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Found 4 results

  1. Can I use this software to create daily backups and sync to multiple locations at the same time? Example: Anything that gets saved or created on my devices, I would like Resilio to sync/backup these files to cloud services and a PC I use as a NAS. Thank you.
  2. Problem Statement: Unable to access Sync Directory from my Windows 10 desktop. Resillio Sync hosted in UnRaid container. I am Running Unraid 6.9.2. Installed Resilio Sync from Community Apps on 5/9/21 After installation, I shared the credentials of this directory with the 3rd party, who was able to share a photo from his system which I was able to view on my system. I was able to create a text file (using vi in the TERMINAL function in Unraid), which in turn was able to sync to the 3rd party’s system. From my Windows PC, I can access the share and it’s contents, but do not have permissions to create or copy any files into the directory. I am unable to change permissions. When I try to copy a file to this location, create a new file, or change permissions, I get the following windows error message: "You need permission to perform this action". The Sync directory resides in the Public Share. I have no problem access this device form the same Windows 10 PC. From Windows, I am unable to set any permissions on the folder (permissions) issue. I believe the issues may be related to SMB. I’ve searched the forums for assistance but have not been able to find any relevant solutions. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
  3. Two UNRAID servers on the same network (LAN). 192.168.1.*** Sync running as docker containers each on its own machine. I can get them to connect via a Relay server but the speeds are abysmal. I have 2 GBit here and need to mirror one server to the other. No matter what port I open or forward I cannot get these two to "see" each other. Both servers are working and have access to the network no problem. But, Sync without using a relay will not work. I really do not want to use a relay as it will take years to copy 25+ Terabytes. Does anyone have a working pfsense/unraid config that they can share? Or help? I looked at the and nothing there is helping.
  4. I've just installed Sync on my unraid machine, and I wanted to add a folder, but I always get the error saying that I don't have the permission to access the folder and I cannot find anyway to add login and password to it. Thanks for your help.