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Found 17 results

  1. Hello from LinuxServer, we used to ingest your latest deb versions from your linux install page but are getting captcha blocked now. I found but this does not correlate to the current deb version: ( Is there a machine endpoint we can hit to determine the latest version of the debs ?
  2. Sync's "Archive" versioning can lead to inflated archive folders if the user updates frequently and the files are of considerable sizes. The existing "sync_trash_ttl" and "max_file_size_for_versioning" options provide little help in practice because they can't be configured per folder. Usually, we don't want to sacrifice the versioning of all other folders just for one particular folder. Please give users more control over versioning: More versioning strategies, such as the ability to limit the max number of versions per file. You can refer to the versioning strategies provided by Syncthing. Allow per folder configuration. Thank you!
  3. User Story: Manually restoring files from .sync/Archive is not as intuitive as having a GUI. In the initial release it might be as simple as: MyModifiedFile.txt Restore a previous version 2018-04-10 10:30 AM 2018-04-10 10:19 AM 2018-04-09 07:50 PM 2018-04-08 02:00 PM MyDeletedFile.txt Restore file In further iterations it might implement a file preview and/or a comparison view. The most important feature regarding this would be the ability to unset the deleted status in database so the file can be re-uploaded from an encrypted peer. Thank you, guys. You did an incredible job.
  4. Hello, Current situation: If you have an encrypted folder with RO access on PC [A], and encryped folder without R/RO access on server . And you delete or modify a file on [A], on the file goes to .sync/Archive, but it cannot be restored or shared with other nodes. I would like to be able to select on a random node , for example [A], to restore files from the archive on an other (encrypted) node, for example .
  5. Goodday, I have a need for selective versioning, at least per share. The case in point is that I have a directory for work ducments and another for VM instances I want to sync between two computers, my desktop ( a fast computer) and my laptop (not as fast, but needed when out in the field , coupled with a backup central NAS server. The image size of the VMs directory totals only 5G (Linux instances but as they run, I have a 6x multiplication in less that 24hours, synching to the central NAS/backup server. Okay, on the NAS (Linux server) I could start a separate btsync instance, but I don't have that facility on the MacOSX machines where I run the VMs on (though only one at a time using the VMs, still both the Desktop and Laptop is on for various other reasons), and to do the sync_trash_ttl globally, I loose my work document history/versioning ;( As such I want a way to specify for a share/directory how much (and or how often) I need to version it instead of for the whole instance. Extending the patch and version size settings to be per directory/share would also be handy in this regard. Come to think about it, it would be nice to also have a way to say that it should only keep a single version per day, instead of for every sync. Would be great if that is extended to a version every hour for the first day etc. but that starts to become a backup policy...
  6. I know that Sync stored earlier file versions in its .sync/Archive folder, but most people using it does not know. People don't read documentation. So I think that when right-clicking a file in Finder (or Explorer) one should be presented with a way of choosing an earlier file version. The dialog should show these fields for each file/folder When was the file created When was it overwritten by the next version Which peer (user+device) had the change that triggered the overwrite/deletion I know that is what proper backups systems are for, but this eases debugging sync issues (which is hard enough as it is), and sending you debug logs every time does not scale :-)
  7. Hi, We. Have tested the access to older versions of office documents, spread over >5 machines. Due to the sync method used there is no "checkout" process and it will happen that document versions have "burried" changes, there are 2 issues with this: A) version numbers do not indicate the same file on all sync clients. This can lead to confusions when cooperating (especially in the same room). not all versions of a saved file are stored local If there would be a configuration switch to just copy all saved versions in a monitored folder to the .syncarchive local changes would also be cept. This might also help to solve issue A).
  8. Hello, I've searched for this topic but I could not find an answer. I read that Resilio Sync does keep old version of modified files in the .sync folder, my questions is, how do I roll-back to an old version of the files? Does it have to be a manual process (renaming and moving each file) or does it have some kind of automated roll back process? I could not find anything about restoring old version on the web ui or web seaching... Thank you.
  9. Hello everyone. I am trying to sync my Lightroom content from my desktop to my laptop for when I'm on the go. The first time, I told the Lightroom catalogue to just stay in it's normal place and I synced it normally. It saves in the user\Pictures folder on Windows. After a few days of working in LR, I saw my server space went from 600gb free to 50gb free. Every change I made in LR, it synced and created a new archive to my server. And since the server saves all changes for 45 days, I'd have hundreds upon hundreds of versions of the LR catalogue. I searched a bit and found this link And it says: I'm not sure if this setting I found above would limit the number of total file size changes? For example, if I set it to 2000, that would give me roughly 2gb of file versions. But what happens after that? If I set it to 5000, and it keeps roughly 5gb of changes, does it begin to delete the OLDEST ones first? Normally I don't mind about the number of file versions, because most images or documents are, at most, 40mb. But my LR catalogue is 900mb, and every time I make 1 stroke or change 1 tiny thing, the whole catalogue gets backed up (which I want), but the number of versions gets out of hand. Are there any solutions anyone could think of? Thank you very much.
  10. Hi, i have several Friends and Famility where i use BTSync to have a backup of their files without requiring them to do anything. Now if i imagine one of them catches an encryption trojan like would i go about restoring them? i have them all set up with a RO copy with activated Archive. so i'd expect all files to show up in .sync\Archive\... but some might have different versions already so i would have to identify the last archived version for each -> the one with the highest *.<Number>.<Extension> or maybe all from a certain Date and Time Range? i guess sooner or later a BTSync user will be hit and it might be nice if there were some guidance or FAQ for that issue. Thanks Rag
  11. Currently, archived versions of files have their original created, modified and accessed timestamps all replaced by the time that the file was archived. While it's useful to know the exact moment the file was moved to the archive, can the MODIFIED timestamp be retained to allow an historical breadcrumb trail? cheers!
  12. I am brand new to BitTorrent Sync and this forum. I have a question about how to handle something I am trying to use this product for. Essentially I am using this to sync up several workstations with one another having a central server containing all data. Each work station will have selected folders based on its specific needs. The issue I have is version control. My understanding is that whoever saves the files last will be the one who retains the file changes and the person who saves first will loose their changes. Another fear I have is if somebody accidentally deletes files or a directory in their environment and the deletion spreads to all environments causing data loss. I thought about using some kind of file indexing or version control system in parallel with BTSync such as git. The issue is that I have millions of files and roughly 500Gb in data total. Git cannot handle that amount of data well and most other centralized version control systems won't really do what Im looking for. One other thing to point out is that the data being stored is all different types of files from office documents, Adobe creative files, source code, compiled files, archived files, sound, video, etc. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do to solve this problem?
  13. Would it be possible to set not only the limit in amount of days that older versions of files are being kept, but also how MANY versions are being kept? I'm currently developing a software and every time i test the code it exports 20 files that according to Sync are newer versions of old files. So i end up having 280 versions of these files. Whatever limit comes first will start deleting the oldest versions. Thank you!!!
  14. Hi guys! I would like to propose a feature: At the moment when i re-save a file in word, it overwrites the file and start synchronizing it to my other devices. There, the old version of the file gets moved to the Sync-archive folder and the new file takes its place. Now i would like the same thing to happen on the first machine, so that when i mistakenly overwrite a file, i don't have to go and get the original file at one of the secondary devices in the network. I can't imagine that's a though feature since it's already doing it for updated files that come from an other machine. Thank you guys and big thanks for an awesome product!
  15. Can I disable the new versioning feature all-together? If so, can it be done on a folder by folder basis?
  16. I noticed that versioned files only appear on the other hosts when something is changed locally. Why is that the case? Why aren't versioned and deleted files stored locally as well as remotely in the .SyncArchive folder? It would be nice to have a full 30 day history on all hosts. Is there any way to achieve that with the software as-is?
  17. Awesome you guys added versioning! This is key and removes the danger of corruption on one computer killing all the others. Is it possible to modify some advanced parameter somewhere to "always keep at least N versions of each file"? This is an additional (very important) safeguard against losing important files, so if it's not implemented I vote it should be! I am concerned about a common scenario with a huge archive shared among many people: a file is quietly deleted or corrupted and I don't notice for 30 days. Gone. I would simply increase 30 days to 5000 days, but then my hard drive will get filled up in a hurry! Thanks in advance, Jack