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Found 2 results

  1. About how many people are using BitTorrent Sync? I feel like using beta software for such a critical function is questionable. However, the price is right, the functionality is excellent, and at least for me, it works really well. Actually, I should say I think it is working... it's possible there are tons of corrupted files that I just haven't opened yet! If there were 10 other people using this, I wouldn't even consider it. Not enough data to have any confidence that it is reliable. On the other hand, if there were 1 million people using this regularly, I probably wouldn't care much that it is considered "beta". If the ship goes down, at least we'll all go down together. Can BitTorrent tell us about how many people are using BitTorrent sync?
  2. I am running BTSync on a windows 7 machine, and it is syncing about 200k files. The longer version 1.3.105 runs, the more ram it uses until an eventual crash. This happens every other day or so. The user interface also slows down the longer the program is running. This was not an issue in the versions I used. Currently the program has been running for 24hrs and is using ~1.5gb of ram. This is much higher than the estimates that I saw in the FAQ for the number of files I'm syncing. Any help is appreciated.