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Found 19 results

  1. I searched the forum to try to find a solution for a problem where RS uses 100% disk while syncing causing other processes to slow to a crawl and couldn't find anything. This is when the files being synced are on the system disk (C: normally), or a partition on the same physical disk as the system disk such PCs with a single hard disk. By chance, I found another entry that mentioned going into preferences (the cog wheel) in the Resilio Sync window, clicking on "open power user preferences" and changing the "Disk_low_priority" entry to TRUE. This has fixed my problems with the machines grinding to a halt while RS is syncing files .
  2. Hello all at Resilio, I am writing to let you know that ever since the most recent update 2.5.12, the resilio sync after each start takes really long and lags and sometimes gets unresponsive when just starting up the sync program. This has not happened before and only recently started acting up. Is there anything I can do to maybe "optimize" this program or is there some setting I am missing. Can you please direct me to the right resource or location so I can resolve this. Been using this program since BitTorrent Sync and it has come a long way. Appreciate any help on this matter and thanks in advance to those that do respond. Best regards, Fellow Resilio Sync User
  3. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and every time I launch the desktop gui program all I get is a blank white screen.
  4. I have two repeatable issues where Sync seems to think it should be copying files or touching files when it doesn't seem to need to... or maybe is should just be waiting a couple seconds to allow other tasks to finish before it tries to jump in. 1) If I copy files into a synced folder (for example adding a new folder of songs to an mp3 folder that syncs across computers in my house) as it is copying, sync will complain one by one that the files are locked by another program. I even put sync in "pause" and sync still continued to complain the files were locked even though it wasn't actually syncing anything at that time. Shouldn't pause actually stop sync from indexing or doing anything? 2) At work I have a synced folder on my work laptop (syncs back to the home computer) that I save a new document file into almost every day. Every time I save into that folder Sync complains that the file is locked by another program. That laptop is not connected to the internet most of the time I'm working on the file, so it can't sync anything at that time but it still complains. I understand it might be indexing the files in the folder, but why does it care if the file is locked since it can't do any syncing at that moment? Both of the times, Sync reports that the file being copied or being saved is locked by another program. It is quite annoying and Windows 10 notification panel gets hit with a report for the locked file(s). I'm not sure why sync is immediately acting on the files while another program is working on saving or copying into the synced folder. Perhaps it could just wait a little bit before acting on the new file(s). Or maybe sync doesn't need to complain about the files as the files will sync just fine once the files are finished being copied or the files is saved. Is there a way to turn off or not get notified about this? Thanks!
  5. I finally upgraded my little AWS Cloud sync server to Resilio Sync because it wasn't properly syncing with the client. However I seem to have an issue setting up a sync system with the new client - abut two out of three times when I try to manually add a folder (e.g. Options > Manual Connections > Add the key > Select a Folder), when it gets to the Select a Folder portion it hangs, (not responding). Once it's done that, Resilio Sync is done talking about it - killing and reopening either windows explorer or Resilio Sync itself doesn't fix what's broken, I have to completely restart Windows, and I can almost never add two folders at a time - the second one will break it again. Reinstalling Resilio Sync also has no effect on this. Obviously I'm not having any such issue with other programs et al. Nor am I having issues on linux. At some point I did manage to convince myself that it seems to be a problem with opening in the 'This PC' Folder, but I honestly don't recall what convinced me of that at the time. Any assistance you might render, Thank you, Jonnan
  6. I had Windows 8 before, and after the update failed, the computer was locked. now I'm going to reinstall the system. I don't know that the system will be better. Windows 7 or Windows 10 , Thank you for your advice
  7. Friends I run Windows 10 Pro and have the free Resilio Sync version 2.5.9 installed. I have a problem with the autostarting of the program. I would like for it to NOT start automatically, but even with the "Start Resilio Sync on Startup" unchecked it still comes up every time. It slows down my comp startup even more when it is already slow, so I do not want it to start up unless I need it. What can be done? Thanks Calle
  8. I'm thinking of downloading Resilio Sync, but I have a few questions first. Basically, what I'd like to be able to do is use Resilio Sync to keep my local My Documents folder synced with either a Cryptomator or Veracrypt vault stored in my local cloud folder (be it for Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). In more detail, what I'd like to do is drag copies of individual files and file folders that I'd like to keep backed up into my Cryptomator/Veracrypt vault and have any changes I make to the local version of those files synced with the copies stored in the vault. I don't want to work directly out of Cryptomator or Veracrypt, I still want to be able to work with my files locally. I want all of this to be done automatically for me - I've heard that some sync tools have the ability to periodically unlock your Cryptomator or Veracrypt vaults in order to sync changes between the files inside the vault and the local copies of those files. I'm wondering if Resilio Sync has this capability. If Resilio Sync can do what I just described, I'd also like to know how Resilio Sync functions with blocked permissions. I really don't like how Resilio Sync is closed-source, but I'd still like to try it out because I've heard its so user friendly and well maintained compared to most of the competition. When I want to use closed-source software but don't feel entirely comfortable with the privacy implications though, I'll sometimes set up a firewall rule to block outbound connections for that software. If I do this with Resilio Sync, will it still function properly, considering that I'm looking to sync between files and folders technically stored on the same machine? I can't imagine why Resilio Sync would need to be able to ping home if all the syncing I'm doing is done on the same machine. Also, I've heard some talk of Resilio Sync having issues with randomly deleting files. Are these claims unfounded? If not, are the deleted files simply moved to the recycle bin? I just got a little nervous reading about this. Does it sound like Resilio Sync is a good fit for my needs? Thanks for any help.
  9. OK, so I recently noticed that my files weren't being synced, so I went to check in the desktop app to see what the deal was (I didn't upgrade to Resilio Sync yet). Turns out, Sync wasn't running and the shortcut I had in the start menu wasn't working either. I went and downloaded Resilio Sync, but that didn't install correctly either. I went into the appdata folder for it and only found debug.txt and sync.log. The debug.txt only contains the following: "FFFFFFFF0" and the contents of sync.log are as follows: platform: Windows workstation 10.0 amd64 version: [2016-10-29 11:20:09] ZIP: Can't locate [version] in zip, error -100. [11:23:15.029] Debug log mask has been set to FFFFFFFF [11:23:15.029] Features mask has been set to 0 [2016-10-29 11:23:15] ZIP: Can't locate [version] in zip, error -100. The only recent change that I think could have an effect was that I recently installed Malwarebytes for a random bit of malware that I found.
  10. hi! It appears that windows 10 is causing the bittorent sync settings and identity to reset each day. I've disabled windows update and am hoping it stops, but it seems like it's maybe not bittorent sync's fault? But I am not having issues in any other programs though. Basically, each day after the computer has been shut off, new boot up, bittorent sync starts on startup, and it has no identity and a new one has to be created and all folders synced again. No data is being lost, it's just losing all settings daily. I THINK it's windows update that's doing it. Any ideas?
  11. I am currently on version 2.2.7 and frequently get notification of a newer version, but when clicking on the Install Upgrade button I always receive the message: "There was a problem downloading the update for BitTorrent Sync. Please try later or visit Sorry for the inconvenience." Anyone have an idea if this is really a BitTorrent issue, or something to do with my PC (windows 10, firewall, or anti-virus etc) ? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to recover from an extraordinary glitch in the way Sync is working with my computers. All are running Windows 10. All have the latest promoted build of Sync. I started to notice about a month ago that in some of the folders where I store images, .Conflict files were appearing. I would delete them only to find that they came back. In the past week, the issue has gone nuts. I did a search for "conflict" in File explorer to find I had over 67,000 conflict files. These were all duplicates of files that I hadn't edited in months, so it should not have been the case of files being edited and the change not being captured properly. In most instances, files were being duplicated many, many times. In some instances, I had over 900 duplicates of the same file. It wasn't unusual to see files duplicated over 500 times. I've had to disable Sync as my hard drives were being consumed. After checking carefully, I deleted the conflict files, which cumulatively consumed over 300Gb of space on each of the three machines. I have to ask, is this a bug? If not, what am I doing wrong? I've been using Sync for about 2 years, without a hitch, but this issue is awful. Thanks in advance, Brian Shaw
  13. I had the idea of backing up my entire user (Aaron) on windows 10. This would back up my desktop or my documents or pictures folders and so on. There are folders that were included that I didn't want, specifically Appdata. I did some research and came across the ignorelist in the .sync file. I have made some attempts and have made some progress. My questions are as follows. What is the syntax to prevent a entire subfolder from syncing? Will btsync always continue to index all folders? Also Is it common for the Btsync Service to use processing power continuously?
  14. In version 2.3 the "Change folder path" Option was removed as seen in the changelog here What is the logic behind this? I just reinstalled sync so that I could install it as a service (it would be nice to have a button to do this in the GUI but that's a different topic I selected my default folder path, which is the same as the one I used before, but sync re-creates the files appending a "(1)" to it. I don't want it to do that. I want it to use the current data there so it doesn't have to sync about a TB of data (granted it wouldn't take long with the speed of sync...but still) It seems to me that this is a limitation on the software. I would like to see it put back in. For now I am gonna go back to 2.2 though.
  15. On previous version 2.3 I had everything working perfectly while carefully using nested folders and customizing the ignore list. Now it's suddenly not allowed on 2.3.1 because ?????? So if some of us need this feature now we have to keep using an outdated version? Is there a workaround for this?
  16. Windows 10 (updated from Windows 7). BtSync 64 (Also tried with 32bit version). Install ok. But when I add a remote folder (read only), btsync crash and it show in a Window: "BitTorrent Sync has crashed. A crash dump has beed saved as: C:\user....\..dmp" Some ideas?
  17. Hello, I really like bt sync, and I tried to install Bittorrent Sync on two Windows 10 stations numerous times, but I never succeeded to install it in a way that works properly for non-admin users. I tried: both the 32 bit and 64 bit installersInstalling as admin and non-admin userManually removing both the %APPDATA%/BitTorrent Sync/ and all bt sync related entries in the registry before running the installer again These are the issues I encounter: The installer asks whether it should create a desktop symbol and run bt sync on startup. I enable both options, but both options have no effect (no shortcut, doesn't start on windows startup)After the installation, Windows doesn't seem to know anything about bt sync: it doesn't appear in the start menu, and using the windows search yields only the bt sync folder that is created for synchronized content.I have to manually browse to the %APPDATA%/BitTorrent Sync/ folder to locate the .exe to launch the programEverytime I run the .exe, I am prompted for adminisitrator credentials. The details indicate that bt sync always want to install the app again: /PERFORMINSTALL 128 Is this the expected behavior? Should it be possible to install bt sync like a regular windows application, i.e., prompt once for admin credentials, install the executable to the programs folder, create the user-specifc %APPDATA%/BitTorrent Sync folder when the application is launched by a specific user? Any help is greatly appreciated, as I would really like to use bt sync regularly.
  18. Just did a fresh install on a fresh Windows 10 machine. Installed as regular user and gave proper permissions during install. When logged in as regular user, it starts up when the user profile is loaded, but it always asks for the admin password. What is happening here? Why need to enter admin password each time? Seriously?
  19. Hi, I have a surface pro and I'm using bitsync to sync a onenote file on our work server. I've never had an issue syncing onenote across computers but in this case when I edit anything on the surface it duplicates that onenote tab and adds the name of the device eg. meeting notes - xxxx_surface. So now I have twice as many tabs as I need Anyway according to windows it's a bitsync issue: "That's a typical result of Onenote having access problems on SMB protocol level created by unsuitable synch software." Anyone had this happen/know if there's a fix? Pretty sure I'm using the latest version of bitsync but I'll check. Thanks