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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a maximum number of users I can share/sync a folder with using BTSync? I'm looking for either a hard limit (ie, BT sets a limit) or else a practical limit (ie, performance drops off dramatically when a folder is shared with more than X number of users). I would be interested in any limits both for the Free and Pro versions. The background to my question is that we are developing a private content delivery network utilizing file sharing services, and wanted to check how scalable file sharing is with BTSync. Thank you very much for your input! John
  2. Hi all. I wonder how people here are using BTSync on their NAS. Do you just have 1 webui that you use? But what if you are with 2 persons or a family, you would want each of them to have their own BTSync account (their own WebUI showing only their synced folders/devices), or is that a crazy exotic thought? I have a Cubox-i running GeeXBoX and there is a BTSync package available. But BTSync does not support user accounts (as far as I know). How are you guys doing this now?
  3. I recently came across Bit Torrent Sync and started to wonder if this was the simple answer to a lot of our problems. So before I launch into questions, I'd like to explain our current setup.... Myself and a colleague in the USA, maintain a distribution system for delivering large video files of TV programmes to around thirty countries worldwide. These files range from 2GB to 20GB. At the moment we use a combination of Wuala and Google cloud services. Both cost money, can be buggy on downloading large files and don't really offer much in the way of logging file transfers, maintaining user lists etc. Security is not great since links can be forwarded etc without our knowledge. Not everyone on our list of users has great internet, we send to places like West Africa, South Africa, Australia and Malaysia, where download speeds and upload speeds can vary tremendously. I have use torrents before and found they are an extremely robust way of downloading large files. But I'd appreciate some advice on how we could best set up a network of Sync clients amongst ourselves that leveraged the best of Bit Torrent. One question I have, would it be essential to have several master clients? By this I mean several users who have good speeds, who can maintain a full library of files. If that is the case, I imagine the storage systems would have to be on 24/7 and possibly in a RAID configuration. Are there any helpful tips from other Sync users who can help us set this up in the most secure and well organised fashion. I thank you for reading this long message and welcome comments.
  4. I would like to use it to let my family keep their documents in sync between different machines. I usually leave my account logged in to make it easier to get to things from work. Will there be a problem with more than one person being logged in on the same machine? Will I need to turn off BTSync before anyone else can use it on that machine? Thanks, Phillip