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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am using the Official Docker container and have multiple mounted_folders setup, for the sake of debugging i will limit that to one. The container is launched via docker-compose, the volume is mounted at launch /start and i can access it with the UI and write data in there (read sync a folder), but all files have root:root ownership. Any idea how to get the ownership of the file within this folder to be the same as the parent mounted folder ? --- According to Docker discussions, the volume will have ownership of the user in the container (which seems to be root here), could this be rlsync instead ? There is a way according to the doc to have this setup with the USER directive in the dockerfile : Docker-compose.yml version: "2" services: sync: image: resilio/sync:latest ports: - "8888:8888" - "55555" volumes: - "./syncdata:/mnt/sync" - "./config:/mnt/sync/config" - "/mnt/myfolder2:/mnt/mounted_folders/myfolder2" restart: always
  2. First of all I must say BTSync is absolutely brilliant! I've been looking for a program like this for a long time and finally it is available ! Most of the time the program does a great job, but I'm having some trouble syncing a large Truecrypt volume of 8GB. I've set Truecrypt to change the timestamp after closing the volume. When I open the encrypted volume and add a tiny textfile (or make a small change to the folder structure) and then close the volume again, BTSync picks up the change and starts indexing. After a while a new event is shown in the History tab stating 'Updated file'. So, I made a small change to my Truecrypt volume on the 'source machine' and BTSync stated that the volume was updated. But when I open the volume on the 'target' machine there is no change (MD5 checksums of both files are different). It seems like in this case BTSync is able to detect a change in the file, but isn't able to detect the blocks that are changed. Is there anyone who can explain what is going wrong. What can I do to fix this issue (or have this issue fixed by the BT-team)? Thanks in advance!