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  1. Thought I would share this in case anyone else has the same problem. My old and trusty ZyXel NSA325v2 had been happily syncing for a few years after I upgraded from btsync 1.2.73 to btsync 2.2.6 in 2015, until, it seems about May 2018. Because Resilio Sync "just works" i didn't noticed it had stopped until I tried to pull down a selective sync folder. So in September 2019 I upgraded to the latest version, with the help of ResilioSync support. The latest version, 2.6.3, is NOT supported and will not work. so you need a slightly older version (2.5.12) Steps: Download the ARM version Unpack the tarball `tar xvzf resilio-sync_arm.tar.gz` Copy `rslsync` to your NAS drive (FTP, SSH?) Telnet/SSH to your NAS, copy `rslsync` to the folder: `/usr/local/zy-pkgs/bin` but name it something like `rslsync_2.5.12` Move the old binary and replace it with a symlink `mv btsync btsync_2.2.6` and then symlink the new one like `ln -s rslsync_2.5.12 btsync` Reboot the NAS simply enter the command`reboot` Hope this helps someone!
  2. Hi! Just want your advice which way forward is the best. I have a network of some Raspberry Pi 2 running older versions of sync: BitTorrent Sync 2.3.3 (296) Yesterday I tried to upgrade 1 of these Pis with the latest armhf-version: Resilio Sync 2.5.12 (1191) The upgrade went well and initially no problems. Server was runing fine, web-gui working fine. The problems: 1. I started so see these in the logs on the Pi with the latest version: [20180223 23:48:50.549] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message [20180223 23:48:50.662] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message [20180223 23:48:58.540] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message [20180223 23:48:59.688] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message 2. My old laptop running Linux BitTorrent Sync 2.3.3 (296) started to act strange: btsync process went 100% and memory usage went to the roof. The laptop was unresponsive. The only strange thing in the log on my laptop was: [20180223 21:58:53.395] assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/jenkins-Build-Sync-Manually-1668/KickSocket.cpp:222 [20180223 21:58:53.396] assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/jenkins-Build-Sync-Manually-1668/KickSocket.cpp:222 [20180223 21:58:53.396] assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/jenkins-Build-Sync-Manually-1668/KickSocket.cpp:222 [20180223 21:58:53.396] assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/jenkins-Build-Sync-Manually-1668/KickSocket.cpp:222 Solution for now: Downgraded sync on Raspberry Pi 2 to the previous version so I could work with my old Linux laptop. Question: Should I upgrade my desktop-systems before I upgrade the Raspberry Pi servers? Which way forward in a mixed environment is the best? Thanks for a great product! Cheers!
  3. I was wondering if there was any way to get a discount while upgrading from Sync Home to Sync Family. I purchased before the Family plan was available and would like the expanded abilities but was hoping to not pay twice. If anybody knows a way that would be excellent.
  4. I followed the guide here on how to migrate an older btsync setup to resilio. I download the Binary and extract it, I Place it in my Home------>----->Bin directory. Next to the btsync Binary. I first run Killall btsync to stop the process. This works fine. I then run systemctl start rslsync. Sometimes this works, other times it does not. If it does work. I run Systemctl enable rslsync. I then check the status with systemctl status rslsync. The status comes back with an error of 1 and then exits. If I try to install from AUR with Yaourt the package installs fine but the process has the same error as when I try to launch it manually. If there is something I am missing, please let me know. If I rename the new binary to btsync. It will run correctly but then it thinks it is a new user and wants a new user name and can not find the old file paths. I will post a screen shot of the error at a later point today.
  5. Is it possible to upgrade from the free individual sync to the sync for work-groups and maintain shared folders, settings, etc... an in place upgrade, or do I need to restart from scratch?
  6. When I updated from 2.2 to 2.3 I lost all my settings (login, list of synced folders,etc...) I thought that I misread the update warnings and went ahead and reset my account and all my folders. But now each time I restart my machine, all btsync settings are lost again. This did not occur after the updates of my mac and windows machines. I have updated to the latest 2.3.3 but the problem is the same. I have not changed any file permissions in my sync install folder and they seem to be fine. I am using using linux mint 17 - 64 bit. I have been using btsync since the early beta version, love it and a lot of my work is now dependent on it. Some help will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Good day, I've been successfully running btsync 1.3.8 on CentOS 7.3. I am looking to update to latest (1.4.1) and have a few questions: 1. The upgrade instructions state I need to place the rslsync along btsync. Where is that? /var/lib/btsync/? /var/lib/btsync has a folder .SyncUserxxxxxxx. Is that the folder you mean by ".sync" 2. I have the old btsync repo under /etc/yum.repos.d If i add the new repo for resilio, will that work with above manual install? 3. Will old shares be preserved? Thank you,
  8. Hello all, today I tried to upgrade from BitTorrent Sync 2.38 to Resilio Sync 2.4 on my QNAP TS879-Pro. Not only the upgrade failed but also no further installation of Sync is starting on my NAS. I've tried removing the app an reinstalling and restarting the NAS vice versa. I've even tried the x86_64-Version even when my QOS is only 4.2.2. Is the 2.3.8-version available somewhere or are there other solutions to my problem? Best regards GeHoGo
  9. Hello, I had the following issue. I have Sync Pro for personal use installed on four devices. One of them were switched off a long time, but it had a relatively new version of Sync (2.3.4). The other three devices where almost up to date, 2.3.8, 2.3.6 and 2.3.6 (this one installed as a service). What happened is: Switched on the device with the old version and upgraded to latest version. Restarted. All my devices had all their folders disconnected. No warnings. No messages. How can this happen? Did I do something wrong? Don't make me wrong, I really like the product, it has unique features not found in, for instance, DropBox. But from time to time it has issues that make it unsuitable for real work. Now that is a paid for product, this should be a really concerning issue. I would like to use it in my company, but I think it is not ready yet.
  10. I've been using version 1.3.109 on OSX and Android for quite some time and it's fast and stable, even for huge data sets, for me. Is there any reason I should consider upgrading my version? Am I missing out on a sweet feature or essential security patch? More reliability, or anything like that?
  11. I had an old version (1.4) installation running in my ubuntu 14.04 installation. After I got a notification in the web-frontend to upgrade, I downloaded the new 2.0 version of Bittorrent Sync and tried to install it. As the old version was still installed I initially failed to do so. So I removed the Binaries (=the file I installed wtih 1.4), removed the btsync packages I found in the software manager and several hidden folders connected to Bittorrent sync (hope I got all). I could finally install the 2.0 version and start the webgui but seem to have misspelled the password I set up for the webgui as I now cant login to the localhost:8888 gui anymore. I fail to remove the 2.0 installation in a way that i could after reinstallation setup the password again. After each re-installation I am asked to enter the password which I dont have. Therefore my question: How can I remove the bittorrent sync installation completely under ubuntu? (Folders so far removed the folder with the binaries and all hidden folders within. the hidden btsync folder one hierachy higher (user folder))Or how can I reset the password for the webgui? (is there a config file? And where?) Thanks a lot for helping me out!
  12. Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been running BTSync for around 4 months on my FreeNas box. Yesterday I noticed there was an update available for the Plugin. I went ahead and updated and afterwards i logged into the webgui. I was prompted with the same welcome wizard you get when installing BTSync on a client machine. At the end of the wizard it asks you if you want to create new 2.0 links or you already have one. I chose I already had one but after selecting that option i relies i didn't see the option i wanted. i hit the back or close button and my screen turned to a gray background with a thin line in the shape of a box. I can't seem to get out of this. I have rebooted my NAS box and reset the plugin service. I have tried getting the to webgui page though different browsers and even different pc's. still no change. My links still work but I am unable to add new or do any administration over them. I would rather not have to uninstall/re-install and recreate my links. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated! FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201504152200 btsync-2.0.105-amd64
  13. Currently have a running system between two computers (two Ubuntu servers) running v1.4. I have resisted upgrading to v2.0 until I added my third computer (Debian server) to the mix. That third computer is now functional. I intend to add the third computer with v1.4. After I am sure everything is functioning properly (and the third computer bittorrent directory is populated) then I would upgrade all machines to v2.0. (All computers are non-gui cammand line servers.) Does this computer addition/upgrade sequence seem illogical? Am I overlooking anything?
  14. So I am running bittorrent sync on my raspberry pi with raspbian and I am currently connecting to it via SSH. What I am having problem with is how to update bittorrent sync in the terminal. Does anyone know how to do that? Also is it possible to make it auto update?
  15. Hello, I have upgraded my Ubuntu BTSync to 2.0 and noticed that any changes I do in pre-existing folders do not get propagated to other machines. It does not matter what version of BTSync other machines are running, they do not get any changes from my Ubuntu machine. Any changes made in the folder on a machine that is running BTSync 1.4 do propagate to all other machines including Ubuntu. However after I upgrade my Mac to 2.0, I got the same symptom as the Ubuntu machine - it gets changes from 1.4 clients but local changes do not propagate anywhere. Looks like BTSync 2.0 treats classic folders as read-only. I do not remember seeing this info in any notes. Could someone confirm if this is the intended behavior?
  16. Hi, After upgrading one point release from 2.0.104 to 2.0.105 on both my 64 and 32 bit Ubuntu 14.04 machines the GUI on 8888 welcomes me with Welcome to BitTorrent Sync., create a user name etc. In other words, it seems to have lost my original setup. Further, on the 64 bit machine I went ahead and created an account again. I using my iPhone Sync App to link devices. Unfortunately: - it did not recognise any of the previously sync'd files. - Now I have the same device name twice in the list of devices but only one is online. - There seems no way to unlink the device with the same name that now can never come online. - Its started syncing with my Mac (2.0.105) and Raspberry Pi ( running Sync and created a load of the same directories appending a (1) at the end not to mention sync'ing gigabytes of data. I haven't proceeded creating a new account on my 32 bit ubuntu machine in case this is a bug. The Mac version seems to be running fine. The only modification I have made recently is to automate the startup of BTSync on the Ubuntu boxes using the following supplied by the helpdesk: 1) sudo su 2) nano /usr/local/bin/ 3) Put in /usr/local/bin/ the following lines: #!/bin/bash cd /your_folder_where_btsync_was_unpacked ./btsync --webui.listen 4) Ctrl+x 5) Y 6) chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ 7) nano /etc/rc.local 8) Put the following line above the "exit 0" line (see the attached pic): sudo sh /usr/local/bin/ 9) Ctrl+x Then reboot your computer and check btsync in proceses. It must start automatically. Here you are. After making the above change in 2.0.104 all my devices were still linked together and thats why I think there is a bug or several in 105. Questions:- Is this a known bug with this release? - how do I recover from it?
  17. I started the update to 2.0.93 from (.95) thinking this would take the normal 1min max. Little did I know it would take around 45min. The culprit was that there was a scan of all active volumes for .sync folders. Holy cow. My backup volume that uses dirvish to backup unix(ish) systems was included in that scan. dirvish uses hardlinks to minimize disk usage but ends up with TONs of hard links. I don't want to count the total number, but it is in the millions I'm sure. Autoscanning the full set of volumes on a NAS is probably NOT a good idea guys!
  18. I've used Sync 1.x successfully for a simple sync task. Following the 2.0 upgrade I'm unable to perform the same task. The simple task is to sync the public pictures and documents folders on two Windows 8 laptops used interchangeably by my wife and I. We travel independently a lot. We appreciate having the latest versions of shared pictures/docs available locally on whichever laptop we're using. In layman's terms (I admit that's what I am with IT matters), with Sync 1.x the public folders on the two separate laptops were directly linked. Whatever changes were made to files in the folder of one were mirrored in the equivalent folder of the other. With Sync 2.0, the architecture seems to have changed, so that changes to files in a sync'd folder in one laptop are mirrored on the other in a new folder: Users>[userrname]>Bittorrent Sync. I'm unable to link the equivalent folders (i.e., the public pictures/documents folders) of the two laptops directly. The entire contents of the sync'd folder of the first laptop are downloaded to the new Bittorrent Sync folder on the second laptop, duplicating most of the content already in the equivalent public folder of the second laptop. So while I can access and amend the public folders of the first laptop via the second, it's through the new 'Bittorrent Sync' folder created on the second laptop, not the equivalent public folders on the second laptop. How can I manage folders in the 'old' way through Sync 2.0? (Incidentally, I've tried uninstalling 2.0 and reinstalling 1.4, but 1.4 will no longer run on either laptop, despite the fresh install.) Help and advice will be most gratefully received.
  19. We have BitTorrent Sync 1.4 installed on a server and sync files using the iPad app. Recently the iPads updated themselves to version 2.0 and appear to have lost all configuration. Is it possible for iPads running version 2.0 to sync with a server running version 1.4?
  20. I've been using btsync to sync a large amount of folders and files between my Windows 7 and Mac Yosemite computers, and it has been working just fine. I remember reading horror stories about the new btsync version a while back, so I never upgraded. Currently, I'm wondering if things are better and I'm safe to upgrade? Any reason to upgrade from 1.3.105? Thanks!
  21. Is there anything that I need to backup before I install the latest version of BT Sync? Do I install the new software to the same directory location of the version that I currently have installed?
  22. After upgrading from 1.4.82 to 1.4.92 on my raspberry pi the gui starts fine but all synced folders vanished. Renaming the files *.dat.old to *.dat does not help. Ho can I restore my sync configuration?
  23. Hello folks, I´m using sync for a rather large folder (~20 TB) and I wonder why sync has to re-index the folder after a version upgrade (in my case now from 1.3 to 1.4). Re-Indexing large folders like this really takes a quite long time (on my Xeon machine around 1 day, on the slower Opteron machine nearly 2 days). Isn´t there a way to keep the index when upgrading or am I doing something wrong ? Thx !
  24. Hi, I am a php developer and work at home on a Mac Mini. When I work at my customers offices I use a MacBook Air. Until now I used Dropbox to keep things in sync, after having upgraded to OSX 10.9 I started facing a number of issues so I am looking for an alternative solution. Actually I am playing with a Raspberry Pi in order to see if I can use it to replace Dropbox to keep my development and documents folders in sync. I have installed BTSync following the instructions at: and left it running all night, folders sizes are: Documents 7.7Gb in 22182 files Sites 12.8Gb in 149641 files The OS is installed in an 8Gb SD and the data is saved in a 32Gb USB Drive. This morning the Raspberry had only copied 1Gb of data and, after some investigations, I found out that the boot disk (and 8Gb SD) was totally full! I then found out that two logs files were eating up all the space: kern.log and syslog After I realised that I was using 1.2.82 on my Macs and 1.2.67 on the Pi I removed both log files so that I was able to download the new version in the Pi. After having installed 1.2.82 I copied .sync to .sync-old and then started BTSync. Accessing the web interface it was still stating that it was 1.2.67, so I stopped BTSync, removed the .sync folder and started BTSync again. By doing so I had to add again the folders to be synced, this is not a big issue but I would like to know which is the best procedure to upgrade so that, the next time, I will not have to wait BTSync to reindex everything once again. Can anyone please give me some clues? Also, to keep BTSync updated is it better to install it as described here: Or is better to manually update all the installations to avoid issues that can arise by running different versions? Thank you so much!
  25. Hi Guys, Is anything known on 1.1.82 ? Release notes ?