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Found 2 results

  1. Great app, but is it possible to create white list file, there are some file that is needed in one pc but not in others or in SyncIgnore accepting "!" meta?
  2. A couple of scenarios I've come across that make .SyncIgnore somewhat clumsy to use. Doing syncs on multiple folders results in lots of .SyncXXX files and folders being created within subfolders of a root directory; The WebUI or client GUI view becomes quickly cluttered as a result of multiple folder sync; and Adding new apps may result in new subfolders of the root directory being created. .SyncIgnore under the root directory has to updated to exclude these as, more often than not, the subfolders aren't of interest to the user, This potentially makes .SyncIgnore under the root directory a relatively high maintenance file.If BTSync had a SyncInclude option, the issues above disappear. The .SyncInclude file would reside in the root directory and only include those subfolders the user wants to back up. The GUI view would could then show just the devices that are being backed up rather than a cluttered view of a collection of device subfolders. The .SyncXXX files would only appear in the root folder. .SyncInclude would be a relatively low maintenance file. Thoughts? PS: Even better would be a .SyncInclude and .SyncIgnore sections in a file