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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I'm trying to always have synchronized a folder between my NAS and my smartphone. I usually do any kind of operations with files and folders on both devices. I don't need a cloud, but just what Resilio is supposed to be. So I’m using MyCloud with BitTorrent (synchronizing a folder in an ext4 filesystem) and a Samsung S7 with Resilio Sync (synchronizing a folder in an exFAT filesystem on a mSD card). Apparently, all is working fine … but when I pay attention, is not working exactly as it should. I can create/delete/move folders in both devices (smartphone and WDNAS) and changes are coherent and fast. However, when I move files on smartphone, those files, instead of being moved, appears like same files but with “.bts” extension and 0 bytes in my WDNAS and if I create a file o copy a new file to the shared folder in my smartphone, it’s not copied to my WDNAS. The inverse action (WDNAS to SMARTPHONE) is working fine both, folders and files. So, the issue is related only with FILES when I MOVE or CREATE new ones. Even if I force a synchronization from “Sync” on my smartphone, file operations (except delete) are not synchronized. I don’t understand what’s the problem with files. "Selective Sync" is disabled and, as you can see on attached captured images, curiosly in "Details", ALWAYS appears "Last synchronization: Still no syncrhonized" (even if I force synchronization). What am I doing wrong?
  2. Hi, All! I'm using btsync with version on WD My Cloud Single bay NAS unit. These days, btsync has logged strange error messages in sync.log file per an hour.. error messages are as follows: How could I solve it??? Thanks for any help...
  3. Hi, All~~ I have used btsync (v2.3.7.451) on "WD My Cloud" single bay (f/w version is v4.x) Via various topics in many communities, I get to know that a lot of users faced to and solved the problem about the power-saving mode of nas using btsync... And I keep up with various solutions for this tricky issue, too But.... Unfortunately, as a result my nas drive do not sleep... NEVER SLEEP while btsync is running.. :-( All configurations of btsync to solve it are absolutely set correct .... so far as I know.... - use_upnp, enable_journaling are disable - folder_rescan_interval, config_refresh_interval and config_save_interval is set to 86400 (1 day) what more should be changed??? Thanks in any advance.... Some logs and config are as follows... Additionally, I attached the result of lsof command for btsync, executing "lsof | grep btsync" when btsync was running 1. btsync.conf is My nas is continuously awake on, Even though "folder_rescan_interval", "config_refresh_interval" and "config_save_interval" is set to zero (stands for disable), 2. sync.log is btsync was started at 00:44:41 and then, stopped at 05:37:49.... Furthermore, "use_upnp" option is disable and "debug logging mode" is off (debug.txt in storage folder has zero value) so the log of btsync is way too simple as you can see from above messages... 3. /var/log/user.log is From system log (/var/log/user.log), I found that my nas never sleep while btsync is running... But After stopping btsync daemon, my nas gets some sleep ordinarily if free.... lsof_result_for_btsync.log
  4. I just moved this topic to "Troubleshooting" category.. please, follow this link.
  5. Hi, i managed to install sync on the western digital my cloud ex 2 with ssh. Here you can find the procedure: Now i'm making some try and i'm stuck in a strange behavious: if i create a sync from the nas to a pc it goes great. if i create a sync from the pc to the nas (which is the main reason i made this) it told me: "Not enough free space on the drive" can you tell me why?
  6. My WD My Cloud was powered off the other day, and while I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the issue I'm having now, I figured I'd mention it. Suddenly, no folders display in the UI for the drive (IP Address:8888 in my browser), and when I attempt to add a new folder I get this popup: No matter how long I let it sit (originally under the thought that it was processing and would load the folders), nothing ever loads in the popup. Do I have to do something to refresh BitTorrent Sync? It's obviously installed on the drive otherwise I wouldn't be seeing that screen at all, but I'm not sure what would have happened to not only remove all of my shared folders but also to not allow me to add new folders.
  7. To start, I'm on OS X Mavericks using a WD My Cloud 3TB drive connected to my router. I was able to install BitTorrent Sync with the help of RoyW's post here: My issue now is setting up the proper directories to sync. When I add a folder in BTSync, I get this screen: So here, I would set the destination folder - which would need to be the folder on my My Cloud drive I want to sync TO (as the target folder). Of course, when I access BTSync through my My Cloud device and add a folder, I see this screen: Since this is through the My Cloud device, it only sees folders on the drive itself. My issue here is that I would be selecting the same folder twice. My workflow should work like this: [folder on desktop] ==syncs to==> [folder on my My Cloud] However, I seem to only be able to setup this workflow: [folder on My Cloud] ==syncs to==> [folder on desktop] If I set the destination folder to my desktop folder in BTSync (first screenshot), then add the My Cloud folder (second screenshot), it syncs beautifully from My Cloud to my desktop folder. However, that's the exact opposite of what I want, and it doesn't sync both ways (as in, if I add a file to my desktop folder, it will not send it to My Cloud; if I add a file to My Cloud, it will send it to my desktop). The software is great and easy to navigate, but I feel like this one hurdle is stopping me from using it for the purposes I need. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!