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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm evaluating Resilio Sync and plan to get the Home Pro version. Yet I have a question: So I can get my documents on all devices. It works very well. But is it possible to access them from another device, from a web interface? For instance on someone else's computer or from a cyber café ? I did setup the WebUI by modifying the conf file but I must be missing something: I don't really see the point to remotely manage the software settings. I can see a list of my folders but I can't open them or browse them.I mean I surely can smb:// or vnc:// but the idea is to get to those files the easiest way possible, that is through a Web interface as I can do with Plex that uses the static server IP and a specific port Could anyone enlighten me? Thanks
  2. Hi there, i've got a small Problem: I want Sync to use a Proxy Server, but as soon as I input the data of the Proxy in the Web Ui there's a yellow warning sign wich says " Restart Sync for the Canges to apply" . But I just don't know how to Restart Sync on my WD EX2 Ultra Nas without restarting the NAS because that doesn't Save the Canges
  3. While the Linux client is web UI only, there doesn't seem to be a web UI option for Mac or Windows. Is it possible to set up a web UI for Mac/Windows? I run a headless Mac server, so not having a web UI is kind of annoying for me...
  4. I have broken the web UI on my Ubuntu 14.1 installation of Btsync, and I can't figure out how to get it back. I was playing around with file permissions, because I have Btsync and SAMBA accessing the same folders, this was creating file permission issues with who owns them. But I figured it out, just as I got it working, the WebUI stopped working. I get a password prompt I type in my password, and I get a blank page. I have tried to reconfigure BTsync several times, I have tried to change port number and IP address binding, web user log in and password but nothing has worked so far. I even removed btsync and installed it again, but it looks like there are config files that still remain. Any ideas? As far as I can tell syncing works just fine, I just can't change anything because of the lack of UI Thanks
  5. Hi, I've just installed the most recent bittorrent sync server version (using the ubuntu package btsync). A default config file was created in /etc/btsync. The web UI is running and started via upstart as root process. The --config parameter of the btsync process is directing to the /etc/btsync config file. However, none of the setting changes, applied in the web UI, are reflected in the /etc/btsync config file. Where is the web UI storing all the config data e.g. keys, shared folders, advanced settings like disabling LAN lookup? Thanks for any hints, Best Numa P.S.: Bittorrent Sync Version 1.1.82; Ubuntu 12.04.02 LTS. Package used from tuxpoldo/btsync-deb repository