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Found 5 results

  1. With WD's latest firmware release (4.x) btsync arm version won't run anymore. To my understanding it needs to be rebuilt for their Debian 64k page size (previously it was 4k page size) firmware. Can BitTorrent help out? Or is source available?
  2. I have recently moved my shared folders to a WD Mycloud Mirror Gen 2. The NAS contains three folders: Documents, Audiobooks and Movies. Both documents and audiobooks are rather small ( about 10gb each). Movies is much bigger ( about 1TB). If I start sync on my notebook, it finds my smartphone and tablet immediately. The documents and audiobooks folders from the NAS turn up after ~30 seconds. It takes several minutes until the WD Mycloud is shown as a peer for the movies folder (just checked: 7 minutes !). Indexing the folders has finished. The problem persists even days after first registering the shared folders on the nas. This happens over WLAN in the same network and over two remote networks. The NAS is definitely online: I could download a file via the wdmycloud web portal. Transferring files from the NAS doesn't work either: I could upload and download an audiobook. But for movies the connection seems broken. After the notebook found the NAS as a peer for the movies folder, it started reproducing the folder structure ( no actual files - selective sync), but even this couldn't be finished. I organised the movies into different categories. Half of those folders are now allocated in the sync/movies directory on my notebook. The other half has not appeared yet. Transferring a file prompts "the file will transfer as soon as a peer comes online" and that never happens. As soon as I doubleclick on a placeholder, the WD Mycloud Mirror disappears from the list of peers.
  3. Hello everyone, New to BTS, this forum and Linux! I have BTSync up and running just fine with My Cloud EX2, iOS8 and Windows 8.1. Very nice tool! I've searched high and low for a solution to enable BTS on (restart) boot up for the WD My Cloud EX2 NAS device and cannot find one that will work. I've tried various solutions but ultimately the EX2 doesn't have the chkconfig or update-rc.d commands/modules. I'm running the latest BTS client and WD firmware on the EX2. uname -r - 3.2.40 uname -a - Linux Cloud 3.2.40 #3 Tue Jul 29 18:09:51 CST 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux Thanks for your time and any help you can provide!
  4. I have been using BitTorrent Sync Version (1.3.106) on my WD MyCloud NAS for the last few months with no issues, until a few weeks ago when I inadvertantly updated my iOS Sync app to 1.4.71. Now I can no longer seem to back up my camera roll. It looks at my camera roll and estimates the size but then just stays in that state and never seems to back anything up. In the web UI for Btsync on the WD drive, it shows that the iOS app has connected, but on the iOS app it displays "0 devices connected". I assume this is because I need to update the BitTorrent Sync app on my WD MyCloud, but from the threads I read in this forum, it no longer can be installed using the ARM version? Is there a way to resolve this, or do I have to just give up and find another way to back up my camera roll? It seems there is no official support for WD drives (though WD does seems to have APIs for 3rd parties to build apps on top of for MyCloud). Any thoughts/advice?
  5. Hello, So I set up all my syncs in Windows (3 different directories, one of which has over 200,000 files in it and is approx 330GB). After everything was done, I was left with three .db files in... C:\Users\{some user}\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync I copied the same Windows directories to MyBook Live which was mounted as a drive in Windows. The idea being to 'seed' the initial sync. I took the above mentioned .db files (one for each sync'ed directory) and put them the the .sync directory on MyBook Live. Before doing that, I updated the .db files using the Firefox SqlLite plug-in (basically opened the .db file and issued, 'update files set path = replace(path, '\', '/');' - thanks to; Started up btsync on MyBook Live, pulled up the UI, which was (and is) very slow but eventually told me everything was synced (without the seeding it looks like it may have taken a number of months to do so). However, in the web UI, it still says the 330GB directory is indexing (on MyBook Live), yet I see no change in the size of the associated .db (the one brought over from Windows), .db-shm or .db-wal files (even though, on the latter two, the timestamp does get updated). Actually, on all the .db-shm files, the length is the same; 32768. Given that I have ssh access to MyBook Live, from the command line, how can I tell that indexing is going on and how do I tell how much longer its going to go on for (ps -ef, naturally, does not give me this information) Also, can btsync 'chew gum and walk at the same time', i.e. can it sync one directory and index another at the same time or does this have to happen consecutively. As this is effectively a one way sync, from Windows to MyBook Live, I assume that on the MyBook Live instance, I should not even have to index and can therefore set folder_rescan_interval to its maximum amount. Thanks, Matthew