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Found 3 results

  1. Just a little tip.. BT Sync 2.0.105 and MikroTik are not friends when it comes to uPNP BTS creates the rules fine in the MikroTik - but BTS does not see the rules as enabled - and seems to then ignore traffic incoming from the port. To fix - add manual rules for your transmission ports (UDP & TCP) and disable uPNP from BTS. I don't know who is to blame - but all my other uPNP devices work fine with MikroTik routers.
  2. Hello btsync have wrong implementation of upnp. It works only on networks without routers between network segments. In our case we have follow network organization: Whole network is: This network is divided to subnetworks with 64 host in each other. Now we have 3 subnetworks subnetworks and join to with routers. In we have gateway( to global network. On that gateway work nat, nd upnp server, and btsync client placed in subnetwork
  3. After getting BTSync setup and working between two windows 7 machines, I wanted to tighten things down. Among other things I UN-checked UPNP within BTSync, but not my software firewall (Norton). I then removed/tweaked the existing firewall rules (Norton) already created by BTSync to allow all local LAN traffic only. Then later I discovered that BTSync had re-created the firewall rules, even though the UPNP checkbox in BTSync is still unchecked. I'm confused. I thought the point of that checkbox was to enable/disable the applications automatic creation of FW rules. Where did I get my wir