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Found 1 result

  1. In my own LAN with 2x i386, 4x APK and 2x Windows 8.1 BTSync works fairly ok. Yesterday I did start a new experience. I did order a vServer with 2GB guaranteed/4GB dynamic RAM, 200GB harddrive, 2 vCores. Without any additional configuration I copied the current x64 version of BTSync to that machine (Debian 6) and did start to sync. I did use encrypted shares (API) to test the results. After some time the vServer did freeze. Within 36 hours the vServer crashed three times, once with the host system coming down. After some talk with the technical staff I was told that btsync did use DCachesize to the vServers limit. Lots of failcnts did lead to the vServer crashes. The last employee told me "[...] perhaps a vServer is no good idea for BTSync [...]". As I said, I'm using un-encrypted shares on my two i386 machines (Slackware, 4GB each) without any problems. I'm holding 16 shares, with the biggest size share holding 40GB and the max count of files in one share is 18,000. Any ideas? Any hints are highly appreciated. Will the x64 use much more ressources than i386? Thanks in advance. *EDIT*: What I forgot to say: Not all files/shares were copied when the problems started. There were 6 peers connected - if that matters.