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Found 1 result

  1. I don't remember exactly what happened but I was trying to create a copy of a folder (called Original) on a remote desktop to my NAS (folder called Original was created) by syncing the two devices, I unlinked the devices before they were fully synced I think. Then I linked the devices again. But instead of those two Original folders syncing, on my remote desktop, a new folder was created called Original (1). What should I do in this situation. It was a very large folder. 1. What usually happens in a situation like this? It seems like I'm missing some files in all the folders. In other words, some files which are in the Nas's folder called Original are in the remote desktop folder called Original and some files are in Original (1). But mostly my NAS's Original folder matches with the remote desktop's folder called Original (1). The remote desktop's Original and Original (1) are not the same. Desktop Original seems to have the smaller, older files. 2. Second, how do I rename the folder on my remote desktop from Original (1) back to Original? I was going to just move all the files that are missing in Original (1) from Original, and then erase the folder called Original and rename Original (1) to Original. Do I then unlink the devices again and then try to sync with the folder called now called Original? I know this is really confusing but I'm assuming this happened to a lot of you guys out there. How did you deal with it when you've got folders with like 100,000 files?