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  1. There seem to be some difficult bugs where BTsync is picking the wrong file when there is (or it sees) a conflict. Personally I would like to have a mode where a change conflict causes BOTH the modified files to be created, the older one with a different name (say). BUT, I suspect this has a wider use in the realm of debugging because it will make every conflict very obvious and if some of them aren't actually real conflicts (but something manufactured by network effects) this will be much easier to detect and hopefully debug. So can I request a version then NEVER deletes a file due to a change conflict.
  2. Is there any way in Windows OS to make BT Sync show pop-up notifications once any files get synchronized? I see a "show notifications" option in the preference, but I do not see any notification regardless of whether the option is checked or unchecked. I have BT Sync installed on three machines, one with Windows 7 and two with Windows 10, and I'm having the same issue on all of them.
  3. In all but a single aspect BitTorrent Sync is perfect for my needs..... I would however like to have the ability to have friendly names available on the NAS side of a sync. To cope with the demands of some media apps on the NAS here, each user has a separate subdirectory under the general Music, Images, and Media directories. This means that my three syncs on the NAS client each have the short name "Keith"! If I mouse over them I'll get "/volume1/Music/Keith" but it would be nice just to have a descriptive short name!
  4. Could you please have the thumbnails for individual files especially for photos? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I'm running Resilio Sync using the official Docker image (resilio/sync). I can access the UI on port 8888 and everything looks ok. Unfortunately, I receive a 404 for the following resources: /gui/css/style.css /gui/version.json?1521721548733 This makes the UI completely unresponsive. For instance, I can't link any device because the "Link Device" link is broken. I'm a PRO customer.
  6. I know that Sync stored earlier file versions in its .sync/Archive folder, but most people using it does not know. People don't read documentation. So I think that when right-clicking a file in Finder (or Explorer) one should be presented with a way of choosing an earlier file version. The dialog should show these fields for each file/folder When was the file created When was it overwritten by the next version Which peer (user+device) had the change that triggered the overwrite/deletion I know that is what proper backups systems are for, but this eases debugging sync issues (which is hard enough as it is), and sending you debug logs every time does not scale :-)
  7. UI crashed after I upgrade to the latest version 2.5.6(1043).Even I tried to removed and reinstall it , issue still exist. My OS is Win7-64bit. BTW,I can't see the peers online.I can't sync my documents for a few weeks. what can I do?
  8. Happens in Windows 10 Desktop Mode. I know this is just a UI glitch, but it is annoying as hell ans it is there since last few major updates. It shows even in full screen mode, and overwrites the last entry of the folder in the window. Please include this fix in the next update. Thanks
  9. Yes, you can use the Search Bar to show the upload / download speeds and remove the bottom status bar and free up some screen real-estate. Just a suggestion. Thanks.
  10. I have several different devices I use btsync on but they don't all sync every folder. However I still have the folders in my list and it makes things very messing looking. Not only that it makes it difficult to just get a quick overview of what that particular devices is syncing. Is there any way we can have the option to hide disconnected folders from the list?
  11. I am using BTSync for Synology. I think there is a bug in the history log that shows the wrong message. If you start to sync a folder with another device for the first time, and the other device includes some of the same files that are in the source, instead of stating "File already found, skipping download" or something to that effect, the warning message in the log is, "Failed to download <filename> - CheckOriginalFile: No such file or directory". Also, it would be very helpful in the History Log if the folder name was included along with the file name. Right now it just shows the file name that was synced, so you have no idea what folder it was from. These things are pretty minor, but probably worth fixing.
  12. My Bittorrent Sync has been trying to index one 11GB file (and a handful of mp3's) for the last 30-40 min. It would be nice to see how that's coming and if is close to finishing, because if it isn't, then I know to find another solution since I need to work on that file on another machine very soon.
  13. It would be great if the UI can show the sync status of each folder, i.e., sync'd with how many peers and to upload to or download from how many peers. Right now I have to click the option of each folder and then click peer list to see the status. I guess simply copying the status icons in the peer list view to the main UI right after each folder would be sufficient. This can be useful in two senarios: 1) to know when I can turn off my computer without leaving some recently updated files unsync'd; 2) to know when I can work on the files that are sync'd.
  14. I don't remember changing my password on Resilio on my Synology NAS but I am unable to log in. I followed the directions in the "how do I reset the Web UI" article on the support site but it did not change anything. I still get prompted for a user/password and I cannot get past this screen. It is not prompting me for a NEW username/password -- it is acting just like before. How else can I get back into the UI?
  15. It would be nice to have an option to see IP address, and potentially other information on how I'm connected to peers. This would help to diagnose connectivity. I recently added known hosts and opened ports in order to try to make LAN sync faster (I can't get it over 1.5MB/s for single large files, 100KB/s for several small files), but I'm unsure of whether the direct connection is working or not because my speeds are the same, and the peer list just gives the computer name with no other information.
  16. Maybe nice pro feature let directories/folders organise by categories and tags with +/- feature to show and hide them. For basic sort and filter purposes.
  17. I got stung bad by this issue: I took for granted that sync was working fine, but in reality it had been broken for many weeks. Please bring back the sync status on the main page. How hard can a piece of logic like that be? All peers in sync = green, some nodes in sync = yellow, no nodes in sync = red.
  18. In version 2.3 the desktop window location was remembered after a reboot. Now it defaults to the center of the desktop after a reboot. Should be easy enough to add back right ? Thanks
  19. Just after adding a new share (for instance after clicking a sharing link) one can click the peers column and see the connected peers. Until file transfers actually start it will have a green tick next to the other peers saying "Synced", even though no such thing has yet occurred. That is a bit misleading, and is one of several minor UI/UX bugs related to statuses.
  20. I think a key missing feature from Sync is stopping errors from propagating by interacting with the user and presenting her with options on what one can do. As an example, I recently filed an issue #49958 where the indexing was out of control. It turned out that due to some naming conflict (probably due to the composed/decomposed issue) *.Conflict folders were being created. By the time we found out why indexing never finished 1.4 million such conflict folders had been created for one particular weirdly named folder. When stuff like that happens Sync should notify the user that something really fishy is going on (ok, I am a programmer so I know that is way too wide description to implement, but you get the gist) and some possible solutions like: Folder X is causing conflicts because of naming issues. These are your options for fixing the problem: - Notify user X that the created file Y has a filename causing problems and ask her to rename the folder - Do X - Do Y We will stop sync for this subfolder/item until the problem has been fixed. If there had been some kind of "cross-network error diagnostics" built into the protocol maybe errors that arise on another peer than the one that created the filename can be propagated back to the origin to fix the error in the source. AFAIK only the "destination" peer gets any info through the GUI that a filename contains illegal characters, and from my experience they have no idea what to do about it (if they even understand it's a problem).
  21. Within the client and/or in the notification icon could there be some kind of visual indication that syncing is current and complete? Perhaps the sync icon could turn green, or the status section could read in-sync or something along those lines. It would be also nice if there was someway that the time left on syncs could be stretched to encompass the entire sync of that folder and not just the current file being synced. On folders with several large files the current implementation does very little in giving the user an idea of sync completion. Thanks for a great product and keep up the great work! 2d
  22. Being able to have a basic comment thread on a shared folder might be helpful. It would get overly complicated to have a comment thread associated with each and every file, but maybe the main root folder that gets shared would be fine. This feature could even be limited in characters similar to Twitter to keep comments concise. Eg. "Hey, let me know when you've got those files" "I've now got the files, feel free to unshare the folder"
  23. Hi there, Would it be possible to plot the chunk availability / synchronization states, especially for large files? Like uTorrent is doing it, for example (picture). This could be shown in the menu pictured in the second screenshot. It would help to monitor how the transfer of large files is progressing and increase the users trust in the reliability. The current progress ring does not give information about the overall progress, because it get reset any time the connection is interrupted (eg. by reboot). kind regards =)
  24. Some green dots in synced files should be great...
  25. For all platforms in main UI within the HTML-panel