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Found 8 results

  1. Just a little tip.. BT Sync 2.0.105 and MikroTik are not friends when it comes to uPNP BTS creates the rules fine in the MikroTik - but BTS does not see the rules as enabled - and seems to then ignore traffic incoming from the port. To fix - add manual rules for your transmission ports (UDP & TCP) and disable uPNP from BTS. I don't know who is to blame - but all my other uPNP devices work fine with MikroTik routers.
  2. Hi, I'm getting this error when I check the log on my router. I'm using btsync 1.1.70 on Linux (i386). When I checked which program was using this port (with the command netstat -tulpan), it was btsync. Aug 30 15:11:50 SYL-WRT daemon.notice miniupnpd[452]: Unknown udp packet received from Aug 30 15:26:52 SYL-WRT daemon.notice miniupnpd[452]: Unknown udp packet received from Aug 30 15:41:54 SYL-WRT daemon.notice miniupnpd[452]: Unknown udp packet received from Aug 30 15:56:56 SYL-WRT daemon.notice miniupnpd[452]: Unknown udp packet received from
  3. Hello btsync have wrong implementation of upnp. It works only on networks without routers between network segments. In our case we have follow network organization: Whole network is: This network is divided to subnetworks with 64 host in each other. Now we have 3 subnetworks subnetworks and join to with routers. In we have gateway( to global network. On that gateway work nat, nd upnp server, and btsync client placed in subnetwork When btsync starts it send multicast SSDP discovery(we see this throw wireshark): M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1 HOST: ST:upnp:rootdevice MAN:"ssdp:discover" MX:3 and gateway response to it: HTTP/1.1 200 OK CACHE-CONTROL: max-age=120 ST: upnp:rootdevice USN: uuid:75802409-bccb-40e7-8e6c-60a44c67052b::upnp:rootdevice EXT: SERVER: RT-N56U/ UPnP/1.1 MiniUPnPd/1.8 LOCATION: OPT: ""; ns=01 01-NLS: 1 BOOTID.UPNP.ORG: 1 CONFIGID.UPNP.ORG: 1337 But btsync just ignore this, and doesn't discovers service list:, which have <deviceType>urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:InternetGatewayDevice:1</deviceType> As a result no any port are opened.
  4. After getting BTSync setup and working between two windows 7 machines, I wanted to tighten things down. Among other things I UN-checked UPNP within BTSync, but not my software firewall (Norton). I then removed/tweaked the existing firewall rules (Norton) already created by BTSync to allow all local LAN traffic only. Then later I discovered that BTSync had re-created the firewall rules, even though the UPNP checkbox in BTSync is still unchecked. I'm confused. I thought the point of that checkbox was to enable/disable the applications automatic creation of FW rules. Where did I get my wires crossed?
  5. Whenever I quit then restart btsync, it does not start syncing. Also whenever my wireless connection disconnects and reconnects, btsync fails to sync. My log file shows the following errors: [20140715 18:18:31.321] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [20140715 18:18:36.315] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [20140715 18:18:41.315] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [20140715 18:18:46.311] UPnP: Unable to map port with UPnP. I am running Linux x64 Version 1.3.106 This only happens on the campus wireless network. I cannot change any of the network firewall or router settings. Are there options I can set within btsync or my computer to get it to sync again? I have tried turning on/off NAT UPnP port mapping and changing the listening port. Thanks in advance
  6. I have BtSync set up on a handful of machines and it's working great: Debian 7 (x86) - Debian 7+ (Testing) (x86) - office computer Android 4.2 - Android 4.1 - This machine doesn't work: Debian 7+ (Testing) (x64) - Network setup: Internet > Router, anything on this network BtSync won't work > Router, anything on this network BtSync works fine On the problem machine (, I cannot get anything to connect outside of that subnet. The router has UPnP enabled and netstat shows the btsync is listening, but nothing connects. I can connect/sync if I have both devices on the same network subnet ( but nothing outside of that will connect; I have another router and devices on the range (router IP and they work fine (and the network uses the network as the default gateway). So I have to think the network is allowing traffic through, if the network functions. I've tried using a custom config for btsync, no change;I've ensured UPnP was enabled in my routers (error before this was "Could not map UPnP Port ___ retrying.");I've found the .sync/ folder and tried to create ~/.sync/debug.txt with FFFF inside it, but nothing shows in the logs;I've tried running with --nodaemon but there are no messages being printed to stdout or stderr that I can see (now that "Could not map UPnP..." is resolved)netstat shows the ports listening;there is no local firewall running on this machine at this timeconnections don't work to the next router (downstream) nor over the Internet (upstream) I am out of ideas, can anyone help me?
  7. Hello, I plan to try BT Sync over the internet. My ADSL modem is connected to an Airport Express device, which supports NAT-PMP, while BT Sync supports UPnP. How will BT Sync be able to connect over the internet ? Will I need to define manual port mappings with a static IP address ? I am not a network expert, so some of the things mentioned in the user guide are not clear in my mind.
  8. I may have found a problem with verizon fios and bittorrent sync. anytime bittorrent sync is running, i peridoically (every 5 minutes or less) will lose my internet connection at the router. the router will completely lose all connectivity, almost as if its rebooting. it then reboots itslelf and regains internet activity. this only happens when sync is running. I thought it was a problem with upnp because i read that fios does not play well with upnp, but it still happens after disabling upnp. it actually happened 2x while typing this post. I am running: Linux Ubuntu 12.04LTS x64 BitTorrent Sync Version 1.0.130