---- Subfolder 1 | ---- File A ---- File B ---- File C ---- File D ...only sync.. Machine 2 | --- Subfolder 1 | --- File C I know I could technically create a key for every file in question but this becomes cumbersome quite quickly. Have I missed anything obvious that would make this easy? Thanks in advance!
  7. Good evening, here is my simple question: is it possible to write in SyncIgnore a rule that excludes contents basing on their creation or modification date? I've a server (RasPi) with a folder containing a big number of files, I want to set up a bidirectional sync of this folder with one device (a MacBook Pro), and also a simple unidirectional push to another device (an iPad). On this latest device I want to have only the files created or changed in the last X days, so that if I delete from the iPad one of this files on the X+1 day I want to keep it on the server and don't want btsync to recreate it on the iPad.
  8. I have a one-way sync set up between (some folders of) a development system and a NAS. I expect every change I make in the folders to be synched to the NAS. Strange things happen when I make changes in dot-folders (e.g., .git). It seems that these changes are not immedeately synched, but sometime later when btsync performs its 10-minute scan. Sometimes they are not synched at all. The .SyncIgnore is identical on the development system and the NAS and doesn't exclude dot-folders: *~ .\#* \#*\# This is very puzzling... Any idea what I'm overlooking?
  9. I'm trying to use BitTorrent Sync to backup my Mac's "user" folder (/Users/Chris) to my PC and Linux server. (So my documents, photos, etc.) But I want to ignore certain things, like the Library folder, Desktop folder, and Movies folder. Here's what I've tried: A .SyncIgnore file directly in /Users/Chris. I've tried the following contents: Attempt 1: Library DesktopMovies Attempt 2:Library* Desktop*Movies* Attempt 3: ~/Library* ~/Desktop* ~/Movies* To my frustration, none of these attempts have stopped these 3 folders from syncing. I've tried restarting BitTorrent Sync each time after each change. I've ensured the .SyncIgnore file has read and write permissions for users, group, and other. I've even added a .SyncIgnore file to the destination computers, with each of these attempts. All zero luck. It still syncs everything. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Hey, maybe I don't have the Syntax right, or somehow or other I am missing something on how to use .SyncIgnore Trying to sync my development web server (with static pages) between work laptop and home desktop. I tried two methods: creating a .SyncIgnore file with UTF-8 encoding and putting the one file I need to ignore in there : # Files to Ignore for this directoryindex.phpOtherwise I tried appending it to the .SyncIgnore file that already existed that looks like so: # .SyncIgnore is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols.### OS generated files #.DS_Store.DS_Store?._*.Spotlight-V100.Trashesehthumbs.dbdesktop.iniThumbs.db/siteDev/index.phpNeither method seems to prevent index.php from syncing. What am I doing wrong here? I tried searching for similar topics, apologize if the answer to this was already available.
  11. Greetings Sync Monkeys, I absolutely LOVE BTsync - great job so far. I created this user to participate in the forum so I can tell you about a problem I have spent a full day on trying to resolve and can not: I am a media creator and have my sound libraries on a 2TB drive. I want to sync these libraries to my laptop so I can easily create music using these libraries on the road. Given the massive size and somewhat dynamic nature of these libraries (I constantly update my sounds), BTsync is PERFECT for what I need. I set up BTsync to syncronize my S: drive on my workstation to my S: drive on my laptop. I did the same with my T: drive (my second set of libraries). To my dismay, on one drive, only a few megabytes of 1.2 terabytes syncronized, and on the other drive *nothing* synchronized. I tried changing permissions, drive ownership, share settings, tried leaving it overnight to sync - all to my dismay. The indexing on the host machine was not at all matching up with what it should have been. Then I discovered how to turn on the debug logging. here is what I found in the error log: New torrent created for file System Volume Information\tracking.log mt:1388884139 DA49A9B09544F1E47F42C5B97919A7EF45CA6550 [2014-01-12 19:49:30.112] SyncFolderScanner: Got error 5 while obtaining file info for \\?\Q:\System Volume Information\ Something was up with the System Volume Information folder (a system folder present on the root of Windows drives). I did some more hunting, and someone had come up with a solution, granting Admin rights to the folder: I tried this solution, but got another error: New torrent created for file System Volume Information\tracking.log mt:1388884139 DA49A9B09544F1E47F42C5B97919A7EF45CA6550 [2014-01-12 19:49:30.112] SyncFolderScanner: Got error 5 while obtaining file info for \\?\Q:\System Volume Information\SPP So, it's the same error, but nested down a level. I wasn't about to changed permissions on 4 drives , nested X levels deep. So, I did some more hunting and found this article: The poster suggested adding the recycle bin and the system volume information folders to the default sync exclusion list. An excellent idea! But the Admin disagreed, saying "I don't think these things shouldn't be added to the default .SyncIgnore file as they are very specific use cases!!" I ahve to say I *completely* disagree. In my case, and in the case of many media creators, syncing an entire drive is paramount. For example, media libraries, client drives, video capture drives etc. I'm not sure if that Admin had a limited understanding of Windows, but it seems to me that calling a root drive sync a "specific use case" is a bit strange! Anyhow, at this point it appears that BTsync will *not* sync properly using the root of a drive. Is there anyone else who would agree? Is this a good feature request? Do you think it reasonable to want to use BTsync in this manner? If so, is there a fix in the works? keep up the AWESOME work, BTsync! MR ------------------ Related posts ------------------
  12. I have two peers that I want to keep in sync with one another for software development, while ignoring certain folders. I set up my .SyncIgnore file, and it works initially, but does not apply after any files are updated. Example procedure: Remove all Synced directories on both peers. Delete .SyncArchive on both peers. Restart BT Sync on both peers for good measure.Create .SyncIgnore file at desired Sync root directory on both peers.Add folder to BT Sync on peer 1. .SyncIgnore works fine for now. I see the desired number of files.Change or add files in an ignored BT Sync folder. .SyncIgnore does not work. Files now get added to the list of synced files. I see more than the desired number of files.Add folder to BT Sync on peer 2.Peer 2 sees ignored files of peer 1.I am sad. Am I doing something wrong? Why would SyncIgnore work initially and then just stop working after initial setup? More specifics on what I am trying to do: I want to ignore all files and subfolders in a directory. Let's call the desired ignored directories "foo" and ".bar"I add the following lines to my SyncIgnore´╗┐ I fire up BT Sync as described above and these folders are not added to BT Sync (good).After updating a file or folder in root/some/other/directories/foo/ or root/some/other/paths/.bar/ , the files are added to be synced (bad). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  13. I wish to sync my Photos and Lightroom Catalog files. The problem is Lightroom creates a cache directory along-side of the Catalog. So my directory looks like: C:\Media\Catalogs\MyCatalog.lrcat C:\Media\Catalogs\MyCatalog Previews.lrdata\* C:\Media\Pictures\20131013\* C:\Media\Pictures\20131014\* C:\Media\Pictures\20131015\*etc. I have a BTSync directory at C:\Media\Catalogs, and all I want to sync are the *.lrcat files. I have been trying to ignore the *.lrdata directory using the .SyncIgnore file, but I have been unsuccessful. After reading online, and performing experiments, I realize that I am not alone. I feel like one of these should work:*.lrdata*.lrdata/*/*.lrdata/*.lrdata/* Question 1: What .SyncIgnore pattern would help me exclude all *.lrdata subdirectories. Question 2: Do I need to restart BTSync for changes in .SyncIgnore to get picked up? Question 3: Can I use forward-slash '/' in Windows? Do backslashes '\' need to be escaped '\\'? Thank you.
  14. Do syncignore commands have to be entered on all the machines syncing or is just one sufficient. I don't want to sync any temp files so do I need to put the commands only on my server in the .syncignore file these are the lines I added ~* *.bak *.tmp or do I need to do this on my offsite backup machine as well? Question #2 on my server I have a folder called d:\files\please use for temp storage\ and I don't want to sync anything put in this folder. Could someone give me the "exact" command I need to put in my .syncignore file to achieve this. is there any problem with spaces in names? Thanks, Jim
  15. I have development folders I'm trying to sync and ignore directories that match a string. For this: /workspace/foo/bar/baz /workspace/buzz/bar/cat_pics Can I do *bar* in .SyncIgnore and have it ignore all the files and directories below bar in both the foo and buzz directories? Thanks!