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Found 3 results

  1. When installing the program, my 360 total security antivirus swears and identifies some program files as malicious: ShellExtensionPath86_55F.dll Name: Generic/HEUR/QVM26.2.B03B.Malware.Gen Are they viruses or not?
  2. Hi, i have several Friends and Famility where i use BTSync to have a backup of their files without requiring them to do anything. Now if i imagine one of them catches an encryption trojan like would i go about restoring them? i have them all set up with a RO copy with activated Archive. so i'd expect all files to show up in .sync\Archive\... but some might have different versions already so i would have to identify the last archived version for each -> the one with the highest *.<Number>.<Extension> or maybe all from a certain Date and Time Range? i guess sooner or later a BTSync user will be hit and it might be nice if there were some guidance or FAQ for that issue. Thanks Rag
  3. Hi everyone, When I try to download the windows btsync installer from my work computer, I get the following message: The URL(website) you requested has been blocked because the site has been known to host malicious contents to compromise user's computer. URL: Category: Malicious Websites I then tried sending the executable (that I previously downloaded somewhere else) to a colleage via email, the message was blocked because the mail scanner thought that bysync.exe was some sort of virus or trojan. I'm trying to use bittorrentsync to share files instead of dropbox, but this isn't helping! I thought that somebody should be aware that btsync.exe shows up as being malicious software. Probably a false positive...