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Found 2 results

  1. Since some months back I've encountered my QNAP NAS totally unresponsive once a week, needing a reboot to be usable again. With help from QNAP's support, I've narrowed the problem down to the Sync app in combination with the antivirus scan provided by QNAP: - I have the antivirus scan scheduled to run once every week. One of the folders in the scan job is synced by the Bittorrent Sync app on the NAS. - After some hour of antivirus scanning, before the antivirus reports a finished scanning, the NAS becomes impossible to reach on the network. It happens every time, and the NAS has to be rebooted. No logs show any direct clues to what happened. - If I disable the Sync app, though, the antivirus scanning jobs always finish without a fault! - If I re-enable the Sync app, the NAS hangs again at every scan job. I don't know if QNAP or Sync (or both) is to blame for this error, but it makes Sync much less useful and reliable. Worth noting is that this error started appearing some 6 or 12 months ago, so it was introduced in some software update from Sync or QNAP, probably during early 2016 or so. I have regularly updated the NAS and Sync several times the last year. It should be mentioned though that I still run one of the last versions of Bittorrent Sync before the rebranding to Resilio, so I haven't tried out the last version and due to various bad experiences I am not currently planning on installing it. This is more of a bug report than a cry for help.
  2. Hi, at the moment I use bittorrent sync version "2.0.128 (36)" on a laptop with intel core i7, windows 8.1. I am syncing a folder of about 300gb, and it is currently receiving/indexing at the decent speed 120 kb/s. However, the user interface is completely unresponsive! Right clicking to get the menu takes about 20 seconds to respond to. Any action at all takes 20 seconds or more. Restarting does not help. Is it the sheer size of the folder that brings it to it's knees? One thing: I paused the synching and removed the folder, so I could move the partially synced folder to my second harddrive. Then I shared the folder again, and asked btsync to save into the (moved) partially synced folder. I hoped it would be intelligent enough to see it was a partially synced folder. Could this be the problem? btsync is not slow on the 'source' computer from where I sync. Thanks for any help!