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Found 17 results

  1. Hello Resilio Forum, I own a Synology NAS and would like to use Resilio to have my files in sync on different devices and platforms. From my own network, all the syncing works perfectly, but I would also like my files to sync when I'm outside my network. On the Synology, I setup a proxy server, so the login page for Resilio is I port forwarded the listening port to the Resilio default port (28888) on my router, and everything is working fine. I can acces the domain from within and from outside my own network when I use a browser. I therefore have full acces to the Resilio client from both inside and outside my network. The problem is, when I'm outside my network, all syncing stops, where the Resilio client tells me my devices aren't connected anymore. What causes this problem? And how will I be able to fix this issue? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Joey
  2. I have shared a read and write link of a music folder on my pc to my smartphone. When I make some changes to the metadata (album art, title, etc. info) of any music track (on phone or pc), resilio treats the file as a new one and instead of making it replace the old unchanged file on the other device, it is copied as a new file. This leads to duplicate tracks whenever I change any info of a music file. Resilio should simply overwrite the old file with the changed file as long as the file name isn't changed (which in this case is not being changed). Can anyone help me out?
  3. Do I have to have my iPod on to sync with my Mac (I know the Mac must be on) Must I have the Resilio app open on my iPod in order for it to sync with my Mac?
  4. Hi I was syncing some large files from a host down to my external USB drive and It has stuck at indexing, It currently says: 98% - indexing It has been doing this for hours now I tried pausing and resuming did nothing then I tried disconnecting and removing the sync then deleting the sync folder on the HDD and then I set up the sync again to the same destination and stuck at ( 98% - indexing ) again. Files sizes vary but total 30GB. I looks like it is stuck on the last 2 files that have not started to transfer. Thanks for the reply.
  5. My systems are suffering from Major performance- and sync-problems! I've got 2 macOS systems and 2 NASses running first on 2.5.4 and now on 2.5.5 (just upgraded today). The App in macOS just stalls system; Activity monitor gives a lot of times; CPU over 100% and Not Responding. systems have problem with syncing with each other. Arch Linux NAS on my office has been offline for days but is actually running. Now in the office it syncs. Webpage of both Linux systems are terribly slow for a while and then they are fine and back again. This is output of Arch Linux system after restarting; * rslsync.service - Resilio Sync per-user service Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/user/rslsync.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Sat 2017-07-08 16:14:49 CEST; 19min ago Main PID: 280 (rslsync) CGroup: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/rslsync.service `-280 /usr/bin/rslsync --nodaemon --config /home/raymond/.config/rslsync/rslsync.conf Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.456] D! 21ReverseHTTPConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e6969270][56] 103 (EOF) Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.458] D! 21ReverseHTTPConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e6c3cd60][67] 103 (EOF) Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.463] D! 21ReverseHTTPConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e6c3cd60][55] 103 (EOF) Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.483] D! 17TrackerConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e69877a0][16] 104 (Connectio Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.483] D! 17TrackerConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e697a5f0][17] 104 (Connectio Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.484] D! 17TrackerConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e69648f0][116] 104 (Connecti Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.538] D! 21ReverseHTTPConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e6c04cd0][16] 103 (EOF) Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.538] D! 21ReverseHTTPConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e6c050c0][17] 103 (EOF) Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.920] D! 21ReverseHTTPConnection::set_error[0x00007f89e6c3cd60][56] 103 (EOF) Jul 08 16:34:31 nas rslsync[280]: [20170708 16:34:31.925] ZIP: Can't locate [css/style.css] in zip, error -100. and after a while; * rslsync.service - Resilio Sync per-user service Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/user/rslsync.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Sat 2017-07-08 16:39:06 CEST; 1h 31min ago Main PID: 444 (rslsync) CGroup: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/rslsync.service `-444 /usr/bin/rslsync --nodaemon --config /home/raymond/.config/rslsync/rslsync.conf Jul 08 18:10:10 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:10.361] D! 10SyncTcpReq[0x00007f1d4d634400]: EOF - error: 103 (application protocol level timeout) Jul 08 18:10:10 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:10.361] D! 10SyncTcpReq::set_error[0x00007f1d4d634780][-1] 103 (application protocol level timeout) Jul 08 18:10:10 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:10.361] D! 10SyncTcpReq[0x00007f1d4d634780]: EOF - error: 103 (application protocol level timeout) Jul 08 18:10:10 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:10.361] D! 10SyncTcpReq::set_error[0x00007f1d4ea9d5e0][-1] 103 (application protocol level timeout) Jul 08 18:10:10 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:10.361] D! 10SyncTcpReq[0x00007f1d4ea9d5e0]: EOF - error: 103 (application protocol level timeout) Jul 08 18:10:10 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:10.562] D! 10SyncTcpReq[0x00007f1d4ea9d8a0]: EOF - error: 0 (Success) Jul 08 18:10:11 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:11.952] D! 10SyncTcpReq[0x00007f1d4d1047a0]: EOF - error: 0 (Success) Jul 08 18:10:12 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:12.240] D! 21ReverseHTTPConnection::set_error[0x00007f1d4d1434b0][86] 103 (EOF) Jul 08 18:10:12 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:12.343] D! 10SyncTcpReq::set_error[0x00007f1d4c401aa0][-1] 103 (application protocol level timeout) Jul 08 18:10:12 nas rslsync[444]: [20170708 18:10:12.343] D! 10SyncTcpReq[0x00007f1d4c401aa0]: EOF - error: 103 (application protocol level timeout) I'm so annoyed this is my third major problem with Btsync/ Resilio on about 3 years.
  6. I have a few large sync folder that i share, when other people are working on the files our "syncs" get stuck on 99% for ages listing the files to be transferred as I was wondering if it's safe to comment these out in the StreamsList file?
  7. For the past two weeks syncing starts and stops after about 1 minute. If I restart the application it starts again but stops again after 1-2 minuets. This is the error in the log file: [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[8773]: Max number of torrents reached (105) [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[8773] [C8BD]: connect files to peer, queue:99 dowloading:2/14092866 speed:13106 [2016-07-04 06:20:41] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: timer, reason:UnloadInactiveTorrents - torrent wants connection [2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[B088]: Not loading torrents - sync is paused or fc error [2016-07-04 06:20:41] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: timer, reason:ConnectMorePeers - sync is paused or fc error I've tried many tweaks I found on Google, nothing helped. What can I do?
  8. The folder I sync between my desktop, laptop, and phone is always transferring some new files. I only have one thing of my own in there - a small folder with some data in it for the Tomboy Notes application. And though that finished syncing hours ago, I still have a pretty constant flow of data going, normally around ~85 KB/s download or up to ~300 KB/s on my phone. Why? Do I really need a dozen half-megabyte files being created every minute? Is there a way I can reduce this seemingly inefficient data flow?
  9. Hello. I have set up a raspberry pi to be connected to my Wi-Fi network at home, have a USB connected 1TB hard drive, and have set up owncloud. Owncloud works with my external hard drive, but for some reason BT Sync does not work in syncing files. I have disabled relay and tracker servers because I only need it to work on LAN. On the GUI page, it shows that nothing is syncing to the folders I made a secret on my Mac and entered on the Pi and set it to save on the external hard drive. I think the problem is either the listening port is not open (which I don't really understand what it does), or the problem is permission errors, because owncloud thinks it owns the hard drive space. Also, I looked in the BT Sync debugging log on my Mac, and I saw that it receives ping to the IP of my Pi, but no transfers occur. Does anyone have suggestions?
  10. Hi everybody, Excuse my English in advance it is not my mother tongue. I recently installed Bittorrent Sync on both my computer and my android phone to sync the entire SD card folder to the computer. Everything is working great but one thing! The screenshot folder won't sync. The folder itself is created on the computer but nothing seems to fill it. I was wondering if maybe the png files weren't recognized or something with the long names automatically given to the files was creating a problem? If someone had a clue what is happening it would really help me. Thanks a lot to anybody taking the time to help and answer.
  11. A's computer's bittorrernt sync might have been off or paused. B's computer changed the name of the folder, not all files were done syncing. A's computer put files into .SyncArchive, probably any the files that didn't exist on B's. This is a bug. I want to be able to change a folder name even if the files in that folder are not synced on both computers. Bittorrent should be smart enough for this.
  12. Hi, is it possible to place the folders/files being synced on a ramdisc ? Best regards Felix
  13. BTSYNC not begin synchronization. More precisely starts but only in one direction - from me to a friend of mine with whom we tried to synchronize folders. Files added to them in a folder to sync, I have not downloaded and the files added by me perfectly downloaded to his computer. How to fix it? params: me: win7x32max my friend: win7x64max Both have the latest version 1.0.116 log file (3.0MB) test file not downloading on my computer: P.S. please write answers on the most simple English because I'm Russian and I use google.translate
  14. Hello, Does btsync copy folder/files permission on remote server as well? Because I am using btsync on my NAS but its not copying permission to remote NAS it always set permission to root 755 where as permission are different(like: user 700) on local server.
  15. Hello Everyone, First of all I must say btsync is very good syncing tool. I have one question: I have 2 servers which are synced using btsync they have huge filesystem. If both server disconnect due to some reason and come up again for syncing will they sync only those files which were not synced last time or first they will compare their filesystem and then it will sync what is not present on other server? Summary: Does btsync compare file system everytime it come up for syncing after disconnection? May be I couldn't explain my question very well but I you don't understand then I will again try to explain some other way. Thank you
  16. Hi! Yesterday I set up a btsync-client on my server to use it as a private cloud-storage. All features work fine though, but everytime there appear six files and one directory in my storage-folder (on the server and client) : metacache (dir), settings.dat, settings.dat.old, sync.dat, sync.dat.old, sync.log and The Problem is, that my desktop client gets new meta-files from the server every ten Minutes. These new files (mostly 4-9 metacache-files, settings.dat, settings.dat.old, sync.dat.old), that im not really interested in as a "typical user", appear as messages in my OS. Is there a possibility, to place the hole meta, settings etc. folder out of my storage-sync-path or to deactivate the messages of these? Or do you know some other fault I've made? The maximum of messages that I got at one time were over 700, maybe because I hasn't been logged in for some hours so that the client has get all files of hours at a time. Greets Okkarator
  17. I am sharing one folder between a Linux server, a Linux desktop, and a Windows laptop (with the Linux desktop and the Windows laptop being on the same network). The Linux server and desktop can communicate with each other just fine, but the Windows laptop will not sync. It claims to be synced with the Linux computers, however it will not download any data. In another swarm with two Windows computers and four Linux computers, the Windows laptop will only sync with the other Windows computers. Is this a common problem? Does anyone know of a solution to this?