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  1. Hi, I want to sync an existing folder on DS 418 to a folder with same name on an old DS414j. As Drive is not supported on the old DS 414j (DSM6) I found Resilio sync as alternative BUT I do not fully understand the concept behind. Can You Pls. Help to achieve the sync with existing to new folder between The 2 Synologys. I have installed Resilio Sync package on both Synos. I don't want a Trial an error scenario, therefore I Hope for a step by step GUID for the next steps. What To-Do on DS418 What To-Do on DS414j Where to open Resilio Sync? On DS 418 or DS414j (or both) What to put where to get the 2 folders in sync. What's about Identity - same on both Synos? - or different? Hope all Infos are understandable, and you can figure out what I mean. Many THX for patience helping a Newbie 🙂
  2. Hi, I upgraded to Synology DSM 7.0. After the upgrade, the NAS started to have issues with 99% of memory USED. I cannot open the Resilio Sync application. I uninstalled Photos; I'm using only the Resilio Sync and Cloud Sync apps. When I see the memory issue, all the applications are in the "waiting list" nothing works, If I disable Resilio Sync, the memory goes to 2% and Cloud Sync continues working. If I enable Resilio Sync again, the used memory jumps to 99% only for a while, and after that starts to decrease, and of course the NAS continues working OK for 1 day or more. I guess that the issue is because I sync a BIG folder, but I don't like the idea of dividing in 4 or 5 subfolders. The issue appears with DSM 7.0 Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi, Synology today released its public DSM 7.0 Beta. I updated my DS414, but the Resilio package is not compatible. Would it be possible to update the Synology packages please? Thanks in advance,
  4. I´m in touch with Synology and got today the follow message about current version of third-party packages would be incompatible: Thanks for your continuing interest in developing with Synology. We are planning for a major version update to DSM7.0 Beta soon. Due to DSM 7.0 having quite a few adjustments to the framework, current version of third-party packages would be incompatible with the new DSM 7.0 version. Hence, we are providing you with a new set of Developer's Guide, Toolkit and relevant resources, so that your future package can be compatible with our upcoming DSM release. DSM 7.0 Package: Please provide us with your Synology Account (E-mail) before we can send you the portal url for downloading DSM7.0 Beta to your device. If you don’t have a Synology Account, please create one here: Let me briefly introduce to you the upcoming changes: Adjustment to lower the privilege level for third-party packages to run as a user rather than root. Package installation would fail if its privilege setting differs from our new requirement. To avoid future update issues, It is highly recommended that your package can be modified to match our new lower privilege framework. Please develop according to the new developer’s guide provided, and your users will still be able to carry out manual installation even if the package has yet to be approved and signed by Synology. In case of development time or technical constraints, we provided a tentative alternative for the benefit of existing third-party packages in our Package Center. To ensure that your current package remains functional in DSM7.0, you will be allowed to continue using the same privilege level settings for your new versions until further notice. However, you have to apply for an exemption token from us to be able to develop smoothly on your NAS device. Please note that your package will have to be officially approved and signed by Synology before your package can be released in our Package Center or to users for manual installation. If you wish to continue running as root rather than user, please follow the instructions below: i) Log in to the DSM of NAS device(s) that you want to develop / test on ii) Open Support Center → Support Services → Log Generation → Check “System” → Generate logs → Download “debug.dat” iii) Send this “debug.dat” to us by replying to this email (if you have more than one NAS device, please label the respective debug.dat clearly.) iv) We’ll then send you the token file (each token is only valid for one specific NAS device), for which you’ll have to rename it to syno_dev_token and place it under this location → /var/packages/ v) You are all set to develop the new version using your current privilege level setting. It is anticipated that a lot of Synology users will be upgrading to DSM 7.0 Beta after its public release. In order to make it in time with our DSM 7.0 Beta’s release, please submit your new version by the end of October 2020. For which, our package verification process will begin in October. Although you can continue to support the current DSM version, it is recommended that your package supports DSM 7.0 as a priority. Please refer to the package review items stated in Appendix C of the Developer’s Guide for an idea on the things to look out for to expedite the verification process. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I am using Resilio Sync (v2.7.21375-1) on a Synology DS218+. It randomly stops. I must go into the installed apps section of DSM, to restart it. Can anyone assist at all?
  6. Resilio Sync Home on my DS218j with an Armada38x is taking too much RAM and bringing the throughput to an halt. The same does not happen on my other DS1817+ with Avoton. I've installed the latest version, see the screenshot. Please fix this.
  7. Hi, I'm syncing from a Mac Pro to two NAS units, a QNAP and a Synology, and both NASes keep showing folders that are stuck at 100% but never get to the green checkmark. Closer inspection reveals that each of the stuck folders is stuck downloading files. The Mac is running 2.6.4 (1344), the Synology is running 2.6.4 (1344) and the QNAP is running 2.6.0 (1317). I tried shutting down the QNAP and setting up the problematic folder over from scratch between just the Mac and the Synology to keep versions equal, and the problem persisted. Any idea what could be causing this and what I can do to resolve it? Thanks, -Seb
  8. Hi, I am using Sync on a Synology NAS DS215j DSM version DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4. I am unable to access the Sync App on the NAS. Neither can I open the GUI (browser does receive data, but then shows only white page). Nor can does Resilo client on my Laptop (Mac) report to find its NAS counterpart. On the NAS, Sync is running. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app on the NAS does help. But after some time, the same problem occurs. Please help. Best, Stefan
  9. Dear all, i just bought the HOME Pro licence, before even testing the free version, because i think i need the "selective Sync" feature. Now i am too shy to click my sync construct together, because i am afraid of loosing data 😉 May be someone could tell me if this is possible, and then help me. ON my SYNOLOGY i have a [big FOLDER] i want to acces this folder by selsctive sync with my [laptop] and [mobile phone] (download only the files that i need) in there is a [subfolder] that i want to constantly sync with my [laptops external HDD] can i manage to set this up? thank you for your time
  10. Hi, I am using Resilio Sync on my DS918+ and I am quite satisfied. However, Sync prevents HDD and system hibernation. I have done the steps described here without success: Sync-prevents-HDD-from-sleeping-on-NAS When I turn off Sync, hibernation works as expected. Here are a few lines from hibernation.log [655007.030806] syslog-ng(380): dirtied inode 13424 (.SYNOCONNDB-wal) on md0 [655007.030877] syslog-ng(380): dirtied inode 20126 (.SYNOCONNDB-shm) on md0 [655007.031722] init(1): dirtied inode 13391 (pkg-LogCenter-syslog.log) on md0 [655007.031739] init(1): dirtied inode 13391 (pkg-LogCenter-syslog.log) on md0 [655007.031742] init(1): dirtied inode 13391 (pkg-LogCenter-syslog.log) on md0 [655007.032491] syslog-ng(380): WRITE block 1151224 on md0 (8 sectors) [655007.037329] ash(10859): dirtied inode 13376 (.bash_history) on md0 [655007.054077] ps(10866): dirtied inode 31481508 (2) on proc [655007.083522] syslog-ng(380): WRITE block 1151224 on md0 (8 sectors) [655007.342178] syncd(10757): dirtied inode 3276834 (user-db.sqlite-wal) on dm-1 [655007.343746] syncd(10757): dirtied inode 3276834 (user-db.sqlite-wal) on dm-1 [655007.343753] syncd(10757): dirtied inode 3276834 (user-db.sqlite-wal) on dm-1 [655007.343795] syncd(10757): dirtied inode 3281033 (user-db.sqlite-shm) on dm-1 [655007.343800] syncd(10757): dirtied inode 3281033 (user-db.sqlite-shm) on dm-1 [655009.033186] synologaccd(4951): dirtied inode 26659 (.SYNOACCOUNTDB) on md0 [655009.033422] synologaccd(4951): dirtied inode 25324 (.SYNOACCOUNTDB-wal) on md0 [655009.033460] synologaccd(4951): dirtied inode 25333 (.SYNOACCOUNTDB-shm) on md0 [655009.034154] synologaccd(4951): WRITE block 1202912 on md0 (8 sectors) [655009.088320] synologaccd(4951): WRITE block 1202912 on md0 (16 sectors) [655009.113498] synologaccd(4951): dirtied inode 26659 (.SYNOACCOUNTDB) on md0 [655009.113542] synologaccd(4951): dirtied inode 26659 (.SYNOACCOUNTDB) on md0 [655009.113563] synologaccd(4951): WRITE block 791440 on md0 (8 sectors) [655009.113573] synologaccd(4951): WRITE block 3165416 on md0 (8 sectors) [655009.125380] synologaccd(4951): WRITE block 1179136 on md0 (64 sectors) [655012.007824] syslog-ng(351): dirtied inode 30690 (bash_history.log) on md0 [655012.370284] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373520 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655012.370322] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sda5 (1 sectors) [655012.370351] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sdb5 (1 sectors) [655012.401101] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373528 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655012.401116] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373536 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655012.401548] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373544 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655012.602792] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sda5 (1 sectors) [655012.602825] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sdb5 (1 sectors) [655017.540509] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373552 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655017.540544] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sda5 (1 sectors) [655017.540573] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sdb5 (1 sectors) [655017.575358] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373560 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655017.575829] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373568 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655017.776950] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sda5 (1 sectors) [655017.776982] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sdb5 (1 sectors) [655022.671471] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373576 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655022.671507] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sda5 (1 sectors) [655022.671536] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sdb5 (1 sectors) [655022.707962] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373584 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655022.708416] jbd2/dm-1-8(8651): WRITE block 67373592 on dm-1 (8 sectors) [655022.910106] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sda5 (1 sectors) [655022.910140] md2_raid1(8018): WRITE block 8 on sdb5 (1 sectors) uptime : [655022.910140] ======Idle 22 seconds====== Mon Dec 2 11:28:57 CET 2019 I am not sure what to do, other than to look for another alternative. Unless anyone has some ideas? Thanks
  11. Greetings! I had an internet outage for a week or so. Since it's come up Resilio seems to be syncing new changes, but hasn't caught up on the old ones, so my files/folders are out of sync. I've gone threough the following documnet which I have been referred to before, but nothign seems to help: I've restarted it a few times on the NAS, deleted a heap of .!sync in one folder restarting it again, then restarted the NAS itself, all to no avail. There are no errors or warnings in the http interface. I am using the latest version Is there a way of forcing it to rescan the entire share? My searching suggests not, so I am stuck what to do next. Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I have been using Sync Pro between my computer and phone with no issues. I just got a DS218j to store everything and want to continue using Sync mainly for the Selective Sync option. I installed Sync using the Armada38x package following these instructions: I am able to sync photos and other files just fine. But when a video is over 2Gb, syncing stops. The percentage left doesn't change and the upload and download speed go to 0. I know photo station uploader has a 2Gb limit but I thought Resilio Sync wouldn't. Is there a setting or something to configure I need to do? Is it setting on DSM, my router or Sync?
  13. Hi all I wrote a mail to the support squad this morning, all I got was this sentence: Since I am still in an evaluation phase, this kind of puzzled me. Was that really it, support wise? Anyway, here I am now, looking for answers to my question. Allow me to quote it: The most recent post to this topic is this one, which, ironically, says I hope this is not going to be an endless loop, really. Any helping hand very welcome. I have like 10 days left in my evaluation phase. That support thing was killing my buzz a bit ... Cheers André
  14. On my Synology NAS DS414 the rslsync process is running at minimum 30-50% cpu even if no peers are connected. Also there are permission errors shown for an inreasing number of my files. Synology DSM and Sync version are altest (see below). I have upgraded Sync from version 2.4 recently. DSM 6.2.1-23824-4 Sync 2.6.2 (1330)
  15. I've installed Resilio natively from website using manual package download (apollolake), but also tried using official docker image (, both have a 'problem' that after a short window the sync speed caps at around 1-2mb/s. After installing the docker version I happened to increase the ram allocation just trying things that might help and it did, straight way I was getting 20-30mb/s HURRAY! Well I was celebrating too soon, as the next file I tested was back to 1-2mb/sec, looking at the docker overview you can see the ram usage slow rise from 0 to ~10gb (I'd set 12gb max I have 16 installed). Finishing the transfer cleared maybe 100mb of ram and the rest just sits there. All transfers while the allocated ram is full (or around this point of 10/12gb allocated) are at 1-2mb/sec speed, if I restart the docker container then I can get full speed back until I max out the ram again at 10gb. I assume this was the issue also affecting the native install just I couldn't see the numbers as easily. If anyone can help resolve this I would be very grateful been looking at this problem for a week thinking it was my connection I'm currently using a free account so cant submit a support ticket but would happily purchase a license if an answer is out there. EDIT: Decided to buy a licence as on offer and with 30 money back if cant resolve this problem, also appears you can submit tickets with free account... Thanks. Sync version: 2.6.1 (1319) Synology Spec:
  16. I have several folders synced between a Windows file server and a Synology NAS. The sync Status of some synced folders is always "99%". Should I be concerned? Is there a way to fix this so it shows their status as a green tick? The flyover message for each is "Receiving 0B/s Remaining: a few seconds" and has always been that for those drives. New / Changed /Deleted files in those folders all sync fine. I can't detect any problems. There are no errors or warnings in the log. The only indication is anything being amiss is the sync status of 99%, but I am wondering if it's the sync status that is wrong? Is this a (Synology) NAS specific issue (either in resilio or in the NAS), or a more general sync problem, or a problem with my sync which is not generating a log warning/error? John
  17. Hello, I sync my music files/library to the '/music' folder on my Synology DS218+ NAS using Resilio. When I look on the NAS file manager, I can see the files. However, the NAS audiostation/mediastreaming app cant access/see/use those music files. If I manually delete, then drag and drop the music files into the NAS it all works fine. Looks like I am having a permissions issue I think(?) What can I do to fix that?
  18. Hello, is it possible to configure the WebUI to listen to ipv4 and ipv6? In other web apps on my Synology Diskstation I was able to set a configuration to sth like [::]. Best, Matt
  19. Hello, I want to not only backup my personal documemts/files etc to my Synology NAS, but also access them externally. I have libraries in iTunes plus Photos app. Is there a good setup/configuration I can use?
  20. Hi, I see there're many versions available for Synology NAS. The RT2600AC is not an NAS by design but it does share several similar features and similar OS as their NAS products. Currently I'm running Plex server & Cloud Station off of it using USB3 and it's working flawlessly. Is there a version of the Sync that's compatible with RT2600AC or can be easily modified(like the Plex server) for the RT2600AC? If not, any planned support for it? As it's fantastic router and it would be great to be able to run Sync on it.
  21. Hi everybody, I have two NAS (DS 214, DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 3) with BitTorrent Sync (Version 2.3.7-1) to synchronize data between distant locations. Now I noticed syncing files (I guess only new ones, but can't ensure) from one NAS to the other one fails since about one month ago, in the log I see lot's of messages like this: [20170826 05:26:49.206] MC[1CCF] [18FC]: processing get_nodes message for /NAS_II/<Path>/<Filename> [20170826 05:26:49.207] MC[1CCF] [18FC]: too many nodes to send 190671, stopping at /NAS_II/<Path>/<Filename> A tipp I found in the internet told increasing max_torrent_metadata_size could probably solve the problem - I tried to do this and suprisingly found the change is undone when I restart BitTorrent Sync (no matter if I use the start-stop script or with reboot). I tested a lot, nearly every modification I make in the WebGui is undone after restarting (allthough it persists when I close/open WebGui without re-starting): all normal and power user preferences additional added rows in the WebGui-overview (i.e. Progress, Last synced) after I removed one connection to a shared folder on the other NAS it was really removed from the list, it wasn's visible anymore after restart, but trying to re-add the same folder again fails with a message 'the selected folder is already added to sync', even after I manually deleted the '.sync' folder, so it seems the removing wasn't done completely. This behavior is the same on both NAS! I attached a ZIP file containing: sync.log which was recorded while I started btsync, waited some minutes, started WebGui, waited, changed some preferences, waited, rebooted NAS, waited, stopped btsync. settings.dat and settings.dat.old as they were after stopping btsync. About the sync.log file: The shared folder in question is /volume1/FC/ Any help is apreciated. Have a nice day, best regards, Zopppo
  22. Hi, I need to sync 2TB of data between a Synology with DSM 6.1 at the main office and one PC at a branch office. We need the user at branch office to be able to access and modify the files. The modified files would then sync to Main office and the users there could access it and modify it also. I've thought about using Resilio in order to achieve this. The shared folder is 2TB. Would that be too big for Resilio ? Would it make the Synology's CPU work too hard too often? Does it take long before modifications goes back and forth? They don't have the Synology yet, but I like Synology and I'm scanning the possibilities.
  23. I want to update Resilio Sync from version 2.4.5-1 to 2.5.6-1 on synology DS415+ with DSM 6.1.2-15132 . Already dowloaded the right package (resiliosync_avoton_2.5.6-1.spk) What is the best way? Deinstall the old version or just installing over?
  24. Hello, I have two Synology NAS - DS414 - DS214 + I setup a folder on DS414 read / write copy of the key. The DS214 + I am sharing with the key. If I add, modify, delete a file on the DS414 is ok. It is the syncho the DS214 + but if I make a change on the DS214 + => Nothing no syncho on the DS414. I forget what? what is my mistake? Thank you for your advice. (Sorry google translation)
  25. Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to install sync pro on a Synology RS3617RPxs. It has a broadwell CPU and DSM 6.0 and I cannot find any package compatible on your download page. Also, I was wondering if there's any way to get around the admin rule. I find that disabling admin is a good security idea and if there's a way around it, I'd be happy to apply it, even if it's a complex solution. Thanks, LoS