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Found 4 results

  1. In Windows 8.1 you can set a network connection as a metered connection. When a connection is metered, the OS will limit downloads that are compliant, ie Windows Updates, Metro Apps, etc. An example of a metered connection would be an AT&T hotspot that has 10GB of data per month. The Windows device would connect to the hotspot via Wifi and the Wifi connection would be marked as a metered connection. It would be great if BitTorrent Sync had an option when installed on Windows 8.1 to limit or pause syncing automatically while on a metered connection. Here is the information needed for the developers to add this feature.
  2. My new computer has Windows 8.1. Bit Sync tries but is unable to write to folders with "read-only attributes". Even with administrator privileges, I am unable to remove the read-only attributes. After doing some research on the web, I discovered that this is a common problem with Win8.1. Anyone got any good ideas? Thank you, FringeL
  3. download 1.4.83 from and make a portable by put a "settings.dat" besides the BitTorrent_Sync.exe startup, BitTorrent Sync, crash message shows immediately as following: ===================== [Window Title]BitTorrent_Sync.exe [Main Instruction]BitTorrent Sync has crashed. A crash dump has been saved as: [Content] \17039443-sync.8144.dmp. How would you like to proceed? [Just relaunch the application][submit this dump to the developers][Don't relaunch the application or send a crash dump] ======================= if you would like to have the dmp file, please download from here: Please let me know how can I make BitTorrent work again? Thank you.
  4. I have been using BTS for some time and it works fine so far until I upgraded to Windows 8.1 a few days ago. I have 4 devices connected: a HP server running Ubuntu, 1 MBA running mavericks, 1 notebook with Windows 7, 1 desktop running Windows 8. All are running the latest build of BTS for each OS. HP server being the bulk device, it can been seen from my MBA and notebook but can't been seen from my Windows 8.1 desktop. I have checked my Windows firewall setting, BTS is under the whitelist. Re-installed BTS (with settings kept), but still the same issue. Any help will be highly appreciated.