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Found 82 results

  1. Hi all I wrote a mail to the support squad this morning, all I got was this sentence: Since I am still in an evaluation phase, this kind of puzzled me. Was that really it, support wise? Anyway, here I am now, looking for answers to my question. Allow me to quote it: The most recent post to this topic is this one, which, ironically, says I hope this is not going to be an endless loop, really. Any helping hand very welcome. I have like 10 days left in my evaluation phase. That support thing was killing my buzz a bit ... Cheers André
  2. I have been using Sync Pro between my computer and phone with no issues. I just got a DS218j to store everything and want to continue using Sync mainly for the Selective Sync option. I installed Sync using the Armada38x package following these instructions: I am able to sync photos and other files just fine. But when a video is over 2Gb, syncing stops. The percentage left doesn't change and the upload and download speed go to 0. I know photo station uploader has a 2Gb limit but I thought Resilio Sync wouldn't. Is there a setting or something to configure I need to do? Is it setting on DSM, my router or Sync?
  3. On my Synology NAS DS414 the rslsync process is running at minimum 30-50% cpu even if no peers are connected. Also there are permission errors shown for an inreasing number of my files. Synology DSM and Sync version are altest (see below). I have upgraded Sync from version 2.4 recently. DSM 6.2.1-23824-4 Sync 2.6.2 (1330)
  4. I've installed Resilio natively from website using manual package download (apollolake), but also tried using official docker image (, both have a 'problem' that after a short window the sync speed caps at around 1-2mb/s. After installing the docker version I happened to increase the ram allocation just trying things that might help and it did, straight way I was getting 20-30mb/s HURRAY! Well I was celebrating too soon, as the next file I tested was back to 1-2mb/sec, looking at the docker overview you can see the ram usage slow rise from 0 to ~10gb (I'd set 12gb max I have 16 installed). Finishing the transfer cleared maybe 100mb of ram and the rest just sits there. All transfers while the allocated ram is full (or around this point of 10/12gb allocated) are at 1-2mb/sec speed, if I restart the docker container then I can get full speed back until I max out the ram again at 10gb. I assume this was the issue also affecting the native install just I couldn't see the numbers as easily. If anyone can help resolve this I would be very grateful been looking at this problem for a week thinking it was my connection I'm currently using a free account so cant submit a support ticket but would happily purchase a license if an answer is out there. EDIT: Decided to buy a licence as on offer and with 30 money back if cant resolve this problem, also appears you can submit tickets with free account... Thanks. Sync version: 2.6.1 (1319) Synology Spec:
  5. I have several folders synced between a Windows file server and a Synology NAS. The sync Status of some synced folders is always "99%". Should I be concerned? Is there a way to fix this so it shows their status as a green tick? The flyover message for each is "Receiving 0B/s Remaining: a few seconds" and has always been that for those drives. New / Changed /Deleted files in those folders all sync fine. I can't detect any problems. There are no errors or warnings in the log. The only indication is anything being amiss is the sync status of 99%, but I am wondering if it's the sync status that is wrong? Is this a (Synology) NAS specific issue (either in resilio or in the NAS), or a more general sync problem, or a problem with my sync which is not generating a log warning/error? John
  6. Hello, I sync my music files/library to the '/music' folder on my Synology DS218+ NAS using Resilio. When I look on the NAS file manager, I can see the files. However, the NAS audiostation/mediastreaming app cant access/see/use those music files. If I manually delete, then drag and drop the music files into the NAS it all works fine. Looks like I am having a permissions issue I think(?) What can I do to fix that?
  7. Hello, is it possible to configure the WebUI to listen to ipv4 and ipv6? In other web apps on my Synology Diskstation I was able to set a configuration to sth like [::]. Best, Matt
  8. Hello, I want to not only backup my personal documemts/files etc to my Synology NAS, but also access them externally. I have libraries in iTunes plus Photos app. Is there a good setup/configuration I can use?
  9. Hi, I see there're many versions available for Synology NAS. The RT2600AC is not an NAS by design but it does share several similar features and similar OS as their NAS products. Currently I'm running Plex server & Cloud Station off of it using USB3 and it's working flawlessly. Is there a version of the Sync that's compatible with RT2600AC or can be easily modified(like the Plex server) for the RT2600AC? If not, any planned support for it? As it's fantastic router and it would be great to be able to run Sync on it.
  10. Hi everybody, I have two NAS (DS 214, DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 3) with BitTorrent Sync (Version 2.3.7-1) to synchronize data between distant locations. Now I noticed syncing files (I guess only new ones, but can't ensure) from one NAS to the other one fails since about one month ago, in the log I see lot's of messages like this: [20170826 05:26:49.206] MC[1CCF] [18FC]: processing get_nodes message for /NAS_II/<Path>/<Filename> [20170826 05:26:49.207] MC[1CCF] [18FC]: too many nodes to send 190671, stopping at /NAS_II/<Path>/<Filename> A tipp I found in the internet told increasing max_torrent_metadata_size could probably solve the problem - I tried to do this and suprisingly found the change is undone when I restart BitTorrent Sync (no matter if I use the start-stop script or with reboot). I tested a lot, nearly every modification I make in the WebGui is undone after restarting (allthough it persists when I close/open WebGui without re-starting): all normal and power user preferences additional added rows in the WebGui-overview (i.e. Progress, Last synced) after I removed one connection to a shared folder on the other NAS it was really removed from the list, it wasn's visible anymore after restart, but trying to re-add the same folder again fails with a message 'the selected folder is already added to sync', even after I manually deleted the '.sync' folder, so it seems the removing wasn't done completely. This behavior is the same on both NAS! I attached a ZIP file containing: sync.log which was recorded while I started btsync, waited some minutes, started WebGui, waited, changed some preferences, waited, rebooted NAS, waited, stopped btsync. settings.dat and settings.dat.old as they were after stopping btsync. About the sync.log file: The shared folder in question is /volume1/FC/ Any help is apreciated. Have a nice day, best regards, Zopppo
  11. Hi, I need to sync 2TB of data between a Synology with DSM 6.1 at the main office and one PC at a branch office. We need the user at branch office to be able to access and modify the files. The modified files would then sync to Main office and the users there could access it and modify it also. I've thought about using Resilio in order to achieve this. The shared folder is 2TB. Would that be too big for Resilio ? Would it make the Synology's CPU work too hard too often? Does it take long before modifications goes back and forth? They don't have the Synology yet, but I like Synology and I'm scanning the possibilities.
  12. I want to update Resilio Sync from version 2.4.5-1 to 2.5.6-1 on synology DS415+ with DSM 6.1.2-15132 . Already dowloaded the right package (resiliosync_avoton_2.5.6-1.spk) What is the best way? Deinstall the old version or just installing over?
  13. Hello, I have two Synology NAS - DS414 - DS214 + I setup a folder on DS414 read / write copy of the key. The DS214 + I am sharing with the key. If I add, modify, delete a file on the DS414 is ok. It is the syncho the DS214 + but if I make a change on the DS214 + => Nothing no syncho on the DS414. I forget what? what is my mistake? Thank you for your advice. (Sorry google translation)
  14. Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to install sync pro on a Synology RS3617RPxs. It has a broadwell CPU and DSM 6.0 and I cannot find any package compatible on your download page. Also, I was wondering if there's any way to get around the admin rule. I find that disabling admin is a good security idea and if there's a way around it, I'd be happy to apply it, even if it's a complex solution. Thanks, LoS
  15. Hi All, I am curious if anyone upgraded his Synology to DSM 6.1-15047 already, what version of Resilio you are running and if it still functions. I am running a DS414+ with Bittorent Sync v2.3.8.1
  16. Hi, I added three folders to sync and have a laptop, PC and my Synology NAS DS411+II. The laptop and PC seem to be fine with the syncing but my NAS box has been indexing for about a week and is continually thrashing my hard drives. I've done some research and tried setting folder rescan to 24 hours on the NAS as well as turning encryption off and folder notification too but it's not working. What can I do to get it set up properly? I'm using ver 2.4.4-1
  17. Hi all and especially the developers, First off, Happy Newyear! I've been using Sync for quitte some time now. And although I'm content with all it's features, there is one thing I would like to see the following changed: Currently I'm running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7 and in order to run Sync server I need to enable the admin user?! I mean seriously, I need to enable a system default user for Sync to work. Since the admin user is linked to the root user, I see this as a security risk. I created another user with admin rights where my whole system is running under and thus disabling the admin user (which means root is disabled in ssh as well). I would like to see this depency removed from the server software and be able to run Sync under the user logged in. I understand that this is not possible overnight, but I would like to help as beta tester for this. Thank you in advance.
  18. hello, in the past there was an updated package inside the official Synology repository. Why is there no package anymore? How are the plans to get the package back? thanks
  19. Regarding the Version 2.4.2 I have a difference between the versions for DSM 5.2 and DSM 6. In the settings section of version 2.4.2 for DSM 6 I see build 708 and of version 2.4.2 for DSM 5.2 I see build 672 and a version-no, 2.4.1 Is this only a labeling problem or now real version 2.4.1?
  20. Hello, I have 2 synology nas and I have trouble using sync. Here is the situation: sync server is at home, private network. IP, public IP of my modem YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY; It's available in the home network and a MacMini in my private netowork (IP: sync correctly with the server. Looking at the log files I see this kind of messages: [20161022 09:56:39.195] PD[1296] [3D98]: failed to open TCP tunnel[0x00007f1f663b6b40] - endpoint: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:42414, status: "application protocol level timeout", enc: SRP, socket: 0x00007f1f663b6b40, tunnels: 0 [20161022 09:56:40.018] PD[1296] [3D98]: checking tunnel[0x00007f1f650b1530] connection to peer, transport: TCP, endpoint: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:42414 [20161022 09:56:42.016] D! 10SyncTcpReq[0x00007f1f664d0150]: EOF or error occurred - code: 103, message: "application protocol level timeout" [20161022 09:56:42.017] PD[41DB] [3D98]: failed to open TCP tunnel[0x00007f1f664d0150] - endpoint: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:42414, status: "application protocol level timeout", enc: SRP, socket: 0x00007f1f664d0150, tunnels: 0 [20161022 09:56:42.017] PD[41DB] [3D98]: checking tunnel[0x00007f1f663b6b40] connection to peer, transport: TCP, endpoint: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:42414 sync client at office, public IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, not accessible from external because of firewall (open port 22). Looking at the log files I see this kind of messages: [20161022 09:38:08.316] SD[41DB]: Got list of 2 peers [20161022 09:38:08.364] SD[41DB]: Peer 0 - external addr YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY:45588 (10475FB431672B91F10055BCEFBAD4510E6A0030) [20161022 09:38:08.382] SD[41DB]: Peer 0 - local IP: [20161022 09:38:08.383] SD[41DB]: Peer 1 - external addr YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY:52848 (102EFCE05BF6DEA92234E8DF33CB78860C29F948) [20161022 09:38:08.407] PC[0x4d5e3450][0x4d105e70][] disconnect - reason: "Connection closed", wb: 68, error: 103, ref: 0 [20161022 09:38:08.408] PC[0x4d1198c8][0x4d106648][] disconnect - reason: "Connection closed", wb: 68, error: 103, ref: 0 [20161022 09:38:08.418] PC[0x4a4cb770][0x4d5cccf0][] disconnect - reason: "Connection closed", wb: 68, error: 103, ref: 0 [20161022 09:38:08.418] SD[41DB]: Peer 1 - local IP: [20161022 09:38:08.418] SD[267E]: Got list of 0 peers [20161022 09:38:08.419] SF[1296]: UpdatePeersStat [20161022 09:38:08.466] PC[0x4d5c8230][0x4d4205f0][] disconnect - reason: "Connection closed", wb: 68, error: 103, ref: 0 The sync start and after a while (I didn't understand reason) it stops... if I restart the client sync, everything goes back to normal and then stops again... any hint? Thanks
  21. Hello, I'm experiencing problems with Sync 2.4.1 (672) and DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 2 I set up Sync to send photos from my android phone to synology. It works great but new photos aren't detected by Synology and aren't indexed so Photo Station don't show them.. If I manually upload photos to the same folder in synology via ftp or samba they are catched immediately an shown in Photo station. So it looks like a Sync's compatibility issue.. Regards, Dovydas
  22. Dear forum, I'm using BTSync for quite a while and basically everything is working fine (except the one or the other hassle) but since a few days I'm observing a behavior that I cannot really explain. I'm using a licensed version of BTSync and have my identity installed on quite a few devices. One of them is my synology diskstation that has two NIC. This means that my synology can be connected by the use of a different IP in my home network than from the outside. If I add a new folder to BTSync on my MacBook as long as I'm in the home network, this folder is automatically replicated to the synology NAS. When I leave my home network, all the folders still connect to my synology NAS. However, if I add a new folder to BTSync on my MacBook when I'm not in my home network, the synology NAS does not recognize this folder automatically. This is pretty strange as I would have expected an automated sync there as well. Can anybody here help be out? Am I expecting something that BTSync is not supposed to do or do I really have a connectivity issue here? If there is a connectivity isssue: How could I approach solving it? Thanks Norbert
  23. Quick overview of my situation: I am syncing between 3 different Synology NAS's. There are 2 DS1513+ units and one DS1815+ Each device has two folders it is required to sync, the 1815+ and one of the 1513+ sync instances work perfectly fine, but one of the devices shows one of the two folders as "Service files missing". I have tried re adding the folder and reinstalling Sync, but every time the result is the same, the service files go missing. I have noticed every time I attempt to replace the missing files the IgnoreList and StreamsList files from inside the .sync folder go missing after a few minutes. I am absolutely confused at what is going on and any help here is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  24. I have Synology 212j and I successfully installed BTsync. I want to create encrypted folder to NAS, but I cant.
  25. Procedures still works for BTSync 2.0 ! For those of you having the Synology Ds414j, you may have issues finding a BTSync package and told repeatedly there is no build for the Comcerto 2000 processor although just an ARM processor. After researching a great deal on various sites and how this was configured for some Raspberry PI, I found this solution. So here goes. Enjoy! 6 June 2016 : It is recommended to perform the procedures with root. With the upgrade to DSM 6.0, security has been enhanced. You can either login via root using RSA keys or do a sudo su after logging in with admin. 1. Create Btsync folders where you want the executable to reside. btsync\bin \conf mkdir btsynccd btsyncmkdir bin mkdir conf 2. Download latest Sync Arm from (This works in DSM5 but not in DSM6) Note that after DSM 6 upgrade, the version above no longer worked. I found this version from which worked. 3. Extract to /btsync/bin folder tar -xvf bittorrent_sync_arm.tar.gz 4. After untar you will find btsync executable but if you run it, you will get a "File Not found" error. This is because it is looking for /lib/ . However this file doesn't exist on the DS414j and the one that does on the DS414J is /lib/ . So what we do next is to symlink it to the file that Btsync is expecting. Note: You will need to redo this step everytime there is a DSM Update in order for Btsync to run. cd /libln -s 5. Create a default Btsync config file cd /btsync/bin./btsync --dump-sample-config > ../conf/sync.conf 6. Modify the sync.conf file as required. E.g. Enabling username and password when accessing the btsync GUI - http://<your nas IP>:8888/GUI as well as your btsync default storage path. I just pointed it to /btsync 7. Finally execute the BTsync ./btsync --config ../conf/sync.conf Success !! /volume1/btsync/bin # ./btsync --config ../conf/sync.conf By using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. BitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 28823. default port = 8888 /volume1/btsync/bin # 8. Configuring Btsync to start automatically at boot You need to create a start/stop/restart/status shell script and place into /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ Please modify the file paths as per your install paths. #!/bin/sh## Put this file in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/btsync.shPATH=$PATHcase "$1" instop) echo "Stop BitTorrent Sync..." kill "`cat /volume1/btsync/bin/.sync/`" kill "`cat /volume1/btsync/bin/.sync/`" ;;start) su root -c "/volume1/btsync/bin/btsync --config /volume1/btsync/conf/sync.conf" ;;restart) $0 stop sleep 1 $0 start ;;status) ps | grep btsync | grep -v grep return $? ;;*) echo "usage: $0 { start | stop | restart | status}" >&2 exit 1 ;;esac If there are any errors in the above instructions, please comment. Thank you.