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Found 6 results

  1. I'm looking for a working solution for a current use case that I have. I run Risilio Sync between two remote locations keeping six various directories in sync. This works very well for the normal amount of files that are added/modified on a regular basis. Every few months there will be a large amount of new files or modifications to files (~1TB) that will originate in one directory or another. Due to the limitations of the WAN speed, this sync could take weeks or months, long enough that the sync wouldn't complete before having another large file dump to sync. Is it possible to copy the directory from the source machine to an external drive and use rsync (linux rsync not Risilio Sync) on the destination directory to add/replace the folders and files in the destination directory, and then resume Risilio Sync operations to keep the directories in sync after that? I will say that I've attempted this procedure a couple of times now, but I fear that I've been copying files that perhaps I shouldn't be to the external drive, like the .sync directory. Perhaps there is an order of operations that would allow this to work successfully. I'm just curious if anyone has tried something like this with any success. Pulling the storage server from Site A to visit Site B for a couple of days for a local sync is hard on the back as it's quite heavy. Thanks in advance for any helpful information.
  2. I would like to connect an external hard drive to my android tv and then be able to have kodi play files off of it. As of yet I am unable to find a way to tell sync to store folder on the harddrive. If anyone has a solution that would be very helpful.
  3. I'm looking at Resilio as a solution for a peculiar problem I'm trying to solve. It boils down to two main points: 1. My data is stored on several devices AND/OR external USB drives. I need to sync not only devices, but HDDs and USB drives. Ideally, it shouldn't matter which of my devices i plug the drives into, for a proper synchronization to happen. 2. My data size is larger than any of the individual devices and drives - they need to be populated in a clever manner, to ensure that data is stored at least on 2 different devices/drives. Ideally, I'd like to be able to know which storage devices a particular file is on, if it's not immediately available, and maybe be warned if a particular newly added file hasn't had time to be distributed into the storage and still exists in only one copy. So... Does Resilio offer such features? Or can they somehow be scripted in, as I see there's some automation possible..?
  4. Hi I was syncing some large files from a host down to my external USB drive and It has stuck at indexing, It currently says: 98% - indexing It has been doing this for hours now I tried pausing and resuming did nothing then I tried disconnecting and removing the sync then deleting the sync folder on the HDD and then I set up the sync again to the same destination and stuck at ( 98% - indexing ) again. Files sizes vary but total 30GB. I looks like it is stuck on the last 2 files that have not started to transfer. Thanks for the reply.
  5. When I have an Android TV (yes, I know not supported but still fully running) I found out that I can backup a folder on an external usbdisk connected to my Android TV, but I cannot add a normal folder from that same external usbdisk. Why is that different? It sounds to me that the file permissions are not the problem, right? I want to have the option to create a folder (from a read/write-key) in that external usbdisk (/storage/usbdisk/media for example). Why? Simple, because I can have my NAS or pc as a source and sync it always with my Android TV without any interaction by me. Due to limitations of Android 5.x or app-limitations (?) I cannot automatically move files from /sdcard (main volume) to /storage/usbdisk while I can backup /storage/usbdisk/media in Bittorrent Sync which implies that it should be possible to do, right? Hope anyone has tips or solutions...and maybe news of upcoming version (that can be sideloaded on Android TV ). Thnx!
  6. Hi, first of all I want to say that I'm really happy to have found BitTorrent Sync. Wonderful stuff! Now I'm trying to set it up in the best way, and my primary question is about re-indexing. As a little server I have a netbook running BTsync, and a NAS storing all my synced files. The NAS is working almost all the time, since BTsync says "indexing...". I assume this takes much longer time on a NAS than it would on a local drive. (I know that I can change the rescan interval, but it still takes a lot of time when the indexing is running.) I find the eternal chewing on the NAS both annoying and worrying. So, here come two alternatives: - If I would use a locally connected USB drive instead of the NAS, would the indexing be much less of an annoyance? Would BTsync even know about the file changes without having to rescan the files? (Dropbox seems to know it. And, as a comparison, the AeroFS guys say that they don't support NAS syncing since the system then doesn't get all the file-change information.) - If I would use a NAS running BTsync instead, like the WD MyBook Live, would it have to re-index my files as much? Or would it work more silently and well-behaving? Speaking of rescan intervals and file-change information in the system - are both always used by BTsync? To put it in another way: if I increase the rescan interval, will BTsync always still react to changes done between rescannings... or does it depend on where the files are stored? Explanations & recommendations very welcome!