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Found 3 results

  1. if a put a soft link folder in a BT Sync folder it doesn’t start syncing contents of that link. do you have any plans implementing this feature?
  2. First off, I tried to search for my topic by simply searching 'BSD' in the forum first and I got: "The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: bsd" Weird. I installed btsync on my FreeBSD server and it all seemed to be working well at first glance. But it seems that any file or folder originally created within a sync folder *on* the FreeBSD server does not get synced to the other peers. If the other peers (Windows box, and Android phone) create files in the synced folder on their end, it replicates to the FreeBSD (and between the other peers) just fine. Why is it only going one-way seemingly?
  3. Hello, there, I would like to ask if there are any plans to make sync client binary for UNIX systems. Today I have tried to launch the client on OpenBSD in linux amulation mode, but without any success. Tried the 32bit and it threw an error "floating point exception". Tried the 64bit client and it behaves very strangely. If I launch it from putty console - it prints out (see putty.jpg). If I launch it from tmux - it prints out (see tmux.jpg) and creates a directory (see dir.jpg).