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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm having some problem syncing folders. I set up two devices to sync via the internet over a cable connection with decent up/down speeds. One machine is running Windows 7 the other is Windows 8. Both are running the latest build of BTSync 2.2. Originally I was running 1.4 but it was recommended to me that we upgrade to the latest to take care of some peer connecting problems. That issue seems to be fixed. I was able to consistently connect the peers and sync the two folders (although it took over 24 hours to sync 7 gigs of data at an average of ~60kbps... frustrating!) Now that the original sync is done, subsequent updates to one folder do not sync with the other folder. So for example a file copied from my local sync folder does not show up on the remote drive folder - ever. I know this is the case because I can log into that remote drive and watch what is happening with it real time. I think I've done all the easy stuff, like pausing and resuming the sync on the local drive several times. The local BTSync client still sees the peer and it has read/write priveledges to that folder. I have also tried manually uploading a file to that remote drive to see if it comes back to the local drive, but that direction doesn't work either. Periodically the folder status on the local machine will change to "indexing," but no data gets transferred. Most of the time the Status field is just blank. What's weird is that the history shows the folder "finished sync with [remote peer name]" but no data was transferred around that time. I even rebooted the software and rebooted the Windows 7 PC (which is the one local to me). Nothing. I'm stumped. It looks like BTSync did an OK job of getting the files to another drive once, but incremental changes... not so much. I'm losing the love with this idea of synchronization
  2. I'm a new user of Sync so please bear with me. We're synching two drives on two different LANs via the Internet. The sync happens beautifully, when it gets around to it. It seems to take a long time for the Bittorrent client to actually start synching once a drive gets updated. One would think that the sync would be fairly instantaneous from the point when a drive changes, but it's not. The client can sit there for many minutes before it decides to start the sync. First it starts indexing, then it it might change to "Out of Synch" for a while - sometimes a long while. Then eventually it will start the sync. Sometimes the status changes to "peer offline" even though nothing with the peers has changed. Sometimes the sync stops and the status goes back to "Out of Sync" The computers aren't going to sleep nor are they changing IP addresses or anything. Assuming nothing bad happens like a power outage, the peer availability issue usually self resolves. So is there a way to make that sync happen more instantaneously? I just turned on debug logging so I've got no data to post there. Our setup is pretty straight forward. We're synching two 4TB drives with about 7 GB of data. The Bittorrent Sync client is running on a PC with Windows 7 in one location, and on a newer PC with Windows 8 in the other location. The drives are actually attached to routers via ethernet in each location so files can be served across internal LANs in both places. Internet connectivity is cable internet with decent up/down speeds. We're running version 1.4.111 in both locations. Both PCs are set to never sleep.