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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all ! I've set up BTSync on my NAS (Synology) and my computer (Windows 8.1). Among the many sync tasks, my music folder (~75GB) is set as read-write on both side. The issue is that every time I delete an item on the computer, it's synced back from the NAS. Whereas when I delete it on the NAS, it's properly deleted on the computer. This is quite annoying and I've been trying to solve it for hours now. Both versions are up to date and I've double-checked that RW keys are used on both sides. Any idea, please ? Thanks in advance.
  2. In versions past, I was able to link a specific folder on my laptop with a specific (that is, a folder I specified) on my Android device. It seems that in version 1.4, I can specify a read-only folder on my android device, but I cannot specify a folder to synchronize (read-write). I haven't been able to find any information about this except for other people having the same problem. Is there a workaround? Is there some reason this had to be eliminated? Just to be clear, the flow I'd like is this, which was possible in earlier versions: Setup sync folder on PC, generate QR code/secret, scan QR code/type in secret on Nexus 7, choose folder on Nexus 7 for download of PC folder.