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  1. Hi, I am looking to integrate our Resilio setup (running a Sync Business license) with some existing workflows. Is there a way to deep link to various parts of the WebUI? Such as the peer list for a particular share, where I could be watching the sync progress. Or the history page with a search filter applied for a particular peer name or user seat? The only URL I'm aware of is the /gui/ path, but since it's all a web app I'm wondering if there are any undocumented tricks.
  2. Hello! I got a weird problem as the title described. Here are details: 1. Environment OS: Ubuntu server 18.04.2 Resilio-Sync: 2.6.3(1340) License: Home Pro IP: ufw Status: inactive Config file: $HOME/.config/resilio-sync/config.json { "storage_path" : "/home/[USER]/.config/resilio-sync/storage", "pid_file" : "/home/[USER]/.config/resilio-sync/", "directory_root" : "/data/", "webui" : { "listen" : "" } } I run rslsync as my user, so the /usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service is: [Unit] Description=Resilio Sync service Documentation= [Service] Type=forking Restart=on-failure PIDFile=%h/.config/resilio-sync/ ExecStart=/usr/bin/rslsync --config %h/.config/resilio-sync/config.json ExecStartPre=/etc/resilio-sync/ ExecStartPost=/bin/sleep 1 [Install] 2. Problems Can not access Web UI, unless I connected to the OpenSSH server or some program(run in background as my user too) listen on other port([what_ever_port]). Other services like Nginx or Redis are works fine. But they are not run under my user privilege, so I guess maybe there is the problem. ~# Before SSH connection ▶ curl -k -v * Trying * TCP_NODELAY set * Connection failed * connect to port 8888 failed: Connection refused * Failed to connect to port 8888: Connection refused * Closing connection 0 curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 8888: Connection refused ~# After SSH connected ▶ curl -k -v * Trying * TCP_NODELAY set * Connected to ( port 8888 (#0) > GET /gui HTTP/1.1 > Host: > User-Agent: curl/7.54.0 > Accept: */* > < HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently < Connection: close < Location: /gui/ < * Closing connection 0 BUT, I got an old RaspberryPi 2, which have the same rslsync configuration, and it works fine in the lan(2.5.13(1301) Old Person License). Any one technical support would be thankful! I bought the early personal license and lately Home Pro license at last year. So I think this is not a harsh demand. @Helen @cmeisel
  3. Hi, Am a new user but loving the look and feel of Resilio sync. Been trying for the last day or two to get it up and running on my NAS but am having no success in accessing the webui. I installed the Linux ARM version onto my NSA 325. It's not an officially supported NAS but this build should work fine. I think I have installed it correctly and it appears to be running (as I can trigger messages such as: Resilio Sync is already running with pid 5097 No matter what IP address I use though I cannot access the webui to set anything up. Based on various forum threads I have tried the addresses listed below. All result in a failed to load/find page message. I have also tried restarting my NAS. Any advice? (IP address of my NAS) Thanks, Stuart
  4. Hello, is it possible to configure the WebUI to listen to ipv4 and ipv6? In other web apps on my Synology Diskstation I was able to set a configuration to sth like [::]. Best, Matt
  5. Hello, It's been a while since I set up Resilio Sync as a service on my computer, and now I've forgotten my username and password. I see instructions online for dealing with forgotten password. How does one deal with forgotten username? Thanks!
  6. Hi! It will be great to give a possibility to select which measure to use (Bytes, KBytes etc). It's very useful to use bytes if You have to be absolutely sure that everything is totally synced. Of course, I can edit utils.js but...
  7. Is there really no way to enable/force the webui of the linux btsync to use https/ssl? This is a gaping security hole for a software trying to take pride in security and privacy. That might be fine for communication over a private, trusted network but it's wholly unacceptable for communication over the public internet. I have a remote server I've been using for offsite backup and I've now realized that the credentials to the webui and all my 'secrets' have been transmitted in plaintext on the open internet. Great. As a workaround I can change all my secrets, disable the webui, and exclusively do remote configuration on a config file via ssh, but still... wtf?
  8. Hey guys, for some reason, I'm trying to start Sync in configuration mode (Win64), using this config: { "storage_path" : "./sync", "device_name": "my-device", "agree_to_EULA" : "yes", "check_for_updates" : false, "use_gui": true, "use_upnp" : true, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "rate_limit_local_peers": false, "lan_encrypt_data": false, "sync_max_time_diff": 172800, "peer_expiration_days": 3, "folder_defaults.use_relay": true, "folder_defaults.use_tracker": true, "folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast": true, "sync_trash_ttl": 1, "send_statistics": false, "enable_journaling": false, ... This was working fine a while ago with BTsync 1.4 and 2.0. Now I am running into two weird problems: - Sync want's to create a new identity every time - but successfully creates database and other files in ./sync - If I activate the webui-listener, Sync always opens a webbrowser with the webif every time (which I really don't need), even if I enable the local gui The Sync.log says: [2017-07-29 02:12:10.055] Set new identity: blah blah blah [2017-07-29 02:12:10.060] Unable to add identity 'blah blah blah' to DB, DB is NULL [2017-07-29 02:12:10.060] WebUISession call callback 43, ListeningSyncEvents = 1 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.062] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:10.062] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: disconnect master folder [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: no master folder [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: set secret [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] MD[init]: Master Folder: create [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] MD[init]: Master Folder: failed to create 101 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] Master Folder Controller: cannot create master folder (error: 101) [2017-07-29 02:12:10.120] ZIP: Can't locate [version.json] in zip, error -100. [2017-07-29 02:12:10.784] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:11.662] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares And here the content of the ./sync -folder: 11702313193513589557.1501194522.journal 17022159861700389248.1501194591.journal 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db-shm 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db-wal 5685992543831202687.1501276309.journal A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db-shm A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db-wal BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db-shm BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db-wal debug.txt FileDelayConfig history.dat history.dat.old http.port [ie] settings.dat settings.dat.old storage.db storage.db-shm storage.db-wal sync.dat sync.dat.old sync.log Can someone help me with this time-killer?
  9. Hello, My WebUI was working ok, and then, stop (the firewall is off). I restarted the resilio-sync service, unsuccessfully. I am not using a config file. The /etc/resilio-sync/config.json is: "storage_path" : "/var/lib/resilio-sync/", "pid_file" : "/var/run/resilio-sync/", "webui" : { "listen" : "" } } I restarted the service using service resilio-sync restart and got: platform: Linux 4.4.73-18.17-default #1 SMP Fri Jun 23 20:25:06 UTC 2017 (f462a66) x86_64 version: [00:40:26.824] Debug log mask has been set to FFFFFFFF [00:40:26.824] Features mask has been set to 0 [20170719 00:40:26.825] ZIP: Can't locate [version] in zip, error -100. [20170719 00:40:26.825] I! Configuration from file "/etc/resilio-sync/config.json" has been applied [20170719 00:40:26.827] test sha1: [20170719 00:40:26.827] test sha2: [20170719 00:40:26.827] test aes: [20170719 00:40:26.827] diskio_controller created [20170719 00:40:26.847] register diskio completion queue with id 1 [20170719 00:40:26.847] PLC[0x000055a67c987830] binding on [20170719 00:40:26.847] D! 20PeerListenConnection::listen[0x000055a67c987830][8] bound listening socket 8 to IP [20170719 00:40:26.847] PLC[0x000055a67c987870] binding on [::]:27946 [20170719 00:40:26.847] D! 20PeerListenConnection::listen[0x000055a67c987870][9] bound listening socket 9 to IP [::]:27946 [20170719 00:40:26.847] UDP: bound listening socket 10 to IP [20170719 00:40:26.847] UDP: bound listening socket 11 to IP [::]:27946 [20170719 00:40:26.847] D! 20HttpListenConnection::listen[0x000055a67c987b00][12] bound listening socket 12 to IP [20170719 00:40:26.850] register diskio completion queue with id 2 [20170719 00:40:26.850] Create diskio thread for drive with id 5272119522, path: [20170719 00:40:26.850] Create diskio thread for drive with id 5039643985, path: [20170719 00:40:26.851] diskio thread start, drive_id = 5272119522, priority = normal [20170719 00:40:26.851] Create diskio thread for drive with id 4432129754, path: [20170719 00:40:26.851] diskio thread start, drive_id = 5039643985, priority = normal [20170719 00:40:26.851] Create diskio thread for drive with id 4998927302, path: [20170719 00:40:26.851] diskio thread start, drive_id = 4432129754, priority = normal [20170719 00:40:26.851] diskio thread start, drive_id = 4998927302, priority = normal [20170719 00:40:26.851] IPv6 is installed ...... Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Camps
  10. I installed resillio in linux (running feren OS 2017.) following the intructions given in help page It was successful and much more simplified. I almost synced 98% of all my files. My laptop ran out of battery and I had to restart my session. But when I tried to log back in to the webUI,my password and username was not accepted. I am 1000% sure my password was correct and I even verified it as my browser saved it. I tried many other combinations like default password (googled it for resilio),none worked. So I removed it and purged all the config files,deleted all the .sync files...logged out and logged back in....restarted laptop...but every time I install it,even without giving password (for the new installation),it asks again and I cant access webUI. I tried to edit config file but nothing worked...I deleted the settings.old thing as I found in the help page here....none is repeatedly asking for username and password which first of all I correctly giving and even in new installation after completely removing it,still asking again and again....what can I do? It took 6 hours for me to get to this...I am very new to linux...sorry for my bad english... Pls note that the very first intallation was successful and everything kept running well....I am using resilio in android and windows for a very long time....just hopped into linux and finding it buggy...
  11. I run into the problem that the web ui is no longer loading, reading from the logs the program is running properly and syncing folders. I doubt it's because I have too many folders, the CPU and RAM consumption is rather low, around 1%~5% I'm using chrome to visit the web ui, also tried safari. The sync service is running on CoreOS inside a container. Logs contain sensitive information, not sure if suitable for posting publicly.
  12. I'm trying to configure on freeBSD. but I can't access the webUI. Anything I'm missing? I've set up the config file by going "./rslsync --dump-sample-config > sync.conf," making my desired edits, then restarting rslsync by going "killall rslsync" and then "./rslsync" what's the problem?
  13. I've been beating my head against the wall for 2 days straight trying to get this to work. I've performed a fresh installation of btsync. From what I can read, after the install, the webui should be available immediately after install so that it can be configured further. However, I can't get it to show up at all. Here is my config: { "storage_path" : "/var/lib/btsync/", "vendor": "tuxpoldo", "display_new_version": false, "disk_low_priority" : true, "lan_encrypt_data" : true, "rate_limit_local_peers" : false, "folder_rescan_interval" : 600, "folder_defaults.delete_to_trash" : true, "folder_defaults.use_dht" : false, "folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast" : true, "folder_defaults.use_relay" : true, "folder_defaults.use_tracker" : true, "folder_defaults.known_hosts" : "", "webui" : { "directory_root" : "/home/rtorrent/btsync", "listen" : "", "force_https" : false, "ssl_certificate" : "/etc/btsync/debconf-default.crt", "ssl_private_key" : "/etc/btsync/debconf-default.key" } } I do have some weird errors in sync.log: [20160808 13:58:39.652] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152 [20160808 13:58:39.653] Using IP address [20160808 13:58:39.655] Loading config file version 2.0.93 [20160808 13:58:39.655] My PeerID: 1099EC3D946C79DD30A8BC5F7AB749FDBB9D16D7 [20160808 13:58:43.878] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [20160808 13:58:48.883] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [20160808 13:58:51.887] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP. [20160808 13:58:53.888] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [20160808 13:58:58.894] UPnP: Unable to map port with UPnP. I suspect the problem is where it says it is using IP address, but I have no idea why it would do that. This application is installed on a headless VPS running Ubuntu 14.04 x64.
  14. I am trying to install the latest version of btsyc on a CentOS 6.5 headless server. I cannot reach the WebUI. I configured the webui on port 65000. This is confirmed by the command line reply when I start the service: The service itself is configured to run on port 8888. When I run `lsof -Pnl +M -i4`, I get the following output: btsync 25687 500 9u IPv4 536416051 0t0 TCP *:8888 (LISTEN) btsync 25687 500 10u IPv4 536416052 0t0 UDP *:8888 btsync 25687 500 13u IPv4 536416060 0t0 UDP *:3838 Nothing else seems to be listening on 65000. I tried `netstat -tulpn` as well and the results are the same. I added a rule to iptables and `Iptables -L` returns (among others): But to make sure I tried to run it while the iptables service was completely switched off, and I still could not get any different results. The logfile sows the following: I tried to run webui on a different port, the result is the same. I also tried to bind the webui on my server's IP address instead of, same result. Any ideas? [Update] So I started this whole process again with a default config and on port 8888 and now it worked. As a recommendation for people in the future who have such an issue, try to use this command here: curl -k -v to see if the server is running from the server's command line. It should show a quite long bunch of HTML if the server is running properly. If that works, try to amend the config file from there on
  15. Hello Everbody, i wish the WEB UI for the Android APP. i have more old Smartphones which can i use as a server, but i can't configure btsync remote with my pc and so i must get the smartphone from the cabinet. i hope the WEB UI can be integrated quickly in the android app. best regards.
  16. Hi all. I wonder how people here are using BTSync on their NAS. Do you just have 1 webui that you use? But what if you are with 2 persons or a family, you would want each of them to have their own BTSync account (their own WebUI showing only their synced folders/devices), or is that a crazy exotic thought? I have a Cubox-i running GeeXBoX and there is a BTSync package available. But BTSync does not support user accounts (as far as I know). How are you guys doing this now?
  17. Hi all I have been using btsync on my raspberry pi for a while now and have found it to run very well. Lately I changed over to the official repo for the deb packages and at the same time updated btsync and my system. Now I can no longer access the webui and I also when I try to run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure btsync" it just thinks for about 10 seconds then shows a new line in the prompt. Btsync is still running when i check with systemctl and it is syncing with my desktop successfully however I would like to be able to run the configuration and access the webui. Thanks!
  18. Hey Guys - I've got a basic question to ask, please. I subscribe to BTSync Pro and recently reinstalled the OS (Windows 10 x64) on one of my PCs. When installing BTSync, I saw that I had the option to install it as a service so did so. I set the credentials and am able to access the WebUI via http://localhost:8888. When trying to access the same WebUI from other systems on my LAN (http://newpchostname:8888), it does not work. I looked all through the preferences, advanced preferences, and searched online to find out how (if possible) to enable LAN system access, but so far haven't had luck. So - is there a way to make BTSync for Windows installed as a service accessable from other LAN PCs? My current guess is that the binding would have to be changed, but am not 100% of the format it needs to be in for Windows. The PC it's installed on is pretty basic and just has a single ethernet NIC, bluletooth, and WiFI as adapters. Thanks!
  19. The web UI for selective sync is decent but has one quirk I'd appreciate cleaned up. If a deep subfolder is set to sync, you cannot later mark the parent folder to start syncing without removing all subfolders that are currently syncing. eg: If I have a share with this folder tree with joined as selective sync: Foo/ +-Bar/ +-Baz/ If I decide to set Bar to sync that folder will start to sync as desired. (good so far) Later if I decide I want Foo to sync I have no UI controls to start syncing it unless I find Bar and pick "remove from this device", exit the sync picker UI, and open the sync picker UI again. The above can be a negative if Bar contains large files and the above process results in deleting those files only to re-sync them shortly thereafter. Ultimately, the sync picker UI I'd like is similar to what CrashPlan has with a tree view and check boxes that let me navigate a tree quickly and set the include points and uncheck any exclude points.
  20. Previously I was asked me to wait for until an update to the web UI about a bug I was having with cookies. With 1.3.105 the problem is still there. I've boiled the problem down to the smallest test case I can. Basicly if there is a cookie with a name that ends with "GUID" the HTTP request for the web UI errors with "invalid request" for me. Doesn't matter what the cookie value is. Test script: Sample output: Repeat of this post.
  21. Hi. Following the instructions from these forums, I managed to install theBitTorrent Sync in my WD My Book Live. Initially everything was running fine and the Web UI would show the folders being synched and any ongoing activity. Recently however, although the synchronization process is running, when I open the Web UI it is empty. I mean, no folders are displayed. Also, if I try to add a new folder, the "browse folder" button does not work. I found some instructions in the forums for having BitTorrent Sync automatically start with the NAS server and tried to apply them (these ones), but that didn't work. I'm wondering if I messed up something while trying to do that or when manually executing it after restarting the NAS. Do you have any idea of what may be happening? Why does the Web UI page open, but does not display any of my folders? Now I can't manage the folders being synched. Thanks a lot.
  22. I think it could be useful to set a custom selection of columns on the webui (linux) and to keep it in a persistent way until a new configuration is set. Thank you.
  23. Hi guys, I am having a strange problem, after I ran some updates (I think) on my ubuntu server that is running btsync on I am unable to access the webui. When I go to or all I get is "invalid request". It was all working fine before but now I can't seem to be able to access it no matter what I do. My other btsync devices are still connected to that server so it is working as it should. Only the webui is broken. Do you guys have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks, Gilli
  24. After successfully setting up sync on multiple devices without any problems I ran into the problem that I no longer have access to the webui on my linux server. I tried changing the configuration file username/password but it doesn't take this since I used the webui to change the username/password which I assume has precedence over the config file. Any suggestions on how to tackle this are appreciated
  25. How do I set the webui port for Windows for version 2.0? When I run an instance with /webui, it runs on port 8888. If two users run, it tries to bind to port 8888 twice, and the second one fails.